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Can Tattoos Be Removed Completely by Laser?

Individuals may realize over time that a tattoo is no longer acceptable for their way of life or has lost its actual objective because many people desire to convey their love by getting their significant other’s name tattooed on their bodies or getting tattoos that are identical to one another. It is now very trendy in the current generation to get wedding rings tattooed around the fingers, but if you break up with a relationship, you decide to erase the tattoo as soon as possible. There must be multiple reasons behind erasing the tattoo, including age, your taste preferences, and color combination changing, or maybe you wanted to remove it because the professional did not meet your requirements. So stop searching, we have the best solution for your problem. Every tattoo holder is questioning whether Can Tattoos be removed completely by laser? Yes, it is a very convenient and painless process to get rid of your past bad decisions and memories.

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What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

  • It is a simple, non-invasive procedure that breaks the coloration of the tattoo by emitting a laser beam of extreme intensity across the stained area.
  • To prevent unintentional laser harm, surrounding areas are covered with a mixture of coating and cloth.
  • These high-powered lasers that may penetrate deep into the skin and permanently destroy the ink particles inside the cells that give the tattoo its color are used in the method of laser tattoo discarding.
  • The toner is then split into different and smaller pieces by an extremely powerful beam that is then passed over the tattoo.
  • These tiny particles are naturally expelled from the body.

Laser treatment suitable for fresh tattoos

  • Tattoo removal In Dubai, the majority of doctors advise delaying at least one month or longer before having a refreshed tattoo removed.
  • It’s challenging to simply eliminate a tattoo in one session, even after 1.5 months.
  • The tattoo removal procedure requires at least three to four sittings.


Is Laser Tattoo Removal Effective?

The following are the advantages of the therapy:

  • The procedure only influences the color, limiting healthy surrounding areas.
  • The probability of forming blemishes or marks is also the tiniest.
  • This treatment helps you to successfully get rid of the tattoos and doesn’t have any aftereffects.
  • Healing time is very minimal and with a slight struggle.
  • This is a very safe process.
  • No adverse effects have been noted yet.


This treatment can not be done at home; you need to consult with an expert. There are some prior instructions you need to follow for the complete outcome:

  • Avoid using any type of thinner.
  • Do not use laser hair removal or hair removal creams before the treatment.
  • Leave all the alcoholic products alone.
  • Do not use any medication.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

The procedure is performed in the following very simple steps:

  • Firstly, the expert will deeply clean the targeted area.
  • Then numbing cream will be applied to the treatment sites.
  • A local anesthetic jelly will be applied if your site is sensitive.
  • Then the expert will suggest you wear laser protective glasses.
  • Then professionals will insert strong laser beams with the device across the tattoo.
  • The tattoo ink is cracked down into small pieces within a seconds.
  • The duration of the process depends on the length of the tattoo.
  • Then you will be instructed for post care.

What is post-process instruction?

Tattoo Eraser in Dubai is a non-invasive technique. The treated region will become sensitive after the laser treatment, which may cause severe, spots, or allergic responses. In case of any discomfort, consult with the doctor. There are very minor things you have to take care of after the procedure:

  • Keep it dry and clean the area.
  • Do not use any medication or products.
  • Only apply the suggested cream.
  • Apply skin care products only as directed by your doctor.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking until the effects have worn off.
  • Do not scratch and rub the targeted zone.
  • Use an ice pack in the event of swelling.

Is there any risk in the procedure?

  • Total abolition of a tattoo can occasionally be problematic, especially for those with a black complexion or those wishing to get rid of a bright.
  • Some applicants could also detect alterations in the tone or texture of their skin after laser therapy.
  • For the vast majority of those who get laser tattoo removal, it takes several sessions to entirely get rid of the tattoo.
  • This raises the risk of related issues by increasing exposure to laser light.
  • The course of therapy might also get incredibly costly.
  • It can cause pain in the treated area and be uncomfortable.
  • A local anesthetic injection may be given prior to therapy to reduce this.
  • It can damage the eye if you do not wear goggles

What will be the cost of the procedure?

The price of laser tattoo removal in Dubai can range from AED 499 to AED 2,999, but to be very honest, the expenses of the therapy are not constant or fixed, so you have to consult with a highly experienced expert, then he will assure you the overall expenses. The cost depends on multiple aspects, including:

  • The size and length matter a lot. If it is extended to more areas, the removal will cost more.
  • The more your tattoo gets old, the more your skin will be thicker and layered. It will take more time, then expenses will be adjusted accordingly.
  • If the expert is highly reputable, then it will affect you too.
  • Clinical geography can alter too. In posh areas, centers charge higher as compared to normal areas.
  • If your target site requires more sessions, then it will demand more expense.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe and Permanent?

Most people are concerned about safety and durability. Then just clear one thing: Laser tattoo removal in Dubai is the safest way of getting rid of old or new tattoos. There is no risk and probability. You can feel minor swelling, itching, and redness, but it will be gone after a few hours or days. It totally depends on the treated site, and also the results stay for life. It will not appear again after concluding the entire therapy.

Are these lengthy processes?

The procedure used to remove a tattoo will differ based on the body art attributes and the individual obtaining it. Based on the color combination of the ink, various types of radiation can be employed to wipe different colors. It depends on the condition of the applicant’s targeted area. If it is very old, then it will require an extra number of sessions. If it is a new one and with the same paint, then it can be removed within two to three sessions.

What to Expect?

The outcomes are very noticeable and, in some cases, you may suffer a variety of different adverse effects following a therapy, relying on your complexion and susceptibility to the targeted area. The most frequent visible adverse reactions that you can notice following your initial treatment are some slight redness and swelling throughout the treated area. In some scenarios, it can be stinging like sunburn, light skin discoloration, irritation, or minor blisters, but it all depends on the patient’s situation.

How Do Lasers Make Tattoo Removal Convenient?

In order to fully comprehend how laser therapy works, you must first have a basic understanding of what a tattoo is and the way it functions. According to evidence discovered by historians, tattooing has been used by many early civilizations for a very long time. Modern technological equipment has altered how tattoos are created, but their fundamental nature hasn’t changed much. Permanent coloring is infused into the skin using a syringe or similar equipment. The laser removes this ink by breaking it down into smaller particles, without harming the surrounding areas.

What possible negative consequences are there?

There are very minor adverse effects of the treatment:

  • It’s possible for the tattoo removal location to get unhealthy.
  • There is a negligible possibility that the procedure will result in a large scar.
  • Skin darkening to a certain extent is conceivable.
  • After early laser treatments, aesthetic designs like lip liners, eyeliners, and eyelashes may get deeper.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

Laser tattoo removal in Dubai is often painful to some extent, but many claims that it doesn’t hurt as badly as they thought. Contrary to popular assumption, laser therapy is usually not as painful as getting a tattoo. According to the majority of patients, an elastic band cracking across the skin or bacon grease are two common descriptions. To be precise, it depends on the intensity and quality of the ink, but always the discomfort is very minor and bearable.

What are the Laser Tattoo Eraser’s results?

The outcomes are very noticeable and impressive. It will appear immediately after the procedure. It takes very little time compared to surgical procedures. The removal effects stay very long and reliably. After completing the procedure, there is no chance of the tattoo reappearing again. It permanently cleans the area without leaving any marks or scratches.

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