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Investing in real estate doesn’t come up with a map and the road to riches is often winding. There are certain things which you can put on track to ensure chances for success. Listening to professionals and investors is a great thing to begin with best investment in Islamabad. It’s important to do investments so your capital is not depreciated.


It is rightly said that the work suits in the hand of the one skilled to do it. If someone faces litigation, he has to hire a legal professional to attend the court and resolve his grievance. Similarly the real estate is a profession and to get benefit from this one need to have an expert opinion on investment matters. Taking their help is a savior as compared to the taboo upon ordinary property dealers. Their job is to help people find the following answers:
What is the best way to raise future investments?
Where to make installments?
When is the best time to get profit?
How the real estate investment is brightens up your future?

In Pakistan the best investment is real estate which is far more stronger than stock exchange. So Islamabad real estate is at its peak.

Criteria for investments:

The following is the standard criteria for best investments:
The project like capital smart city which is safe and secured
It must be approved from the government.
Its location should be well planned like Islamabad real estate.
Best projects in 2022:
These projects are in Islamabad as:
Capital smart city
Nova city
Parkview city
The eighteen

Capital smart city:

Located on the motorway, its developed by Habib Rafique (PVT) Ltd. The project is designed by a Singaporean based firm Surbana Jurong. Moreover this project is the first ever smart city of Pakistan. It is in proximity to new Islamabad motorway.

Nova City:

It’s a project of Nova developers located on China-Pak Corridor. Nova is a massive housing project of investment in Islamabad in 2022. This society aims to create an affordable luxurious environment for its inhabitants.

The eighteen:

If you are looking for one of the top rated investment options, the eighteen is the best option. It’s located on Srinagar Highway previously known as Kashmir Highway. 75% of its land is already spared for a golf course. The society offers apartments and villas these villas are state of art and equipped with maximum up to date smart features.


There are 19 tips and tricks from the people who talk about the experience to smart savings including Islamabad real estate:

Finding rental properties in emerging neighborhood

Rental properties are a great ways to involve in real estate investments. Buyers that purchase properties in emerging neighborhood maximize their profits and also their incomes cover their costs. Emerging localities often provide potential development and tax incentives for buyers. In Islamabad the capital smart city is the most worthy emerging project.

Expand real estate investments:

Real estate provides a large pool of investments across a large geological area and diversifies portfolio against local market which is a killer idea for investments. The best investment in Islamabad to diversify funds is Islamabad real estate.

Avoid over restore your property:

if you are interested in small investments , like small houses construction , these houses can be made on a low budget to look nice and modern without accessorizing it with expensive things.

Over leverage:

If you keep some of your rentals free and clear and some of them financed then you will have good combination of security and other resources

Look into single family rentals:

Single family rentals are the safest for attracting the correct tenant. Over a couple of years single family rentals are always appreciated.

Do your homework before listening to paid advisors:

In contrast to trusted and paid advisors which are wealth manager, tax accountant they may be in the favor to avoid real estate portfolio altogether. They have an excuse that it’s illiquid or too management intensive. These can be a valid reason based on specific situation however that’s not the actual motive they want you to avoid real estate investments. So at the back end, you need to do your own calculations. The decision lies in the fact for a potential cash flow from real estate is right option for you to choose.

Join a local working group:

There are hundreds of REI (real estate Investing) groups all across the Pakistan the one that outshines others is Islamabad real estate. So find the one which not only pinch the products but really educate and guide you in the areas that temper your interest.

Guidance of experts:

Investing in real estate has a lot of moving pieces. In the beginning the leverage to the experts must be given in each area of project to ensure success and minimize mistakes. This helps in making a good amount of profit in long terms. Islamabad real estate experts provide with the best expert opinion.

Get to know your market:

The current trends have to be involved like average trends of the increase or decrease of rents, income, interest rates, income rates and even un employment rates will allow you to recognize market status and plan for a better future.

Understand crime rates:

Research the area’s crime rates. We usually failed to do this after buying our first property. We had a super hard time finding a new tenant. Fraudulently selling the property is prevented by the capital smart city projects.

Set a budget and timeline and expect to go over both:

As a rule of thumb, 50% of the assets have to be kept as a reserve especially as a new investor.

Treat your investments like a business:

Just like other business, it requires purposeful planning, execution and management. The most successful business is run by high quality people at every level of organization. Those that ignore these facts are destined to struggle or even fail. Regardless of how big or small you want to grow your real estate business if you want to take it to a peak then you must run it like a business.

If you can beat the price beat the terms:

Offer price is the first price seller looks at terms are also important. Often someone else can make a bigger offer than you. In such case consider the seller favorable terms. These terms can be improved by using seller’s escrow’s agent, reducing inspection period, increasing the earnest money deposit, having a sooner closing date and limiting appraisals and contingencies.

Count on vacancies:

Until you have deep pockets, you want to avoid the gap created in the cash flow. The only way to avoid this is to consider the factor of actual cost of the property. For most of the landlords, all months in a year will produce an income.

Know your tax laws:

The knowledge of rights deduction, and taxes based on Pakistan tax laws. Since the Islamabad real estate project is devised by all future taxes so it can be one of the best investment in Islamabad in 2022

Make your money when you buy:

It’s easy to overpay for real estate especially in Pakistani markets where things are selling quickly. While keeping that property don’t count on appreciation as a way to make money. It’s risky

Learn about market cycle theory:

Investing in the right phase of cycle in the following 5 years will be a profitable investment. The one purchased during early stages of recovery phases will be significant In capital gains in addition to rent income. Capital smart city works on the same cycle of profitable investments.

Never demand for discounts:

While investing in such a profitable project, asking about a small amount of discount which is the commission of the dealers, will be granted by them initially however the right for the services is waived off due to their loss of income. Later at any stage during the process of taking the possession, ownership even during construction, they will not be able to provide any facility as they have some real jobs to do where they can be benefited as well.



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