Why Choose Plywood over MDF for Bathroom Vanity

high-quality plywood for furniture

Even though people consider MDF or Medium-Density Fibreboard as an economical construction material for making bathroom cabinets, but when it comes to quality, durability, and reliability, their opinion might differ a lot on various critical pointers.

All of us know very well that a lot of humidity is always there in the atmosphere of the bathroom, and any piece of furniture installed there has a strong possibility of swelling, deforming, and contraction.

Some numberless sellers claim MDF to be highly enduring, but when it comes to making vanity of a bathroom using MDF, homeowners are to a large extent disappointed with the performance of MDF.

Instead of giving so many thoughts to MDF or any other material for making bathroom vanity, here are the reasons why you should go for high quality plywood for furniture to serve your purpose-

  1. A bathroom vanity made using plywood makes you feel warm, cozy and welcoming with its timeless natural look, incredible beauty, and customized approach.

  1. Plywood manufactured from natural material such as oak, pine, maple, and cherry is considered to be great for bathroom vanity.

  1. In watery settings, plywood-made bathroom vanities are weather-beaten with less vulnerability to deformation and shrinking as plywood is treated to sustain even in the most extreme climatic conditions.

  1. With plywood as construction material, you enjoy the scope of getting a fully customized vanity exactly as per the space available, and the layout of your bathroom.

  1. Whether you choose MDF, solid wood or any other material for your bathroom vanity, none can offer you the hardness and strength as plywood can, and that too at a price that can surprise you.

  1. For bathroom vanities, it is imperative to be strong and sturdy to withstand the countertop’s weight. The material used other than plywood sourced from the best plywood brands in India can result in sagging, drooping and a complete disappointment.

  1. It is quite evident that moisture and humidity together wreck havoc on all vanity construction materials resulting in discoursing, warping and cracking. Plywood at this juncture is what can combat everything ensuring peace of mind for life.

Duroply offers a comprehensive range of plywood variants to serve specific purposes. You can explore all of them right here.

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