Choosing Among The Best Core Drilling Companies

Core drilling is one of the best methods to test concrete. If the concrete quality of your structure is not up to the mark and is found to be weak after general inspection, then the experts may suggest you to go for core drilling. If you can notice scaling, pattern cracking or leaching on your concrete structure, then core drilling would be the next step to go for. There are several core drilling companies that are involved in the industry to carry out such a complicated process. Let’s talk about some of the ways to find the best of such companies.

Things To Look For In Core Drilling Companies


  • Delivery of equipment: Some worksites are located in remote places and have no roads connecting to them. Once the project is over, they need to do reclamation work on the site. While evaluating core drilling companies, try to find out your access requirements and discuss with them how they would deliver the required equipment to your worksite. In certain cases, equipment may need to be mounted on a skid and delivered to your site with a helicopter. Find out if your potential company has experience in such methods of equipment delivery, and if they have the required number of qualified crew as well. Also talk to them and find out if they offer site reclamation as well after completion of the project, and do they have any experience in handling your type of terrain.
  • Handling of task modifications: Since some of the mineral exploration projects are complicated in nature, certain modifications need to be made in the middle of the work. Such modifications may include relocation of the boreholes, increasing or decreasing of the borehole depth, etc. Sometimes, the initial drilling angle may also need modifications. So, you need to make sure that core drilling companies you are hiring are able to understand the possibility of such modifications, and they have the needed team and equipment to carry these out. They must also have the right equipment that can be used in tight working conditions and cope up with the required task modifications easily. Preferably, they should also have experience in handling surface and underground drilling procedures.
  • Safety program: Also give attention to the safety practices adopted by the core drilling company you are hiring. The company should not only follow the laws and regulations directed by the authorities, but they should also have a strong safety policy to meet your safety needs. You need to talk to your contractor clearly and understand the involved safety hazards. Apart from that, make sure that the core drilling companies you have shortlisted understand the safety standards, and all the workers at the work site are licensed and follows all safety rules before beginning the drilling work. The company’s safety program should also be able to handle changes in personnel or equipment, and should adhere to standards of vehicle safety, electrical safety, incident reporting, confined spaces, working at heights, etc.


  • Experience: As far as core drilling companies are concerned, there is nothing that can substitute their experience. The company you are considering hiring must have enough experience in fulfilling their client needs as and when required. They must have experienced workmen in the field of drilling, along with trained and qualified driller, general foremen, etc.
  • Range of services: A qualified company will provide several advantages for sampling projects, mineral mining, natural resource exploration, and other activities. Mineral exploration is a common core drilling practice handled by these companies. This also involves core recovery and extraction of preserved minerals.

So, if you are considering hiring core drilling companies for your work projects, keep the above-mentioned points in mind and make an informed decision.

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