Captain Marvel: The Full Package of Female Empowerment!

Captain Marvel: The Full Package of Female Empowerment!

Captain Marvel became the start of something new in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the first movie, which is co-directed and led by two very talented females. The stakes became record high when Brie Larson’s name appeared on the screens as the main lead. The competition was getting intense for Marvel as DC already released its women-led movie — Wonder Woman — so, there came the super-incredible Captain Marvel Jacket and the movie in the cinemas!

The movie is all that a female looking for some encouragement wanted! The two hours will give you a complete package of powers, abilities, and wonders that a woman can do fearlessly. Carol didn’t let anything come in his way of achieving his dreams and goals, and that’s the exact motivation that an ordinary girl needs nowadays. Let’s have a look at all the aspects that make Captain Marvel a super-hit;

Captain Marvel — the most Fearless Female Superhero ever!

The thing that might look little for some but has a lot of importance in one’s life is to find their own identity. To be comfortable in their skin and overcome the greatest fears and emotions, one needs to be consistent. Captain Marvel did all this like a real boss. She was originally a member of an army of some alien race known as Kree.

In 1995, when things got messed up in a mission, she was left alone on the planet Earth, referred to as ‘C-53’ and ‘shithole’ by Kree. There she met Nick Fury, who was an agent of an agency known as ‘S.H.I.E.L.D’ played by the legendary Samuel L. Jackson. Both became acquaintances real soon, and the duo looked odd in so many aspects but always had mutual respect between them.

Nick gave a new perspective about emotions to Carol. She was always asked by others to hide her emotions, but Nick told her these emotions are the elements that make a human. They are most advantageous for the person. The friendship was so wholesome in the movie, which gave us many funny, sharp, and witty banters.

No Lovey-Dovey Scenes:

The movie shows us how a woman can conquer the world without having a man on her side. There was no love interest for Carol in the movie. Not just that, there was not even the word ‘love’ in the entire film. The movie focuses more on showing the strengths of Captain Marvel and her origin. So, there was no need for any flirty scene anyway.

The struggles that she went through her whole life, including the toxic society, tell her that women can’t do what a man can do. Her efforts to be in charge of her emotions and superpowers and eventually fulfill her dream of being a fighter pilot — there was nothing about the movie that seems incomplete!

But… She Has Friends And Mentors!

No love interest doesn’t mean that Carol was alone in the world. She has some amazing friends who helped her a lot in being what she is now. Apart from Nick Fury, she also found her old best friend, Maria Rambeau, who has become the mom of a girl named Monica. She boosted her confidence up whenever Carol felt down.

She also has two mentors. One was when she was a Kree warrior, Yon-Rogg, who was the first person who taught her how to fight with her emotions. The second mentor was a female, Supreme Intelligence, played by Annette Bening. She was the person admired by Carol the most.

Supreme Intelligence was all about creating a peaceful environment and putting an end to the wars. And that’s what the motto of Carol was. She gave her reasons to become the ultimate savior of the world.


She also has some colleagues, who despite not belonging to her race, got her back anyway. No power on Earth can resist the duo of two strong females, and it was beautifully portrayed in the movie. Carol met the female Black Panther who herself is, without any argument is a feminist. Both women aced the Bechdel test with superb marks. The creators didn’t forget to represent the other half of the country in the movie and make it a full-house package!

The Perfect Execution:

All these efforts of portraying a female-oriented story would be impossible to execute so greatly like the way Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden did. From the writing to casting, everything was so on-point, indicating the expertise of both directors. They didn’t include unnecessary flashbacks, not to let the pace of the movie get slow. The scenes which took us back to old times, like that of Carol’s when she learned about what her Skrull leader did to her, were all related to the plot just right. Moreover, the movie also told viewers about the importance of little things that make up the bigger things.

The ’90s Fashion:

There are so many references to the era of the ’90s in the movie. From the clothing to the music, the film reminded us of the trends popular in the ’90s. Most costumes of Brie Larson were inspired by grunge fashion, which was even praised by Nick in the movie when he compliments Carol that grunge looks good on her. The appearance of the boots and overalls of Panama Jack, turtlenecks, talks about the popular sitcom of the ’90s, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, and also the telephone stands — all took us back to the great ’90s.

The music and soundtrack also persuaded a ‘non-grunge fan’ to stand up and dance with the beats. There were also posters of hit albums of the ’90s, including the Infinite Sadness and Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie. Moreover, the visual effects of the movie seemed to be inspired by ’90s action movies like Terminator 2. Every scene looked so natural and withstanding that we even forgot that we are not in the ’90s.

There is also a scene when Carol isn’t wearing the Captain Marvel Jacket but opted for a leather jacket worn over a t-shirt, themed on the popular rock band of the ’90s, Nine Inch Nails, and jeans. She looked so gorgeous in whatever she wears, though. The movie also paid tribute to the producer of the comics, Stan Lee, at the end. Captain Marvel is a full-package movie, and we can’t wait for the sequel!

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