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Best ways to Enjoy an Astonishing Exotic Tour in UAE

A desert safari in Dubai takes almost three hours to complete. This includes a two-hour walk to the departure point, a ride on a camel, and a meal. The desert safari in Dubai is specially designed to be a lengthy affair that will last for many hours.

For those who plan a holiday in Dubai they should include a desert safari in their plans because of the amazing sights that are available to view from these areas. Dubai also has a number of attractions that take advantage of the sand dunes and high cliffs of the area.

Morning desert safari Dubai

Morning desert safari deals in the Al Hajar Mountains that can allow travelers to view the wildlife and vegetation that can be found in this area. The Al Hajar Mountains can be found in the middle of the UAE. The scenery is unlike anything else in the UAE. It is perfect for travelers who want to see some of the most incredible views in the region.

Day 2:

The second part of the VIP desert safari Dubai includes a journey into the desert itself. Once at the lowest point, guests can enjoy the sands and the landscape. Some hotels in Dubai will provide guests with a free taxi to take them to the tourist attractions including the Burj al Arab Hotel. There is no charge for the taxi and you can enjoy the welcome drinks that are offered.

Jumeirah Beach

Another awesome postcard picture that can be seen from Dubai is the setting sun on the Jumeirah Beach. This is the most popular tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates. During the hot summer months, Jumeirah Beach becomes the most attractive attraction for tourists.

The cool breeze and the sandy white beaches are what attract visitors especially during the hottest part of the summer season. The cool ocean water on the coast is what makes the sunset so amazing, but even during the day, the Jumeirah beach remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai.

The third day:

The third day of your desert safari in Dubai includes the return journey to the lower lying area. Here, you can enjoy desert safari driving amidst beautiful landscapes. The morning desert safari offers you an awesome postcard picture of a city that looks like it has come from a novel.

The city is full of tall buildings and modern buildings that resemble the best of cities from all over the world.

The fourth day:

The fourth day of your desert safari in Dubai includes the return journey to the lower lying area. Once there, you can again drive to the Upper Groom and take a cool camel ride through the amazing landscape.

The cool evening sunshine is still present, as the sun sinks into the horizon. The morning after the drive, you can again enjoy the awesome postcard picture of a city that looks like it has come from a novel.

The fifth Day:

The fifth and final day of your desert safari package in Dubai includes the overnight journey to Madinat Island. You can stay at the Hyatt Regency and enjoy the beautiful view of the shimmering waters of the Persian Gulf.

The drive is very exhilarating and you will pass the traditional villages of Muscatine, Creek, Al Hajar Mountains and Sharjah. The Sharjah Marina offers you some of the best views of the waterfront areas of the city. It is also an awesome experience to shop at the Shoppers Paradise Mall.


The desert safari in Dubai offers you an incredible chance to enjoy quad biking through the sand dunes of Jumeirah. Biking enthusiasts can enjoy the Bajaj Lama Tour which starts from Deira and ends at the ancient capital city of Dubai.

The tour takes two and a half days and requires climbing on a crane and abseiling down a rocky cliff. You also have the opportunity to enjoy camel safaris from the saddle of one of the rickety camels on the tour.

This tour also allows you to visit some sites that are closed to visitors, such as the Baitul Mukkaram Mosque. The adventurous tourist can make use of a rope to take a walk on the sand dunes.


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