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Health and Fitness

Best Yoga Mats For Hot Yoga for both men and womwn.

Regular practice of yoga will help you to achieve success by creating healthy and strong physical and mental capacity. but for success you need to practice yoga in the right way. So let’s get to know the rules of yoga in detail before starting yoga.

The rules of yoga to stay healthy.

01. Yoga exercises can be practiced from the age of 5/6 years till the last day of life. Just choose a few seats as needed. Not all seats can be made at all ages. It is not right for young boys and girls to hold any seat more than twice. Boys should not practice pranayama and mudra before the age of 14/15 and girls until the season is established.

Pranayama Yoga to stay healthy.

02. Yoga exercises can be done any time in the morning, evening and before bathing or at night. But that time should not be full. It is possible to sit down after half an hour after eating a little, but it is recommended to practice pranayama or mudra on an empty stomach. It is better to take a seat after breakfast. However, those who suffer from constipation, flatulence, etc., can get up in the morning and do a few specific seats and postures in bed. For those who have insomnia, good results can be obtained by doing Vajrasana for a while before going to bed after dinner. In addition, even after eating a full meal, sitting in Vajrasana for a while can facilitate digestion of food.

03. In asana, mudra or pranayama, in a posture or process, it is advisable to do or stay as much time as can be done easily or at once. However in no case should it be more than one minute at a time except for a few specific seats. Padmasana, Dhyanasana, Siddhartha and Vajrasana can be taken at any time.

Padmasana to stay healthy.

04. It is not right to practice more than 7/8 seats at a time. Practicing a couple of pranayamas and mudras according to age and need along with the asanas gives better results in a short time. One should rest in breathing as needed after a seat or posture practice. After some exercise with 5/6 minutes empty-handed, if you do asana or mudra, the result is obtained very quickly. But you should not do any kind of yoga exercise without resting after any hard work or exercise. Rest should be taken one day a week.

Breathing to stay healthy.

05. It is not okay to do any posture or process by forcing or shaking during seat practice. Care should be taken so that there is no distortion in the face while sitting.

06. Breathing will be normal during seat practice. But in mudra or pranayama, breathing has to be controlled according to the rules.

07. It is recommended to practice sitting on blankets, pads or thin mattresses. If you practice on hard soil or paved floor, you can get injured at any time.

Use Matt to Sit in a Seat of Yoga Rules.

08. It is not advisable to practice yoga in a light-airless or closed room. Try to practice in a place where a lot of oxygen can be taken with the air.

09. Girls above 12/13 years and below 45/48 years (age limit may be more or less according to health) It is not right to do any seat for 4/5 days in a month due to normal reasons. However, meditation, breathing, etc. can be practiced.

10. In case of childbearing, some simple asanas or pranayamas can be done for girls up to three months, but currency practice should not be done at all. After three months of childbirth, it is recommended to practice all the postures slowly again. Walking in the open in the morning and evening during pregnancy is especially beneficial.

11. Asanas should not be worn during the practice of blood circulation is disturbed.

12. It is not okay to talk or be distracted while practicing yoga. Because the close relationship of the body with the mind is the key to yoga. Concentration can bring the desired result.

13. It is not right to expect early results in yoga exercises. It requires faith and patience. Regular and regular yoga practice will bring benefits.

14. If you have a tobacco habit or addiction, avoid it.

15. It is advisable to keep the mind as cheerful as possible. No worries or anxieties.

This is the rules of yoga. Then start doing yoga now.

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