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Best survey tools for research

The best survey tools for research can aid in data collection and organization. Whether you’re looking for feedback or want to learn more about their hobbies and interests. Data collection from a group of individuals can be an effective technique to learn more about a target demographic.

Surveys are beneficial in a variety of situations, including these tools are used by students for academic objectives, while corporations frequently utilize surveys to solicit client feedback.

Surveys allow you to connect with respondents and get vital information from them. The data can then be analyzed using tools like spreadsheets to gain deeper insights.

What is a survey tool for research?

A survey tool for research is a set of organized questions that consumers, prospects, or workers answer online. A survey tool is a piece of software that allows you to quickly produce and distribute hundreds of questionnaires.

The surveys provide information that can be used to determine what you’re doing well and where you need to improve. The majority of survey programs include survey templates and example questions. 

They make it simple to include surveys on your website or in emails. If you utilize the right software, gathering and maintaining customer information will be a breeze.

Why are survey tools important for your business?

Using tailored questionnaires and online surveys tools to learn more about what makes your customers tick, assess customer happiness, and gather feedback can help you better tailor your marketing efforts to fit the demands of your target market.

When you incorporate survey tools into your business processes, you can benefit even more advantages. 

Benefits of survey tools for research:

  • A large number of survey methods: 

Online survey software allows you to ask your target audience questions in a variety of ways. Select the approach that matches your needs.

  • Cost-effective large-scale surveys: 

As the size of your surveys grows, the money spent on sending them out and receiving, sorting, and evaluating the replies becomes more justifiable.

  • Easy to ask a large number of participants:

It’s simple to ask a large number of individuals the correct questions at the right time unless you run a tightly focused business that serves only a few consumers.

  • Online administration & feedback collection:

It’s no longer necessary to mail questionnaires and wait weeks for responses to gain insights; online survey software allows you to do it in real-time.

  • Less time consuming:

You can collect a lot of data quickly depending on the number of people you survey and the proportion of people who respond to your questions.

  • Data analysis: 

Is having a large amount of data the end of the surveying process? In reality, it leads to the most important element of the process: data analysis for actionable business insights.

  • You become familiar with your clients:

The most desirable outcome of using online survey software to conduct a survey is a better understanding of consumer wants so that you can better meet them.

Let’s get started selecting the best online survey tool of 2022 among the thousands of options available on the market. 

Let’s come to the main point…..

With these benefits, there are no. survey tools for research. Some of these are more beneficial for your business. Some of these are:- 

  • intelyForms:

Even though there are numerous free survey research tools, consumers will appreciate the capabilities of intelyForms. IntelyForms offers a feature that allows you to create forms accordingly. It’s no-cost research with an easy-to-use interface.

The intelyForms online application is HIPAA-compliant and eliminates the need for paper forms. intelyForms combines all of the data that is required to protect the documents.

The intelyForms are linked to healthcare data integration, making the procedure simple and efficient. As a result, it saves the patients both time and money. 

intelyForms is a godsend when it comes to healthcare data integration. It keeps the patients’ time and effort, helping the process goes more smoothly.

  • Qualtrics:

Qualtrics is an online survey and questionnaire software that goes beyond standard feedback surveys in various ways. The capacity to deploy surveys via apps, websites, email, SMS, chatbots, and other methods is easy with Qualtrics.

It has over 100 question kinds, a large number of ready-to-use online survey templates, and capabilities such as display survey logic, email triggers, and logic branching. 

Users can choose from over 30 different graph kinds and export results for real-time analytics and reports. Qualtrics is fantastic because it has advanced text and voice response analytics, a library of over 100 question types, and pre-built survey templates. 

  • Google forms:

Most businesses are looking for a simple form that will allow them to collect useful client feedback and make modifications that will attract more customers. A Google form is a great tool for organizations because it doesn’t require any special skills or experience to utilize.

It’s accessible for personal use for free, or as part of the g suite for commercial platforms. The responses are automatically kept in google sheets and can be exported to an excel file.

Unlimited surveys and respondents, automatic collection of survey responses & data in google spreadsheets, theme options, custom logos, images, or videos, etc. All are available with google forms. 

  • Typeform:

Technology has made everything easier in terms of making filling out and submitting forms and surveys engaging and fun for people.

Typeform is a survey software solution that has revolutionized traditional forms and surveys by incorporating interactive elements that encourage respondents to participate.

A drag-and-drop feature, customizable form design, different question kinds and photos, rating and opinion scales, user-friendly and interactive interface. A free API to link surveys and forms with other apps, and data export choices are just a few of the advantages of this tool.

  • Jotform:

Jotform is one of the most popular online survey tools, with a user-friendly interface. It has the ability to conduct data analysis on the responses and integrates with other software applications

These are excellent qualities to look for in an online survey platform. Lead generating, payment gateways, and feedback gathering are just a few of the types of online forms and surveys you may make with Jotform. 

However, the templates can only be customized to a certain extent. You might be better off using online survey software if you need advanced logic-based branching.

  • Surveymonkey:

Survey monkey offers an all-in-one questionnaire builder as well as metric analysis tools. It allows users with no coding experience to create complicated question sets and then process responses quickly. 

You can create a survey in minutes after registering for free. Surveymonkey is a popular survey tool that lets you share surveys with complete control over who may read and alter them. 

You can also have an asset library for on-brand surveys, free connections with popular collaborative tools, personalized logos, colors, survey URLs, etc.

  • Formstack:

Formstack is an excellent example of a survey product with a broad scope. The online form tool enables the construction of complicated surveys, as well as the data collection of their responses. 

However, It can be used for simple consumer feedback panels on websites and social networking platforms. By integrating it into other sales management tools, many firms utilize it to process leads and assess conversion rates. 

It integrates with mail chimp to allow for focused data collection and feedback from current client databases. It performs admirably as a survey tool; however, it lacks the templates that some competitors provide.


It’s difficult, but not impossible; to find an online survey tool that includes all of the above capabilities. is an example of such software. 

intely is a comprehensive array of capabilities that can suit practically every purpose linked to online surveys, despite the fact that it doesn’t just survey software. Sign up to find out for yourself.

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