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Best TV Buying Guide For The Best Deal

Do you want to deal with the best smart TV but are also confused by seeing different technology available in the market? Well, if this is true, welcome to this post, where you will get the basic knowledge to keep in mind while purchasing a suitable TV. OLED, QLED, LED, HDR, and many more terms always sound annoying to you. Just because you don’t know what exactly this term means. But when we are here for your help, you don’t need to be afraid anymore. Soon you will be familiar with every word and become a pro in dealing with the best TV that accomplishes your every need. stay tuned to this best TV buying guide to become more familiar with modern TV technology.


It is the place where you will get a complete smart TV guide, so you don’t need to stream on a thousand other websites anymore. Buying a new TV set without prior knowledge of technology is a tedious task. Also, a huge amount of your hard-earned money is involved in this. So you have to make sure to invest in the right product that accomplishes your needs for quite a long time. 


At the time you enter the market you are stuck between different TV brands and models. Here, at this time you are too confused to select the one best out of this large stock. Almost every user once faces this awkward situation in their life, and now you need the correct guidance. So we provide you with the same and keep you away from this situation. 

A Glance At What In-Depth Knowledge You Will Get In This Best TV Buying Guide

  • The primary difference between LED, QLED, OLED
  • Look for a better Screen size
  • Screen resolution 
  • Refresh rate 
  • Connectivity option

The Display Types First: LCD | LED | QLED | OLED

When you plan to get a new TV, you must encounter the terms OLED, LED, and QLED. These are the different types of displays that are most common in the television world. This other panel technology might sound similar, but they are not. And we will find out what differences this panel technology accomplishes.


This popular term is the short form of liquid crystal displays, and this is hardly seen in the market nowadays. Because many advanced technologies are arriving in the market with great features. All LCDs have a backlight attached to the backside; this is the source of light that passes through many filters. 


LED is the abbreviated form of the light-emitting diode, and this is the updated version of old LCD technology. It is very similar to LCD; the only difference between these is the different backlights. LCD uses fluorescent tubes in the backlight, whereas the LED uses light-emitting diodes as the backlight. These are better than LCDs as they are more energy efficient.


This QLED is one of the types of LED which uses quantum dots. These quantum dots are placed between the LCD panel and backlighting. It is the reason behind the brighter picture quality of QLED TVs is the light passing through these microscopic quantum dot layers makes the picture more saturated than normal LEDs. 


An OLED might sound similar to an LED but don’t mistake it by listing them in the same row. An OLED or organic light-emitting diode is very different from LED and QLED, and the difference lies in the backlight. Since all LEDs and QLED TVs use backlights, OLED TVs don’t use any backlights because they are equipped with millions of self-lighting pixels. These pixels can produce light by themselves and turn off individually. And this is the reason for the high contrast ratio in OLED TVs. This OLED tv produces a completely black colour instead of grey as produced by other LED technology, which has a low contrast ratio. 

Best TV Buying Guide For The Best Deal


You must go through the lowest price  Samsung TV reviews to check the genuine one.

How To Choose The Right Screen Size?

Choosing the right TV screen size largely depends on the number of your family members and where you will place it.  It is important to note how many family members often sit together and enjoy watching TV.  First, find the sweet spot for your new set before you finalise the deal. As for the living room, you might go for a large screen-size TV when compared to a bedroom and other small-size rooms. How closely you sit is also considered at the time of the right size TV. By the way, you should not sit too close and too far from the TV, otherwise it will ruin your watching experience. 


As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to sit at a distance of three times more than the height of an HD TV screen. And for a 4K Ultra HD TV, you should sit at a distance of 1.5 times the screen height. This way, you can enhance your viewing experience and enjoy watching your favourite family show without any rush. 


What are some common screen sizes?

  • Below- 55-inch TV

Under 55-inches TV is considered non-standard nowadays. However, there are many manufacturers still making this type of smaller-size TV. But I know you don’t want to get anything which makes you compromise with the performance and latest features.

  • 55-inch TV

Usually, people go with this size as it is suitable for medium-sized rooms and apartments. It is the standard size TV in modern days, and you can either mount it on the wall or place it on the TV stand because a TV this size and above comes with feet on both ends, which makes the TV stand without a wall. 

  • 65-inch TV 

This large screen size is a great option to place in large spaces. If many eyes watch TV simultaneously, then a 65-inch TV is quite a good option to go with. Also, you can ensure to see the perfect details in the movies with this screen size.

  • 75-inches TV and Above

If you plan to place your new TV set in a large room for a cinematic view, then this should be your choice. It is also true that TVs of this size can be more expensive than others, but after all, it is worth buying with your money. 

Best TV Buying Guide For The Best Deal

Next on this TV Buying Guide is Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution is the most important thing to consider while purchasing a new tv set. Screen resolutions simply denote the number of pixels required to display the picture on the screen. It means the higher the screen resolution would be higher will be the picture quality. The higher resolution helps in the sharpness, richness, and more life-like pictures on the TV screen. For quite a long time, full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution is the most common type of screen resolution in TVs which is most in demand. 


Though indeed, advanced technology like 4K (3,840 x 2,160) and 8K (7,680 x 4,320) television have arrived and provided four times and eight times sharper images than HDTVs. Among this advanced technology, 4K TVs are more convenient for users because picture content can be easily available, which can take advantage of this 4K resolution. Unlike 8K resolution, this 4K resolution doesn’t have extremely limited content. 

Don’t forget to check the Refresh Rate

This refresh rate simply means the refreshment of the picture on the screen per second. It is indicated in hertz(Hz), and 60 Hz is the standard refresh rate, but there are also TVs with 120Hz available. When you see any fast-moving scene at a higher refresh rate, you will have clear and sharper sequences instead of blur. So, considering these in your buying list can enhance your viewing experience to the next level. 

What about connectivity?

Don’t skip considering the connectivity options of the smart TV while buying the best set. Before considering it you should first estimate how many devices you will plug into the TV. And then, choose the one model which has as many HDMI ports as you want to see. 

Other things to look at 

This list of buying guides is not limited here, and there are things like the sound quality and HDR (high dynamic range) to focus on. The few HDR standards currently popular at this time are Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HDR10+. Don’t go with TVs without HDR because this enhances the difference between the darkest and brightest part of the picture and this matters a lot. 


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Some TVs come with their inbuilt OS (Operating system) that provides endless app services to the users. In today’s time, every simple-looking device is evolving into a smart device. So on this smart TV, you have access to watch your favourite show on Netflix, youtube, and amazon prime on the big screen. 

Wrapping up 

It is indeed true that the best guide for purchasing a smart TV is hard to find, but we tried to solve your biggest issue. Even if you have zero knowledge regarding TV, then also you can execute the right purchase with this buying guide. This tv buying guide helps you understand those annoying terms usually connected with smart tv. Also, we wish you to purchase the best tv that accomplishes your all plans.

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