Certificates of property for sale in Istanbul

Certificates of property for sale in Istanbul



Today’s property construction models are shaped within the framework of plenty of reasons. Especially after the earthquake in Golcuk / Kocaeli which is very close to Istanbul, Government decides to attempt a great deal of regulations on property by getting action for ‘’earthquake certificate buildings’’ that shows the strength of the building for the next possible earthquake called ‘’Big Istanbul Earthquake’’ so that following construction activities are liable to build their projects in accordance with the certificate and register to the government before starting. Briefly, each newly-made property for sale in Istanbul has earthquake proof certificate and guarantees safety for its settlers in all aspects.


On the other hand, for older buildings that are already constructed, regeneration activities keep going on around the different parts of the city. By this way, old type buildings are planned to empower from their skeletons. Such kind of attempts have maintained for years and developments show so many impacts in a positive way. From now on, together with rising trust of the sector, sale in Istanbul real estate for sale keeps multiplying its value day by day. Many foreigners, not only for getting Turkish citizenship, from all over the world begin to purchase an Istanbul apartment for sale from brand-new project or regenerated buildings on fancy streets.

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