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Best Way of Professional Effective Rug Cleaning Services

A rug is a high-priced floor covering that protects the floor from dirt and dust. It will collect a significant amount of dust particles from shoes and footwear, leaving our room dust-free. The odds of deep seated filth in a rug are very significant due to the continuous absorption of dust and soil. As a result, it is critical to clean them as soon as you see that they are unclean. Professional rug cleaning follows a set of conventional cleaning procedures. Here, I’ll go over some simple methods that even an ordinary home user can follow.

The standard set of cleaning process includes the following steps:

  1. Vacuum cleaning
  2. Shake small rugs
  3. Remove pet hair with a brush
  4. Turn rugs periodically
  5. Use detergent to remove stains
  6. Use detergent to remove stains
  7. Clean with pure water
  8. Using the mixture of Water, Vinegar and cleansers
  9. Dry Cleaning method


Most easy method of rug steam cleaning is vacuum cleaning. Using a proper vacuum cleaner we should clean our rugs in a regular period of time. Depends on the dust absorption we should clean them from once in a week to daily basis. For domestic users once in a week is enough to prevent the accumulation of soil and dust in rug. Rugs in office needs to be cleaned in a regular basis due to the heavy traffic. The major attraction of vacuum cleaning is that it is easier compared to other methods and there is no need of drying and removing. Also this method is Eco friendly as it does not need any kind of chemicals.



To remove dirt from large area rugs, vacuum them regularly, in the same way you’d vacuum carpets. Vacuum both sides of the rug, if it’s reversible, to ensure the complete removal of grit or dirt which could wear out the rug prematurely. But you should avoid vacuuming the fringe of your rug.

Shake small rugs

For small area rugs, vacuuming may not be very necessary. Just take them outside and shake them vigorously so as to remove dirt as well as grit. There are regulations in some areas about shaking of rugs outdoors, so be sure to check the local codes first.

Remove pet hair with a brush

Sometimes vacuuming alone may not remove some dirt such as pet hair. To remove this hair, brush the rug repeatedly toward the nap of the rug.

Turn rugs periodically

Generally, heavy traffic and sun may put extra stress on rugs, causing them to wear out fast. Turn them at least once or twice in a year for even wear.

Use detergent to remove stains

If your rug becomes stained, you should move fast to remove moisture from the spills as fast as possible. Most stains such as alcohol, soft drinks, coffee, tomato sauces and fat-based stains can be removed using a detergent mix. First mix some detergent with water, apply to the stain and then rinse. Do not rub the stain. Instead, blot till it completely comes out.


How to clean special types of Rugs

Some types of rugs require special cleaning and care. Here are several tips on how to clean some specialty rugs. Rug cleaning is easy if you know what you are doing.

Cleaning braided/woven rugs

Before you begin cleaning braided carpets, make sure there are no stitching breaks. It’s worth noting that certain little braided carpets aren’t machine washable, so double-check the labels before attempting to clean them. If they are, place them in zippered pillowcases and wash them on a soft cycle in lukewarm water. Thoroughly rinse, then tumble dry on a low setting.

Set a blanket (or any other large enough material) beneath larger braided rugs, or just place them on a vinyl floor. Apply commercial carpet-cleaning foam to the surface as directed and thoroughly rub it in. Vacuum or rinse. Before putting the rugs back on the floor, make sure they are completely dry.

Cleaning natural fiber rugs

Rugs made from sisal, coir and grass come with an open weave which may allow dirt to sift down to the floor underneath. They need to be vacuumed frequently, and flipped (most natural fiber rugs are reversible) to ensure there’s even wear. Also remove the rug cleaning Williamstown occasionally and vacuum the floor.

You don’t have to remove a standard natural-fiber rug to clear stains. Protect the floor beneath with a towel and a plastic drop cloth. Scrub the spill with a gentle brush dipped in soapy water. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and cover the wet area with a towel. Make sure to completely blot the cleansed area. To speed up the drying process, consider using a hair dryer or a portable fan. Because water weakens fibers, work swiftly and thoroughly to ensure the carpets are totally dry.

Common Mistakes

  • Don’t stomp on your rugs! You shouldn’t take your mother’s carpets out back, hang them on a clothesline, and beat them with a baseball bat. The only rugs you should shake or beat are doormats that are inexpensive. When you beat rugs, you risk loosening the woven threads and causing damage to the rug’s backing. If a rug is badly manufactured, it may split from its backing after only one beating. Don’t take a chance with your life.
  • Avoid vacuuming the fringe! When vacuuming your rug, if you run the vacuum over the fringe, the fringe will suck up into the beater bar of your vacuum. At the very least, the fringe will be harmed. It loosens up and becomes a curly, stringy mess. Even worse, you could pull out chunks of fringe. The threads can get caught in your vacuum and you’ll have to unwind them from the beater bar. You can end up damaging your rug and your vacuum!
  • Don’t use shampoos or sprays on your carpet! Carpet washes tend to attract more filth, and carpet shampooing machines (particularly those with several brushes) might harm your rugs. It’s never a good idea to soak your area rug in water. It has the potential to destroy the rug as well as the floor beneath it. Area rugs can be discolored by carpet stain sprays. It’s better to get your area rug cleaned professionally and simply spot clean with a moderate stain solution when necessary.

Tips of Rug Cleaning Process

There are some tips that one should follow when cleaning rugs. The cleaner should not use force when rubbing the stained rug. This might cause the stain to spread to other areas of the rug and end up causing permanent damage to the fabric. It is important to clean out stains quickly. Leaving the stains for a while makes the stain to be harder to clean, as it would have set in into the fabric. This might even cause a chemical reaction, which may leave a permanent stain on the rug.

It is important to test the cleaning agents or chemicals on a small part of the rug before applying the agents on the rug. This will indicate if the rug reacts to the cleaning chemical thus avoiding further damage to the rug. Mildews and molds are hard to remove from rugs and they require patience. Despite their stubbornness, they just need simple solutions to clean them. The use of salt solution, non-chlorine bleach or lemon juice is recommended for colored rugs while hydrogen peroxide is recommended for fast colored rugs.

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