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Buy Furniture From China- Here Are 14 Questions To Ask Before Bulk Buying

Furniture accounts for most of the costs while setting up a new place or an office. You will also need furniture while re-inventing your current vibes. Furniture comes in multiple price ranges, based on the type of material used and the company that markets it. Importing furniture from China is one of the most cost-effective solutions.

China’s furniture is made in a way that does not require the use of nails, screws, or glue. With high-quality wood, this type of furniture can last for centuries. Here, furniture is available at wholesale prices that are substantially lower than retail prices without compromising quality

With a growing economy, The United States is China’s top furniture importer, spending billions on Beach Furniture, Office Furniture, Plastic Furniture, Bathroom Furniture, folding chairs, Muslim chairs, and a lot more each year.  

Almost every furniture supplier from China deals only in bulk and in huge quantities. So, keep reading to learn answers to most asked questions on how to find suitable suppliers for buying furniture, avoid problems, negotiate prices, pay money, and ship the goods.

 14 Questions To Ask While Buying Bulk Furniture From China

Buy Furniture From China

Purchasing furniture from China entails several steps, but it is an exciting, engaging, and rewarding adventure for the client. But there are some questions you need to keep in mind before bulk buying home or beach furniture like,

Q1. Why Is China’s Furniture Cheap As Compared To Other Countries?                                                                          

Answer 1: China is a base for raw materials, manufacturing, and other processing units, which explains the low prices. The low cost of land, and water transportation, made China a unique geographical asset. As a result of these considerations, transportation costs are eliminated, resulting in a vast price decrease.

Q2. Is The Furniture From China Of Optimum Quality?

Answer 2: China’s furniture can be rather one-of-a-kind. You can even find furniture that isn’t nailed or glued together. Nails and glue, according to traditional Chinese furniture manufacturers, shorten the life of the furniture. As Chinese furniture connects all elements, the furniture lasts longer with high-quality wood.

Q3. Is The China Made Furniture Exchangeable Or Returnable? 

Answer 3: All online transactions can get cancelled and money reimbursed if the manufacturer gets notified within 24 hours of placing your order. Just contact them at their store or send an email. You can only cancel an order if it has not been crafted, dispatched, or ordered from our suppliers.

Q4. How Long does It Take To Ship Bulk Furniture From China To The U.S.?

Answer 4: The length of time it takes for any furniture shipment to arrive in the U.S. is determined by its location, size, and season. The time isn’t always the same. Freight shipments can get delayed due to market conditions, natural disasters, and other factors. By cargo, it could take 14-42 days and from the air, 5-12 days.

Q5. Is Alibaba Safe To Pay For Furniture From Chinese Factories?

Answer 5: When you’re looking for supplies directly from the factory, look for one with a trade assurance symbol and place an order like you normally would with any other supplier. When you pay with a credit card, PayPal or AliPay, your data and records are not 100% safe, and there is always a probability that it might get leaked. 

Sunsnhine, on the other hand, is a reliable wholesaler of exotic furniture like beach chairs, Muslim Chairs, etc., who ensures that all your information is kept confidential, whether it is your bank details or your data. All the transactions are safe when you buy bulk furniture from Sunnshine International co Ltd. 

Q6. Do I Need A Custom Bond To Import Furniture From China?

Answer 6: In many cases, a customs bond is mandatory when importing different products from China. A customs bond ensures that tariffs and taxes are paid to the US government. Imports arriving by both air and sea will need a customs bond.

Q7. How Can I Avoid High Shipping Costs From China?

Answer 7: The cheapest way to ship to the U.S. from China is via a tracked mail service, like DHL eCommerce or EMS Parcel Post. These services use a local carrier, such as FedEx or USPS. As a rule of thumb, at about $5 per kilo, express freight is the cheapest shipping mode for packages or small shipments up to about 150 kg.

Q8. What Are The Payment Terms When Buying Furniture From China?

Answer 8: The usual payment terms are a 30% deposit before manufacturing and the remaining balance after completion but before delivery. Even with a deposit payment secured, the provider still has a lot to lose. Therefore, the remaining payment should be made, after the lab test results and the batch approval by the quality inspector.

Q9. Are There Any Minimum Order Quantities to Buy?

Answer 9: Hotels and big projects may import furniture at a low cost from big factories, but they may have a minimum order quantity. Generally, it is possible to import directly from the factory for orders over USD 100000.

Buy Furniture From China

Q10. Can I Get Custom Built Furniture From China?

Answer 10: China manufacturers allow you to get personalized services, offering choices from out-of-the-rack furniture. You can choose your size, design, shape, colour, fabric according to your needs. You can also acquire advice from manufacturers or suppliers, who can help you save time and money by avoiding wasteful sourcing.

Q11. Is buying furniture from China of good quality? 

Answer 11: China produces the best quality furniture compared to other countries and provides the finest quality and durable goods like beach chairs, Muslim chairs, travel bags, foldable chairs, and many others. 

Q12. Can we import bulk furniture from China at affordable prices?

Answer 12:Yes, now you can import furniture from China without any trouble or difficulties. You can hire a supplier or manufacturer like Sunnshine to buy any type of goods in bulk. 

Q13.How long does it take to get furniture from China delivered to the U.S? 

Answer 13:When buying bulk furniture from China, you must know that it will take at least 15-45 days to deliver it. This time duration is required for the manufacturer to prepare your bulk order and then transportation. 

Q14. Who is the best manufacturer from China to buy bulk furniture from? 

Answer 14:When it comes to the best manufacturer from China to buy furniture in bulk, Sunnshine is the first name that comes under the list. They deal with all kinds of goods like beach chairs, foldable chairs, duffle travel bags, and beach chairs in bulk at affordable rates without compromising quality. 


Considering the questions mentioned above might help you select the best whole-seller for furniture. We have come across a platform, which can help you purchase and import the best quality of furniture from China at the most affordable rates. 

Sunnshine International Co. Ltd. has one of the most extensive and diversified collections of modern and contemporary furniture including beach chairs, folding chairs, Muslim chairs, duffle bags and many more. It is China’s bestseller of bulk furniture.

Sunnshine’s Furniture matches together with all your wholesale furniture needs, with a wide range of colours, stains, and finishes. We provide innovative and stylishly designed furnishing. They will fulfil all your furniture needs with the best design, quality at affordable prices.

Go and Order Now!

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