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Businesses Can Learn About Handling Their App Through WhatsApp’s Recent Strategy

Mobile phones have come a long way, and they looked quite different when they were first launched in the 1970s. It was this era when mobile phones started to take shape. And it was more like a cordless phone than a mobile phone as we see nowadays. Motorola DynaTAC was one of the first commercial phones available, and its cost was $4,000. If adjusted to inflation, this could be anywhere between 30-40K thousand US dollars, and it is a huge sum. Businesses Can Learn About Handling Their App by Going Through WhatsApp’s Recent Strategy

Nowadays, Mobile app development company are not what they used to be in their early days. But it is the use of mobile apps that make them work efficiently and effectively. Otherwise, they are more of the same as the hardware and software capabilities are enhanced only to make efficient use of apps. Even the gaming phones available in the market cater to a small niche and aim to make the hardware work effectively to give gamers a great experience.

Unlike when they were first introduced, smartphones have changed a lot since then. The key to their efficiency and effectiveness is using mobile apps. As a result, they are more or less the same with the hardware and software capabilities enhanced only to make efficient use of apps. The gaming phones available on the market cater to a small niche and aim to make the hardware work effectively to provide gamers with the best experience possible.

Mobile app development company can transform an ordinary smartphone into a great gadget capable of doing amazing things for the end-users. But what do businesses need so that their apps can perform to the best of their capabilities? And how can app developers work diligently to offer something of great value to their customers? Please go through the following blog so you can know the answers to these questions. 

Experience of Using a Smartphone is Enhanced with Mobile Apps

Businesses need to be on their toes to make their products and services work for the target audience. While most businesses ensure this, it is the execution that works, and that’s why top management of every company must think about how to make things work in their favor. Certain aspects make an app do wonders, and that is where the role of an expert mobile app development company will come into play. 

If businesses need to make things in their favor, in-depth market research is needed. Some of you may argue that if you hire an app development company, they will do the same so you do not have to go through this headache. But it is always feasible to do particular research about your product rather than leave everything to the developers. Their experience will help you a lot, but things can be in your favour if you go for the research. 

How do Businesses Need to Proceed?

Businesses must work diligently to make things work in their favor. Let us take the example of a game so that I can understand my viewpoint in this regard. Think of a first Shooter game like the Grand Theft Auto or Doom series.  What would you like to offer to your target audience so that your app for the game will become one of the biggest hits, just like PUBG and other popular games? What respects do you need to put and make it count, and things start to fall into place for you automatically? Read on as I discuss this aspect in a bit more detail now. 

To make things work in their favor, businesses must work diligently. So that I can better understand my viewpoint in this regard, let me use the example of a game. Imagine a first-person shooter game like Grand Theft Auto or Doom.  Is there anything you would like to offer your target audience so that your game app will become one of the biggest hits, like PUBG and other popular games? In what ways can you put respect and make it count, so that things start to fall into place for you automatically? I will now discuss this aspect in a bit more detail.

Exemplary app development is the key to ensure that they got an ace up their sleeves. Certainly, it is easier said than done, but this can work for the big time by making everything count. Never think that you cannot beat a big company or a technology giant in making an app. You may also like whatsapp tips and tricks.

Who would have thought that Signal and Telegram would give a tough competition to WhatsApp and even beat them in a few regions/territories worldwide? This may be because WhatsApp’s recent strategy came up with some strange changes in its privacy policy, and both Signal and Telegram cashed on it. But it did not happen overnight, and it was not a fluke as both the apps had something in them that attracted the users of WhatsApp. And now that WhatsApp has lost a big chunk of its users, it has backtracked on at least three dates where they told their users they would not allow them to use the app as it is. You should also take into consideration WhatsApp’s Recent Strategy.

What Can We Learn from the WhatsApp Debacle?

For some people, it is not difficult, and just a minor glitch. As WhatsApp’s recent strategy is still the number one messaging net around the world. But its position has been dented, and everyone now knows that WhatsApp tried to play hardball with its users and did not succeed. This is not something that happens after every few months. This is one of the unprecedented events that made a big company think about its strategy repeatedly. Facebook is the parent company of WhatsApp, and the very high reputation of the social media giant took a hit. 

It is a known fact that WhatsApp’s recent stretegy is not a technically inferior product when compared with Signal or Telegram. There are some issues or options in which WhatsApp lacks somehow, but still, it is the first choice of over two billion users worldwide. Available in more than 60 languages and around 180 countries across the globe. So, if someone thought that WhatsApp would lose this battle very quickly and other applications like Signal would win the battle hands down, they were disappointed. And it is not going to happen in the near future as WhatsApp has learned the lesson, albeit the hard way. You may also learn WhatsApp’s recent strategy.

Final Word

Businesses can also learn so much from this mistake from WhatsApp’s recent stretegy as it tries to change its privacy policy almost overnight. And give no clear indication of that choice to its users. Now it is playing safe and offering all the users an option if they want to accept the new terms and conditions or not. Either way, they are free to use the app without any changes or lesser options.  

Mobile app development company trying to get its target market’s attention needs to assess the reaction from its current uses? And in the near future, proactive action is required on behalf of every company, regardless of its size and nature of business. 

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or ask a question, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.


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