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Complete guide to solve the sound issue in Windows PC

Here We are sharing the Complete guide to solve the sound issue in Windows PC

Were you just going to play your favorite song and practice dance moves? How annoying it gets when there are sound issues and you have to pause everything. But with the methods in this article, the pause will be of less time and you will be able to fix it quickly. There can be many issues that are causing such interruptions. Mostly minor issues unless your speakers are broken and need any professional help or complete change.

You might be also facing sound issues if you have recently updated from previous versions of Windows to Windows 10. So worry not these problems are common. One of the common issues can be outdated audio drivers. To fix that you can Update the Audio driver. You can also update all the drivers to avoid any malfunctioning to do so using Best Driver Updater Software. 

Before you start with the methods to fix, make sure you check your sound settings, increase the volume or unmute it just in case you might have muted it anytime. Also, try restarting your PC. Check all the connections, cables, or plugs. If still you face issues proceed with these methods: 

Update Audio Driver

Drivers play a very important role in the proper functioning of the system as it allows communication between hardware devices and computer operating systems. If a driver is outdated or broken it can cause malfunctioning, so a timely update is necessary. There are mainly two ways to update drivers, the first is manually through the device manager and the other is automatically through third-party software. It is very easy in windows to locate and update your driver. Continue with these steps to update manually: 

  • Open device manager list and look for Sound, Video, and game controllers
  • Right-click on it and choose update driver
  • On another window that opens click on ‘search automatically of updated drivers’
  • This will run a scan and update your drivers
  • Restart your computer after it’s done 

This was the manual way to update drivers. It is reliable but still can fail sometimes. To run a complete system scan for outdated drivers and update them, download and install Bit Driver Updater software. This pro application will update all the available outdated drivers in a single click. Below mentioned are some reasons why you should use it :

  • Best performance – keeps your windows drivers up to date and gives the best performance and better hardware compatibility. 
  • Saves time – Bit driver updater saves your time by updating you with the latest best drivers and you don’t have to waste time by searching it all over the internet. 
  • One-click driver update – as the name suggests it just takes one click to update the driver, as it automatically detects old, corrupted, broken drivers and updates with their latest versions.
  •  24*7 customer support – it provides help regarding your concerns anytime and that too free of cost. Mail them your concern and you’ll receive a satisfactory response.
  •  Complete system scanning – to detect faults, corrupted, outdated, broken driver-complete system scan is done and later the updating process. 
  •  Backups before fixing – before updating and fixing the drivers it takes a backup which can be restored later as per requirements. 
  •  Provides access to all the latest versions – it scans and detects the errors and updates us with all the latest versions for better performance.
  • Best rated – it is one of the best-rated, trusted, and used software for updating keyboard drivers, known for its performance and compatibility. 

After you complete the installation process it’s time to launch the app and use these benefits:

  • Open the Bit Driver Updater application
  • Run the scan option to begin the scanning process
  • A list of all the drivers that needs to be updated will appear
  • Now click on the update option, select the “okay, I understand” from the pop up that appears 
  • The updating process will begin, wait for a while 
  • When it’s done restart your computer

Run Audio Troubleshooter

Windows 10 provides this in-built feature of running troubleshooter for different minor problems to fix them. Troubleshooters detect and fix errors in our system like any unsuitable settings or bugs. Here are steps you need to follow to use this feature:

  • Open settings and click on Troubleshoot
  • Click on playing Audio and choose Run the Troubleshooter
  • Choose the device you are using when an audio render error occurred
  • If you see repair strategy on the screen click on Yes to begin the process and follow further on-screen instructions 
  • Restart the computer once and process end and check whether the issue is solved or not

Rollback Driver

if you had updated the driver recently there are chances it’s not compatible with your system setup and causing bugs. You may want to Rollback to the old driver. This way you will use the previous version of the driver to avoid interruptions. To do that you have to make some changes in the settings and it will be done quickly. 

  • From the Windows Start button open Device Manager
  • After the Device manager opens select any driver from the list and right-clicks on it
  • Choose properties and click on Driver from the top
  • Click on roll back driver option 
  • Select the reason why you are rolling back your driver and click on Yes

Check your speaker’s settings-

Checking your speaker’s settings will make sure whether you have the right device selected which you are using for audio. Here are steps to check speakers settings:

  • Right-click on the speaker’s icon mentioned on the bottom right corner of your desktop
  • Check whether the device you are using has a green tick denoting it is set as the default device under the playback tab
  • If it not ticked, select the speaker and set it as default and click ok
  • If still the sound issue continues click on the speakers and then select the properties option
  • Under advanced tap choose different bit depth and sample rate and press ok to apply
  • Keep trying different bit depth and sample rate until you get your sound

Disable Audio Enhancements

Audio Enhancements are built-in Microsoft and third-party packages designed to create certain of your system’s specific audio hardware works perfectly. apart from when it does not. These very “enhancements” may be affecting your Windows 10 audio issue. Fortunately, they are easy to turn off.

  • Go to the Start menu on the search box type sound and click on the Sound control panel option.
  • Right-click on the device that appears on the list and select properties.
  • After that click on the Enhancement tab and then Disable all the enhancements and click on apply. 

Restart Audio Services

In Windows audio services can sometimes disable themselves creating sound issues. To restart them go to the start option and on the search box type Services and then hit enter. If your services have been stopped, restart it by double-clicking on it and then select start. 


Hopefully, your issue is fixed and you can go back to jamming on your favorite song or practice your dance steps with good quality sound. Make sure you keep updating your drivers through Bit Driver Updater and avoid any other malfunctioning later. It will also improve your system performance and life.

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