Building Your Restaurant – Step 2 – Pre-Building

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Building Your Restaurant – Step 2 – Pre-Building

After choosing your restaurant builder

Once your project is awarded to the restaurant builder and / or subcontractor, it is time to start intensive planning. Here, you’ll start seeing the real side of seeing your restaurant. Step 2 of the restaurant creation process – pre-contact your restaurant construction specialist and you’ll get into the finer details of how everything works together.

Pre-construction work

Within 1-2 weeks of building your restaurant, you should expect your restaurant construction specialist to start preparing resources, communicating and mobilizing resources. If you are not sure what is happening during the pre-construction process, it is important to contact the company to add yourself to the contact loop.

Participation and communication are vital

Focusing, sharing, and communicating is vital throughout the entire pre-construction phase. This makes sure that everyone who participates will know what to do, what to do and when to do it. By keeping everyone informed and up to date, it is helpful to ensure that every step of the plan is executed smoothly while eliminating preventable challenges and reducing the risk of misunderstanding. Taking care during this step is one of the most effective ways to ensure success.

The invisible setting for restaurant creator

During the preparation phase, some of the tasks to be completed include but are not limited to:

  • Project Charter issued outlining all stakeholders involved (including vendors, subcontractors, owners, and other stakeholders)
  • Securing permits
  • Communicate with utility companies and start applying
  • Create a plan that defines long key elements and milestones
  • Developing a risk management plan
  • Create all crafts and materials in the first two weeks of construction
  • Create a vendor delivery schedule and detailed project delivery schedule
  • Form a physical progress plan
  • Design of wall blocking plan and ceiling penetration plan

Communication is the key

With regard to communication, the tasks to be completed include but are not limited to:

  • Distribute the project charter to all stakeholders
  • Schedule initial meetings with major owners and stakeholders
  • Schedule a pre-construction meeting with key subcontractors
  • Distribute appropriate documents and seller delivery schedule for the project team.
  • Communicate with risk management and safety plans
  • Share and review all project expectations with all stakeholders

Time to fill

The packing ensures that everything is in place and that everyone involved in building the restaurant is ready to be able to take action and start building efficiently on time. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Being on the site within 5 days of awarding the contract
  • Field measurement and confirm contract plans
  • Photocopy and document the site terms as they are
  • Confirmation of all existing utility sites, underground plumbing plans and wall framing plans
  • The layout of the utility room to ensure that each component is suitable and not inconsistent
  • Secure and publish permits as well as required labor law posters, and safety stickers
  • Place all subcontracts and materials in place within 10 days of packing.

When the pre-construction step is used correctly and effectively, it allows the smooth progress possible in the next step of the 5-step restaurant building process – the actual construction of your restaurant.

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