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Underwear is the most common term of the Garments worn under the regular clothing on a human body. It is known to be in presence since the ancient times when human used the animal skins to cover up their sensitive skin area. Today, undergarments manufacturers are using organic cotton for luxurious collection.

In the past, when human found out about the use of clothing after extraction of threads from cotton. They still used animal skin as their undergarments in light of the popular belief that those skins could save their skins from harm. As the civilization rose to its achievements, the use of cotton and other materials flourish with the time. Under garment in simple definition is comprise of a layer of clothing between the skin and clothes.

With an ancient history of more than seven thousand years the undergarments holds the position of one of the most ancient history of human clothing. Started by the simplest way of hanging around the waist with the simple strap to the way tightened by the animal veins, archeologists found a numerous samples of undergarments beneath the earth while working up on the ancient civilization.

Silk being a famous product line for undergarments among the elite class of society was one of the expensive product for the most part of the world during the Iron Age. Although it is been found that the middle class used cotton as the substitute for their undergarment lining which gave them more comfort and freedom to choose more clean way of hygiene.

Cotton undergarments being easily available and cost effective were and are the best choice of undergarment industry forever.

As the time passed by and human civilization rose above with the new inventions and unique minds. The undergarment didn’t just stopped below the waist. Both men and women used fitting undergarments on their upper body in iron age and thereafter.

Cotton industry entered the golden age when in 18th century some brilliant human minds made the cotton gin and cotton spinning machines. With help of these equipment the separation of cotton became easy and spinning machine played the magic in production of cotton cloth. With the easy industrial production the cotton in late 18th century was easily affordable and available for almost all the parts of human civilization. While cotton was only a substitute of silk in the past now cotton was the easily available source of clothing around the world which certainly made a huge gap between cotton and silk prices. Ultimately cotton was the widely known clothing product among the people till late 19th century.

From the tight laces of corsets in early 1800 to obtain a well-shaped body line cotton took over the new fashion senses and by the end of 1870 it showed the side effects of tight lacings and people started to worry about the side effects shortly after which made the path clear for the upper body undergarments.

As corsets was to wear up on a clothing and hence changing the body shape by tightening the muscle whereas the new cotton based undergarments could be worn inside and were safe and not so tight for the muscles. These cotton made undergarments made their way to almost every household because of cost effectiveness and easy availability. Now the women could stay both in shape and without pain with the help of cotton undergarments.

In 1920’s the cotton undergarment changed its courses to several other shapes like stockings. These stockings were used to cover the exposed legs of women while wearing skirts. Then the looser came in light after shortening the bloomers. Garter belt was made to keep stockings from falling which later op got popular by the name strap on.

January of 1930 Marked a new era in cotton undergarment industry when Y shaped undergarments with the leg holes and a fly formally introduced to the world in New York. Over 30000 pairs sold in a mere 90 days period was a real success for the undergarment industry which ultimately paved the way of cotton industrial corporations to move forward towards the undergarment industry. With the rise of undergarment industry came the new and adventures designs in to the light such as elastic based waistline which helped the undergarments to stay at places without and external strap or help. With drawers and a button less appeal with the elastic waistline these were the first true boxers introduced to the world. Used by the boxers in ring at first they got their name after their users.

By the 1950’s came the undergarment was not just a piece of cloth to be wore under the garments but it became a fashion symbol in the fashion industry and that’s when fashion houses started their research and development for the undergarment industry. By the 1990 the undergarment industry flourished under cotton industry and fashion houses to make better and useful product lines for both the men and women across the globe.

Undergarment manufacturers flourished along with the help of mass media and communications industry and the new ways of advertisements followed by the fashion houses around the world to encourage the use and practice of safe undergarments.


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