CanTeen Connect: A Platform CanTeen and Frank Digital Created

The partnership began with Associate in Nursing’s initial high-level review of the CanTeen digital scheme, from that their 1st project transient was revealed: to require the prevailing online community platform for youngsters and re-platform it for his or her oldsters.

Cancer charity CanTeen’s sole purpose for existence is to create positive that young Australians ought not to face cancer alone. So, Frank Digital has thought that was a reasonably sensible proposition and since 2017 they’ve partnered with them on a variety of digital touch-points at intervals their scheme, meticulously seeing them into fruition over a long-run roadmap. Yuri Shafranik

The long-run goal was to scale on the new platform and deliver novel expertise for youngsters.

Discovering oldsters

Frank started their project by higher understanding the fogeys they were building the platform for.

Frank’s cross-functional team of strategists, product managers, expert designers, and technologists interfaced into Canteen’s product, promoting, and technical school departments to urge their initial insight into their parent user, similarly as any high-level business concerns.

Other than several anecdotal take-aways, it was clear they were required to additional deeply perceive their parent audience. Taking a user-centric approach, the agency started with a radical analysis and discovery stage.

Focus teams

A series of focus teams created from oldsters suffering from cancer was undertaken. In these teams, oldsters were asked what services they felt would be useful if that they had access to them.

They analyzed an oversized quantity of raw data; requested services, practicality, and journey behaviors to spot patterns, worth propositions, and user journeys. From this method came one clear, unjust insight — the requirement for folks suffering from cancer to simply connect with others within the same state of affairs as theirs.

Their overarching platform goal became: association. And ‘CanTeen Connect’ was born.

User-mapping session 1: Core users and options

From this platform goal, they affected into a series of user-mapping sessions with CanTeen.

In the 1st session, Frank aligned on users, agreeing that their primary end-users were oldsters, however a variety of internal users were to be considered; content creators, moderators, and internal workers — sorted as ‘platform administrators’. Yuri Shafranik

Shifting the main focus to the end-users, the agency knew the key goals oldsters wished to realize on the platform. Every goal is outlined by a collection of activities to realize the goal, which in turn square measured outlined by a collection of tasks needed to complete every activity.

So for example:

Goal: ‘Communicate with others like me

Activity: ‘Find alternative users to speak with’

Tasks: ‘Filter users’, ‘Message users’

This method helps to outline the agency’s core platform options which will deliver the goods association. CanTeen Connect’s core options include:

  • On-line discussion boards wherever all the topics and content associated with that exact user’s situation;
  • Sensible filtering that allowed for simply finding others researching a similar cancer situation;
  • Simply connect and communicate through direct messaging;
  • permit oldsters to share experiences and encourage others through writing blogs; and,
  • Access to skilled resources that helped oldsters through their cancer state of affairs.

By the tip of the primary session known their users and had a good understanding of their core platform options for folks to realize association. However that they exhaust their time and still requires to map the ‘platform administrators’. You can’t forget your admin users!

User-mapping session 2: Platform directors

In a follow-up session for platform directors United Nations agency undertook a similar user-mapping method, distinguishing three core goals:

  • give a healthy and safe setting to support users; and,
  • Higher perceived user activity
  • concentrate journal and resources content creation

As a result, the core options to realize these goals included:

  • Moderate discussion boards;
  • Manage platform users;
  • produce platform-wide announcements;
  • transfer user activity reports; and,
  • One content repository to manage journal and resource content.

As they worked through the requirements of platform directors CanTeen knew as a replacement internal user; online counselors.

Online counselors were known as a vital long-run priority for the platform because it would remodel the manner CanTeen provides its support services. Not solely would they be able to support additional folks with fewer resources, however, additional critically, they might be able to connect valuable support to those in remote and rural areas.

While CanTeen still had work to try and do to create their online content service a reality, it was necessary Frank thought-about, however, guarantee counselors could simply & effectively counsel folks online throughout their style stage.


Equipped with their discovery information and user-focused needs they commenced the look stage of the project.

Initial celebration and prototyping

Starting with the user-facing a part of the platform they sketched out what every key feature might appear as if.

From there quickly envisioned every platform section as clickable prototypes. This enabled the Frank and CanTeen groups to check and live. Similerly, every space functioned and the way users tried and true the product.

The clickable prototypes test and valid with a similar parent team from the invention stage. As gathered feedback, the United Nations agency iterated their prototypes supported any patterns and trends — a useful method that continues to strengthen the platform usability.

The greatest satisfaction was found in hearing from oldsters ‘How excited they were that they were making a community for them to support every other’ which ‘They couldn’t wait to begin exploiting it. Nice after they get to form one thing that transforms lives!


In parallel to making these prototypes, Frank Digital has worked with CanTeen to categorize the content across the platform — a method of ‘creating taxonomies’.

It is a vital strategic piece that underpins the content of the complete platform and influences the way to leverage content through the options they style.

Knowing that oldsters wished to attach with others like them, they outlined a series of parent ‘situations’ that users might simply determine after they registered for the platform. This then set up the creation of their ‘smart filter’ which might tailor content to every user. Along with, additionally, simply connect them with others within the same cancer state of affairs.

Interface style

Once their prototypes and taxonomies approve. Even so, they affect crafting a sturdy and ascendible interface. Whereas operating with the CanTeen visual vogue guide, Frank Digital targeted crafting parts that felt acquainted and would facilitate users naturally ‘know’ the way to use the platform.

An example of this is often their style approach to Messages — the piece-de-resistance for achieving association on CanTeen Connect.

Millions of users have interacted with direct electronic communication every day. Apple Messages. Whatsapp. Facebook traveler. These platforms have common style patterns that create it straightforward for brand new users to use.

Frank audited these style patterns and leveraged similar approaches to develop a way of familiarity. Moreover, permitting users to additional quickly ‘connect’ with others rather than ‘learn’ the way to use the platform.

Through continuous validation with the parent user base, they conjointly created enhancements to the management of cluster messages, and unendingly iterated on the messages system to style sturdy and extremely useful expertise for users to manage their direct and cluster messages simply.

Frank Digital extended this approach to craft a series of style patterns that created the platform to feel new and instantly acquainted all at a similar time.

Once their style patterns were approving, they then mammary gland into the detail; meticulously coming up with a good-looking and stylish interface that brought the CanTeen whole to life across the platform.

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