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Common Neck Injuries In Car Accidents 

Neck injuries are prevalent, from sleeping in the wrong position to major car accidents. Anything can lead to stiffness in the neck or radiating pain from the neck all the way to the arm. Many people ignore neck injuries thinking that the injury will heal on its own in a few days, which is true in most cases. However, persistent or chronic neck pain can indicate a severe complication and require medical attention. 

People who have been through major or minor car accidents report persistent neck pain. In a car accident, the seat belt holds the body in place, but the neck and the head are vulnerable. The neck can hit the steering wheel and bounce back on the. This can strain the neck muscles or cause trauma to the nerves in the cervical spine. 

If you become a victim of a car accident, a Houston car accident attorney can help you get the deserving claim for your injuries. 

In the following blog, we have discussed the most common neck injuries that can occur in a car accident. 

Common Neck injuries include: 

  1. Whiplash: When the head and the neck move forward and backward suddenly, causing the muscles in the neck to strain can cause or damage the nerves or muscles in the neck. This causes stiffness and pain in the neck. Moreover, this usually gets resolved on its own, but if persistent, the car accident victim should look out for medical help. 
  2. Tissue damage: A significant car accident can lead to soft tissue damage in the neck and cause severe pain. 
  3. Herniated disc: A high-intensity accident can cause an intervertebral disc in the cervical spine to bulge out and cause compression of the nerve roots. This causes radiating pain and needs immediate medical attention. 
  4. Neck fracture: A neck fracture is common in a car accident. If you suspect that you have a neck fracture, do not move without medical help, as you may injure your nerves in the cervical spine, leading to nerve damage or paralysis. 

Ignoring a neck injury can lead to permanent or chronic neck pain. Patients have been reported with a whiplash-associated disorder, as they left the injury untreated. It causes persistent pain in the back and the neck, headaches, depression, mental disorders, and more. 

If you have met with an accident, you may contact your lawyer to get the proper claim, and you may also look out for immediate medical help to avoid any future complications. 

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