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Boost Your Local Search Rankings

An Easy Guide

Your business’s presence online has got a lot to do with your local SEO. Whether it is someone casually looking up the same inventory as yours, or another business looking for a lucrative partnership, your local ranking influences the kind and number of nearby customers you manage to attract.

Google has undoubtedly made the world easier for us to navigate. The most evident of this phenomenon is how you can now just add ‘-near me’ to literally anything in the search bar and the search engine shows you a list of similar businesses you can find in around your geographical location. A local SEO is instrumental in this case to pump-up your ranking and help you cut the line to the top.

A local SEO specifies the geographical parameters for search results so that your business finds its local niche.

Here are some ways you can employ for your local SEO to boost your local search rankings.

  1. Register and update Google My Business

It is a free and unique platform for businesses to reach out to their local customers via the internet. Registering you business with Google My Business means you can put forth your business’s pictures, reviews, working hours and location for an easily accessible search result.

Imagine someone looking for a bite to eat and typing in related keywords for a quick online search. The better ranking your business has with GMB, the quicker it will appear as the most popular option. Include reviews from customers for a better star rating as it pushes forth your ranking even more.

  1. Keep your website mobile-friendly

Because of our on-the-go lives and the accessibility achieved by the humble smartphone, the internet is woven very closely within our everyday routines. Not many people have the time to switch on a laptop or a computer especially to go online. It makes sense that your business should also follow the same model.

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive to the format. Include quick links and a responsive design so that it provides a pleasant user experience.

  1. Display contact details and address clearly

Your business’s contact details like phone number, e-mail address and location should be on a prominent and predictable place on the webpage. It is always preferable to have it placed in the left-hand margin of your prime footer.

  1. Optimize your social media platforms

Along with Google My Business, regularly update your social media platforms to inter-connect your social media followers and your search-ranking based clients.

Make sure your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Yelp rankings and reviews are up-to-date and incorporated on your website.

  1. The right Keywords unlock many doors

Users find your business with the help of keywords. Simplicity, here, is the ‘key’ to crack the code of increased reach and engagements.

Make sure your local SEO incorporates the right keywords for a better reach. Always add your location as keyword, along with the products and services.

Local SEO has manifold benefits. Optimization of your business to attract new customers and establish new revenue channels, building trust in your business by putting it on the map and solidifying your numbers by pushing for returning clients, are all manifestations of the success of your local SEO. Kinex Media is an excellent local SEO destination for your SEO Toronto and SEO Edmonton- based businesses.

Great results from online marketing aren’t lucked, its strategy that starts with website design. Our team of experienced Winnipeg Web Design experts has built hundreds of websites and is ready for your business!

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