Can I Use a Bath Towel to Dry My Car

Can I make use of a bath towel to dry my vehicle?

Another of the crucial elements of car maintenance is regular car washing since your car is in continuous contact with lots of different substances, like:

These, if not treated, can harm the finish and paint of your car. They could also harm the metal underneath the car.

A regular trip through cars washes can help eliminate the majority of these deposits. The ultimate rule of thumb should always include: When you see dirt, it’s probably time to wash your car!

Drying Your Car

Regular cleaning of the car is vital and the commonly overlooked procedure to dry is one of the most important aspects – even though it’s rarely completed correctly.

The majority of people fail to consider and neglect this step due to the assumption that once their auto is cleaned up, all they have to do is get rid of the water drops but doing it properly can significantly improve the way your car appears (short- and long-term).

There are a few reasons to dry your car right like:

  • Protection of the finish overall and paint
  • Avoiding scratches
  • Making the appearance more attractive of the vehicle

Do you have to towel dry your car after washing? It’s not the ideal method and certain types of towels are damaging. When you know the right method to dry your car then you’ll never be the same again.

Can You Dry A Car With a Bath Towel?

Can I use an old bath towel for drying my vehicle? It’s hard to believe that the bath towel, which may seem like the ideal drying option for your car, is actually an absolute no-no. It’s a cost-effective option, and well, it’s there! However, the reality is that a bath towel will do more harm than good.

Unfortunately, almost all car owners are guilty of this grave sin at one time or at

So, let us tell you why this isn’t right and why you should never dry your car using towels.

Bath Towels Are Too Harsh

Can I use a regular cloth to clean my vehicle? Again, nope. The main reason you shouldn’t take a bath towel home is because it’s too rough. The fibers are too coarse and rough for your car’s paintwork.

The harsh substances are the reason for ugly scratches and swirls on the clear coat of your car. The paint that you put on your car consists of a few layers. Two of the most crucial comprise two of them: the transparent coat as well as the base coat.

The base coat provides the car with its stunning color, and the clear coat can be found on top of the car and helps protect your car from dirt, corrosion, also UV damages. This ensures that your car will not change color with age.

It is true that the clear coat isn’t as robust as you would imagine, and in reality it’s very delicate. Any contact with the car can cause the coating to scratch. These aren’t the type of scratches you will see easily under normal lighting but you will notice the scratches in direct sunlight.

If you’re looking for a car wash near you, be sure to check out, diy car wash near me Many of these washes offer great deals on car washes and other services, so it’s a great way to start if you need a car wash.
They make your car look dull and boring.

The best way to get rid of the scratches would be to remove or cut off the paint, in order to expose the smooth, flat surface that reflects light evenly, and nobody would want to do that!

When you remove the coating, you expose your car to even more damage.

It Drags Dust On The Paint

You will slowly realize that what you should do is to protect the car’s paint for as long as is possible so that you can keep it looking great for a longer time.

It is now dry, regardless of whether you dry your car in a matter of seconds after washing it or you leave it for a few minutes further, you’ll cause dust to settle on the car’s surface.

Even if you find an enclosed car wash to cleanse your vehicle, dust will settle there, whether on an upper or lower level.

Now, the issue of bath towel is while wiping across the panel, they’ll drag dust onto the paint and cause your car’s paint to scratch and appear ugly.

Which is The Safest Method To Dry Your Car

There are many other more secure methods of drying your vehicle other than using the bath towel. Here are a few:

Best Towel To Dry Car Without Scratching

An microfiber cloth is among the most reliable and safe methods of drying your car. It is also the best towel to dry your car without scratching. Microfiber towels can be bought at every store, and is inexpensive and easy to use and washed.

It’s far superior to the bath towel, however the downside of it is the fact that you’re still using a bath towel which means it could scratch your vehicle.

The great thing about it is it’s designed to be used with almost every car paint. It is typically the blend of nylon and polyester that’s stronger than normal towels because of its tiny fibers.

This allows the towel to have more fibers within any one area on the towel. It also makes it soft and less prone to wrinkles, and more absorbent compared to shirts and regular towels.

Using A Blow Dryer To Dry Your Car

A blow dryer is a source of moving air. Utilizing air movement to dry your car is probably the most secure method for drying your vehicle – much better than using a towel.

It’s ideal because you won’t have any physical contact with the surface of the paint The concept is what you would find at automated car washes. However, with a smaller blow dryer, comes compressed air, which works great as well.

Some recommend making use of a leaf blower in order to dry your car, however it’s not a great idea since it’s likely to blow up unwanted materials from the ground. There are several dedicated vehicle driers you can use however drying your vehicle really should be an approach that is roof-down in order to keep the water moving toward the ground.

But, What Exactly Is A Car Dryer?

You’re likely picturing the power of a hair dryer made specifically designed for dry surfaces but that’s not exactly it.

A car dryer is designed to remove water from your car without scratching. Because your car is an extremely expensive investment it is important to retain its value as possible.

But Is It A Worthy Investment?


It’s an investment worth it since the majority of car washes don’t include a blow-dryer for your vehicle.

The value you earn from keeping your car clean is more than the cost of the blow-dryer. This is due to the fact that it ensures you keep your car looking good for a longer time and it also maintains its value for resales should you ever decide for it to be sold.

Should You Towel Dry Your Car After Washing

So, can I use towels to dry my vehicle? Only if you want to harm the exterior of your vehicle.

A dryer that is specifically designed, such as the BLO car dryers offers the safest and most effective method to dry your car without scratching it. Car dryers from BLO offer the warmth and security to ensure the paint remains in tact at all times.

Drying without contact will guarantee that you won’t suffer any abrasions, swirls or scratches like you might with a towel no matter how soft the towel is.

Don’t dry your vehicle with an unclean bath towel, regardless of regardless of how attractive it might look. The bath towel is likely to cause greater harm than benefit.

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