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Commit to a Self-Care New Year’s Resolution with These Me-Time Goals

New Year is a great time to set some new goals, kick start a new routine or quit something you’ve been meaning to give up. There are so many ads and articles encouraging us to lose weight, stop eating junk or join a gym. 

This year, instead of restricting yourself, why not take some time to love and appreciate yourself a little more. That way the January blues don’t seem quite so bad! There are so many ways to enjoy ‘me-time’ from cheap and cheerful home remedies to luxurious New Year Pamper Breaks in Osprey Hotel. Here are our top tips for ‘New Year New You’ resolutions.

Unlock new places.

Each person’s idea of self-care is different. Some enjoy spending time at home with family and others prefer to escape home-life for a luxury break. If your idea of ‘me-time’ involves shutting out the world and enjoying some quality time to yourself, you can enjoy a great value break in the Osprey Kildare Hotel.

Easily accessible by road from anywhere in Ireland, Osprey Hotel is far enough from real life so you can fully relax and unwind while not having to spend hours travelling. While here, you can take full advantage of our newly refurbished thermal suite, including sauna, steam room, salt grotto, Arctic cabin, footbaths and sanarium. That’s our idea of excellent me-time!

Pamper yourself.

Another way to cheer up the dark, rainy month of January is to spoil yourself with a spa treatment.

Osprey Spa has a selection of great value Winter treats for you to choose from, all at discounted prices so you can start the year well.

Choose from a refreshing facial, a relaxing hot oil massage, a Rasul or seaweed treatment or our very special dry floatation treatment and many more. Our spa can be used by both guests and non-residents and we promise you’ll leave feeling brand new and ready to take on the year!

Practice meditation.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to enjoy some self-care at home is to enjoy some light meditation. Clearing your mind and focusing on your breathing for just 15 minutes per day has been proven to have a healing effect on your body, relieve tension and help you to deal better with stress. If meditation isn’t for you, just sit quietly in a darkened room listening to some relaxing music with a candle of your favourite scent burning. 

Write a journal.

Journaling is a way to channel difficult feelings into healthy and creative pathways. This could mean writing mindlessly in a diary or exploring your inner thoughts and feelings in a more meaningful way. Journaling allows you to slow down and pay attention to what is going on in your life. It’s not for everyone but it is a great way to practice self-care and take a few minutes of your busy day to focus on yourself. 

Take some moment to read.

What kind of books do you like to read? Are you a fan of self-help? Maybe a biography is better suited to you? Perhaps the latest thriller is right up your street?

Taking half an hour before bed for a digital detox helps your mind and your eyes relax from a long day of overuse. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, pick up your favourite book and enjoy a couple of chapters before dozing off. You might even decide to read your book while enjoying a hot bath to relax your muscles and allow your mind to wander. 

Start a fitness regimen.

While it may sound like the opposite of me-time, for some – especially busy parents – spending some quality time on the treadmill is the dream!

Taking an hour for yourself three times a week to exercise not only gives you some time to focus on you, but it also allows you to leave your phone at home for a mini digital detox.

This year, join a gym, a sports club or a leisure centre and enjoy some time to yourself while improving your vascular health. Osprey Leisure Club even offers family memberships if you can’t leave the little ones at home!


This year, make yourself a top priority!


Author Bio: Sarah Corcoran is a full-time travel blogger, which means writing adventures, travel spots, and accommodation reviews is her bread and butter. She currently writes for Osprey Hotel Kildare, one of the most luxurious urban hotels in Dublin.

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