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Window cleaning is a simple operation, but also a very complicated one! There are numerous products or services for cleaning glass, chemical, natural or mechanical. We will show you all the ways!

Window cleaning with chemical methods

The classic way to clean the windows is with glass spray or with ammonia and water. Just get a rag, cloth, or absorbent paper, spray the chosen product on the glass and pass several times until the glass is completely free of streaks.

The advice is to use new microfibre cloths or cotton rags, otherwise unsightly lint may remain on the glass surface. Don’t forget to wipe the windows with a dry cloth as well to give a touch of total cleaning to the entire window!

Window cleaning with natural methods

For those who absolutely do not want to use chemicals, there are numerous natural alternatives. A mixture of white vinegar and water is the best and also the cheapest solution. Just fill a spray bottle with a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water, preferably hot, and spray it on the surface of the glass, or simply wipe with a cloth moistened by the solution and then dry everything with a rag or microfiber cloth.

Clean the windows with mechanical methods

Cleaning the windows with newspaper: This is a method that always leaves you a little perplexed the first time you use it, but it will have an effect that will leave you amazed!

First, wipe with a damp cloth of plain water or mobilize the water directly on the glass and then dry with crumpled newspaper sheets. If you prefer a better result, you can add a cap of ammonia or alcohol to a basin of water.

Windows cleaning with a squeegee:

This is the method most widely used by cleaning companies for large windows.
The procedure is simple:
Dip a sponge in a container full of water and a product of your choice (dish soap will be fine!) And, after squeezing it, wipe it over the entire surface of the glass. Now take your squeegee and pass it by pressing it on the surface of the glass to make it adhere well. It is good practice to start from the edges towards the center, remembering to wipe your squeegee with each wipe so as not to rewet the glass. Now you just have to wipe the edges of the window with a dry cloth and give it a general check again.

Now you know how to best clean your windows like a professional cleaning company in Clifton Park!

Are you looking for a cleaning company and are you asking for quotes from the various cleaning companies in your area?

Is little time available to clean your home?

Do you need an extraordinary cleaning for your residence or your business? You are not satisfied with the current cleaning company of your condominium?

On the web or simply in the old but always up-to-date telephone directory, finding the right cleaning company in your area may not be an easy task. The prices of the services vary and you will hardly be able to find the best quality-price ratio for you on the first try … but how to do it then?
Simple! Just fill in the request for a quote properly to better evaluate the offer and avoid nasty surprises with the final price.

When requesting a quote from a cleaning company, it is important to describe your needs in detail and list your requests individually: in this way the company has the opportunity to draw up a detailed and complete estimate and to minimize any inconsistencies in the service you expected and the final price!
Obviously, the request for an inspection will give you a more definitive price, but in any case, you can first get an idea of ​​which cleaning company is best for you!

First, you must specify the place where the cleaning will take place and if you intend to request an extraordinary intervention or at a frequency to be agreed.

Estimate for domestic cleaning, what to specify?

First, you will need to notify the cleaning company if you need an extraordinary intervention or continuous cleaning.

Extraordinary domestic window cleaning:

Do you need a thorough cleaning of the whole apartment? Specify where you want the cleaning to focus, such as windows and fixtures, full kitchen and hood cleaning, stubborn limescale removal and bathroom tile disinfection, floor polishing, or linoleum stain removal.

Do you need post-construction or post-disaster cleaning? Specify what happened and the main points in which you will have to act, such as removing paint or varnish residues after whitewashing, cleaning of blackened tiles after fire or post-combustion of appliances, general cleaning after moving, or floor cleaning service.

Window cleaning intervention at intervals to be agreed:

How often do you want cleaning? Specify a specific day or a weekly, monthly frequency.

What are the tasks you want to be carried out at each cadence and which desires are more occasional? You will hardly want the windows and fixtures to be cleaned every day, you can opt for a monthly cleaning or to save even every three months.

Further specifications for a household cleaning quote:

The size of the apartment, square meters, and floors
The type of surfaces to be treated: is the floor tiled, a parquet, or a carpet?
The number of windows and entrance doors
The number of bedrooms and bathrooms
The presence of pets
Country house or city apartment?
Specific works on request
You are now ready to request a detailed quote to clean your residence!

Estimate for office and shop cleaning, what to specify?

Again, you will need to notify the cleaning company if you need an extraordinary intervention or continuous cleaning.

Extraordinary cleaning of offices and shops:

Do you need a generalized deep cleansing? Post-renovation or post-move cleaning? A post-disaster cleaning such as fire or vandalism? Specify the reason why you are requesting an extraordinary cleaning of your office in the request for quotation.

Cleaning of offices and shops at intervals to be agreed upon:

How often do you want cleaning? Specify a specific day or a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bi-monthly frequency.

Further specifications for a quote for cleaning a shop or office:

The size of the office/shop, square meters, and floors
The number and size of glass and stained glass windows
Additional works on request
The number of bathrooms and the possible presence of a restaurant/kitchen
The need to clean the outer perimeter, courtyards
The number of stairs
You are now ready to request a detailed quote to clean your office/shop!

Estimate for condominium cleaning? What to specify:

Unless the condominium is in the post-construction phase or requires particular maintenance, cleaning is usually carried out at a frequency to be agreed which, based on the needs and dimensions, can be performed biweekly, weekly, every 15 days, or monthly.

Apartment house cleaning estimate, what information to give for the estimate:

Number of floors and apartments
Number of entrance doors
Presence of the lift
Number of panes and windows

Type of flooring

Presence and size of garages and cellars
The necessity of perimeter cleaning of the condominium and parking lots
Need for a bin service
Size of the bin and the number and days of weekly waste collection services scheduled in your city, because the number of specifications in a condominium cleaning quote is really many, in this case, we recommend that you request an inspection, Martinez leaning LLC cleaning company offers completely free inspections and price estimates!

Do you need a quote for industrial cleaning (companies, construction sites, industries, warehouses)?

In this case, requesting an online or telephone quote becomes much more complex. Our advice is to request an inspection, only in this way can you have a correct estimate of the price to pay and have a precise quote for every need.

Contact us for a free inspection at your company!

The more information provided to the cleaning company, perhaps accompanied by documentary photographs, the more complete the final estimate will be. Obviously, the most competent companies inspect to confirm or improve a quote.

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