Buying Links For SEO Purposes – Is It Bad?

There is no unambiguous answer to this question. Or it depends. It depends on who you ask, as well as the project you are working on, the budget and time you have, and the goals you want to achieve. Paid links are not bad, but you need to know when, from whom and why you will buy. You need to draw a plan to follow and be aware of what you will market and with which link traders you will knock on the door.

Do you need to buy links in 2020?

Buying links is a practice you may have heard of, but don’t know if it makes sense to dig deeper. In general, according to Google, buying links is a Black Hat SEO technique, a way to deceive or deceive search engines, and the goal is for the site you are working on to rank better than it deserves.

There are countless sites on the Internet that have different value for search engines. For example, the site of a global media outlet such as the New York Times is implied to be more valuable, authoritative and powerful than a regular 5-page homemade cake site. If you somehow manage to get a link or brand citation from the media, this link has great power and helps to improve the position of your site in organic results. One way is to buy it, no matter how much you don’t believe it, and big sites sell links.

Why do website owners buy SEO links?

To be able to answer this question, you must have at least 5 years of solid experience in buying links for SEO purposes (link building) and have tested on your own projects any strategies to know what works and what will lead to problems. The quick answer is to “shoot” your business site quickly up and attract traffic. But not always the “bag” with links works and you get the desired results. In many cases, rapid “pumping” has the opposite effect. Therefore, the whole process should be done by an SEO specialist who knows what and why he does it.

Types of good links:

1. Sponsored articles (Editorial backlinks)
2. Guest author
3. Business profiles
4. Free themes, plugins, tools
5. Comments, forums

In order to be able to determine the quality of each link, we must analyze it carefully, but as a rule the following applies:

“A link that is difficult to take is authoritative.” Easy links from comments and forum profiles, for example, anyone can take, but their value is small.

I want a first page on Google

If a client tells you the following at the beginning of a conversation about SEO site optimization, in most cases he does not know exactly what the term means. The first page in the search engine should be earned. There is only room for 10 results and they should be the best and most relevant answer for a given keyword. If this is not the case, the search engine itself begins to lose confidence in the eyes of consumers, and this is the beginning of its end.

To improve the organic results of your site in the best search results, you need a comprehensive SEO strategy. It starts with auditing and analyzing the current state of the site and identifying the steps needed to achieve results. It goes through technical analysis of the structure of the site (on site SEO), buying links (link building) and ends with monitoring the movement of keywords in weeks. These are complex processes that require time and knowledge and should be applied by qualified professionals who deal with site optimization at the expert level.

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