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Cost-Effective Knee Replacement Surgeries In India

In today’s times, India is celebrated for its efficient surgical treatments all across the globe. Though most of the surgeries are performed at a much-subsidised rate in India, one of the most proficient services offered is Knee replacement surgery. With the state-of-art equipment and well-qualified doctors, India is no less than a superpower in providing top-class medical facilities at an affordable rate. No wonder international patients are immediately drawn towards India when they want to get operated.

Knee replacement surgery in India uses the most advanced endoscopic technologies. Along with the endoscopic services, India also offers several orthopaedic surgeries such as limb lengthening, the Ilizarov technique, Birmingham hip resurfacing, and knee joint replacement facilities. Despite such world-class services, the knee replacement cost doesn’t burn a hole in the patients’ pockets.

  • What is knee replacement surgery?

In a knee replacement surgery, the damaged bone and the cartilage from the shinbone, thighbone, and kneecap are replaced with an artificial joint (knee prosthesis) mainly made out of plastics, alloys, or polymers. The problem of knee replacement arises when patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis wear down their knee joints. If the problem persists, even after trying to eradicate using medication and braces, then knee replacement remains the only solution

  • General procedure

The knee replacement surgery is comparatively a non-complex one and is carried out under general anaesthesia. It is a lengthy procedure generally, but the time required utterly depends on the damage to the joint. The knee replacement prices range from 1.5-2Lakhs in India, and the success rate is very high. The recovery starts as soon as the surgery is over and varies from patient to patient. However, patients are strongly advised to follow the doctor’s instructions regard diet, exercise, medications, rest, and recuperation.

  • Is the cost of knee replacement worth bearing?

One of the most common questions that arise amongst the patients is if it worth investing in the knee replacement cost. If the person is suffering consuming painkillers every day, has difficulty walking and driving, and cannot indulge in regular day-to-day chores, it is essential to get a knee replacement surgery done. One-month- long fitness training is recommended to the patients to develop some muscle strength before they undergo surgery.

  • Why is India the best place for Knee Replacement Surgery?

One of the reason is the cost-effectiveness of the knee replacement surgery available in India. The knee replacement surgery price in India is only a tiny fraction of the cost involved in the USA, Australia or Canada. The best part is that there is no compromise of any sort on any medical facilities. The technology is on par with the developed nations of the USA, Europe, and Australia.

Final Words:

The quality of healthcare facilities has led to a significant boom in Medical tourism in India. Out of all the treatments carried on under medical tourism, knee replacement surgery is a pretty famous one. India is turning into one of the biggest hotspots for knee replacement surgeries, and with the correct medical guidance, it can serve millions of, people at an affordable cost.

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