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Best Movies to Watch with a Young Audience this Thanksgiving

Not all entertainment is suitable for family viewing. As most families are indoors these days, they might be looking for new movies, shows, and documentaries that can be watched with young vulnerable children.

You can always set the child-mode on your live streaming services. Young minds are impressionable of the explicit content of violence or immorality. The surprising fact is some of the children’s cartoons and shows also showcases violence and immorality.

Get the best DTH connection with kid-friendly channels. You can opt for kid-friendly packages like Maxi Kids on your Dish TV HD connection. You can also subscribe to family packages with channels that you want to watch on TV. To watch channels in HD get a DishNXT Dish TV HD set-top box.

Subscribe to the best movie channels on a Dish TV HD connection. You can also subscribe to Zeeplex to enjoy a theatre-like movie watching experience at the comfort of your home.

Enjoy watching shows in high-definition on HD TV channels. You can subscribe to Full-On HD which has all HD TV channels. Alternatively, you can choose which channels you want to watch in HD. Check out these family-friendly movies:

The Case for Christ

This movie is based on a novel written by Lee Strobel. It is inspired by a true story. An exhilarating journey of an atheist who becomes a believer of Christ, after completing a two-year intensive investigation to find the historical evidence of Jesus Christ. This is a great movie to recommend to anyone who is going through a crisis of faith.

God’s Not Dead

This movie is based on addressing the issue of science, philosophy, and new-age to discredit the existence of God. It involves an intense intellectual debate that will stir your soul between an atheist and a believer in God. The movie ends with a triumphant climax of believers in God. The success of this film led to the release of the sequel ‘God’s Not Dead 2’.

I’m Not Ashamed

This movie is a biographical drama was released in 2016 based on the journals of a student who was a victim of the Columbia High school massacre. This bold story of a high-school student who gets shot for professing her faith in God.

Do You Believe

This is a great movie to stirring up faith in the believers. It questions everything from religion to the reasons for believing in God. The movie revolves around the faith of a street preacher and a priest.

These faith-based movies are great to watch with your family. If you are planning a family movie night this Thanksgiving, Livestream these movies on your television.

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