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Buying the right private a level tuition

Define what you want in a tutor when it comes to finding the right individual for your needs. For students and tutors alike, finding the best is key for you getting the best results. Choosing an A-Level tutor for Maths or any other subject is key. This is also how you will get the best overall results too. Even more than this, this is also how you will be able to get the most for your money and investment in tuition as a service.

Perhaps the best tip, asking a perspective tutor what they think is the best way forward given your situation is a clear way to figure out who is serious and who is not.  Simple vague approaches like “Cover areas you’re weak at.” or “Get extra practise on homework.” is a sign that you’re dealing with an amateur.  A good tutor will tell you something specific with time deadlines such as “We would cover all of Core 1 by mid December and have time to look at past papers for 2 complete weeks.”

Ask for their teaching qualifications

Sadly, not all tutors are qualified teachers and although some unqualified teachers are amazing, you should not take a risk.  We have yet to encounter a single qualified teacher whom made a poor tutor.  If you care about your academic success, don’t waste time with unqualified tutors. You have all the reasons and the right to be asking these questions too.

Why You Should Choose Private Tuition

A private tutor may teach a topic within a subject before it is discussed in school. It allows your child to be a step ahead and the lesson at school is reinforcement and revision.  Through this reinforcement, your child will feel more confident and have an increased level of recall of the subject matter. As a service and as an offering, 1-2-1 tuition is focused totally on the needs of your child.

As exams become more demanding, and workloads for students increase, tutors are often the first port of call outside of school for parents looking to help their children. With flexible working hours that can fit around your child’s academic and extra-curricular activities, private tutors offer beneficial and practical support. This being said, it can be difficult to know where to begin when looking for the right tutor for your child. In this post we explore the best ways to source a reliable tutor and begin a successful tutor-tutee partnership.

Going via an agency for tuition

Tutoring agencies can also be a great way of finding a private tutor. The benefit of going through an agency is that they will usually arrange a consultation call with you, where they can find out your child’s exact tuition needs and match you with the most suitable tutor. Tutors registered with agencies will be vetted, have DBS checks, and the agency can often supply reviews and feedback from other students so that you can verify their skills and abilities. The disadvantage of going through an agency, however, is that their fees can often be higher that online platforms, or going directly to the tutor, but prices vary widely.

Many agencies will ask you to fill out a form on their website with your tuition requirements, or call them directly, where you can discuss your needs before proceeding. The agency will then find a tutor (or tutors) that they think would be a suitable match, and then present them to you for consideration. Lessons are usually booked through the agency, and after the first lesson, the agency will often ask for feedback, to see how you and your child are getting along with your chosen tutor.

Looking online

Online platforms are one of the most popular ways of finding a tutor nowadays, due to its ease and convenience. These platforms allow you to type in your postcode, subject and level, and easily access a list of potential tutors in your area. Moreover, many online tutoring sites now have their own online teaching platforms, should you be looking for online tuition. The downside to these platforms, however, is that they usually take fairly substantial commission from the tutors, meaning they often have to inflate their rates in order to compensate for this lose. This in turn costs you more as a client, and so can be a major drawback.

When it comes to the online element, there are more options now than at any other time before with more and more agencies now taking their operations online. A large degree of this can be put down to COVID and how they have had to adapt in terms of how their tutors deliver tuition as a service. All of the big household names have done this and there are more and more agencies also now offering homeschooling as well as online tuition. It seems like it could be a growth market for sure.

Looking at the bigger picture

Tuition is a great tool to support your child in their education, and to help them to get the most out of their academic journey. Whether online or in-person, tutors can use their in-depth subject knowledge and teaching skills to enhance your child’s learning, and help them navigate every academic challenge, be that their 11 Plus, GCSEs, and A-Levels. Taking the time to think about the criteria and qualities you are looking for in a tutor, and using one the methods above, will ensure that you find a tutor who is best suited to your child’s needs, and who can make them fall in love with learning and education on the whole overall too.

In any case, your A-Levels will be a big deal as they will be the biggest exams you will have undertaken to date. This too is where and why A-Level Tuition needs to be chosen and selected in the correct way. This is after all a very serious step in your life as well as a key part of education on the whole too. To add to this, it is also the stage just before you will head off to university and then go about making plans and tracks as to what you do with your career too. If you get the best results you can be sure you will be able to choose and go to the university you so desire and with to go to.


Private tuition comes in a number of different forms, from online sessions to full-time homeschooling tuition. Tutors can help students with their academic progression, or can help to boost their recreational skill set, such as perfecting a musical instrument or improving their photography. Tuition is totally customisable and the level of choice you get today has never been so good.

A private tutor is one of the best ways to help adult learners really excel, whatever their goals are. A tutor will be able to provide sessions at a time that works for you, meaning that even those with the busiest of schedules can access important tuition whenever they need it. Whether you need help boosting your confidence, need advice on how to best prepare for exams or want to master a foreign language, this is 100% where and how private tutor can be seen to make a lasting difference.

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