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Best Living Room Wall art ideas


You must wonder why wall decor and art are so crucial and a significant element of home decor? If you’re exploring all sorts of wall arts, you’ve landed on the right article. The importance of wall decor is immense as a home full of all sorts of fancy things and bare walls. 

It sounds so incomplete. Apart from the visual appeal, the wall art gives a focal point, layering the right texture to the room. It gives life to the space with appropriate character and personality. The right wall decor becomes vital for a place like a living room; it reflects your personality. It’s a common shared space, and all your visitors land here. So, spruce up the wall decor with a fantastic range of wall arts. Let’s have a look!

Full Coverage Wall Decor With Wallpapers

The instant way to spruce up the room with wall decor is by presenting art in the form of wallpapers. They look natural, luxurious, are easy to install, and removable. The range is versatile, which is very affordable; you can also create an accent wall with the wallpaper. 

You can wallpaper a dominant wall with subtle hues having floral and natural prints. Also, you can fake brick or stone walls. The texture almost looks realistic. The wallpaper instantly upgrades the look of a place like a living room. 

The Evergreen Premium Canvas

When it comes to the range of wall arts, one can never leave the canvas behind. They are one of the best options for bringing the best vibes and character to your living space. The canvases are the most versatile, with all types of shapes, sizes, and styles. 

They bring texture and focal point to the room with their rich look. In addition, canvases are affordable, come with ready to hang sawtooth hangers, are durable, and are very lightweight. Therefore, there are no cons to opting for canvas.

Best Living Room Wall art ideas


You can hang a scenic view canvas on a large blank wall or above the sofa. Also, you can create a grid with several small framed canvases having portraits and quotes. Finally, you can hang two pieces on an elongated wall adjacent to the fireplace. You can mix and match experiments according to your choice. Ease your excitement, check out the living room wall arts available at ElephantStock, which will add glory to your room.

A Natural Green Wall for Plant Lovers

The natural plant wall is trending due to its calming look and benefits. Suppose you’re someone who adores greenery that brings the outside in with outstanding plant wall arts. 

You can create a backdrop with old cabinet doors or buy one. They hang pretty small potters on it. Also, you can hang galvanized pots directly to the wall. First, choose your backdrop and then make a pretty plant wall with all indoor plants. 

Pretty Range of Tapestry Wall art

Celebrate the artisans from all over the world with a cozy hand-woven tapestry. The options are numerous, as you can go for macrame, wool tapestry, rich rugs, and much more. The tapestry brings a boho and homely feeling to the living space. You can hang it just above the couch on the hallway wall. Unfortunately, the illustrations of different cultures and warmth are unactable. Instead, decorate it with warm string lights and plant hangings to create a balanced look. 

Introduce Patterns With Ceramic Collection

Best Living Room Wall art ideas


Suppose you possess a pretty collection of crockery, then don’t hide away in the income closet. Instead, hang cute plates with patterns on your living room wall. If you have a living room, it will look fabulous. It will set a fine line between dining and living space. So hang them in any style and experience the magic of patterns sprouting in your living space.

Attractive Lights

You can bring functionality and prettiness in one frame by hanging pretty wall lights. So, ditch the usual light and hang traditional wall sconces on the wall. You can mount them on either side of the door frame or any significant wall art. Instead, go for a candle holder or filament bulb wall sconces. The metallic finish and carvings look very vintage and give a rich retro vibe to your living room.

Metal Wall art

Best Living Room Wall art ideas


Metal wall art is gaining popularity because of its lustrous and delicate look. The wall arts use metal in all metallic hues to create floral or abstract wall arts. You can mount them on walls and hurray. You’re all set. The wall arts are easy to maintain and remain intact for years. The flowers in metal carving look stunning and upgrade the living room decor.

Decorative Shelves

You can also bring practicality and wall arts together with pretty shelving. You can go for shelves in the form of a ledge that has carvings. Try unique ships, suitcases, and stands with exciting illustrations. Place family frames and pretty plants on them. 

The triangle-shaped, mountain-shaped shelves also look impressive and display your interest. You can choose space according to your interests and invest in unique pieces. You can create a zigzag pattern of halves and place attractive pieces on it for a complete look.

Layer Mirrors

Imagine walking into a living room and shaving all sorts of fancy mirrors with pretty names on one corner. The mirrors with golden metallic frames or wooden frames look classic and rich. Pair it with a table and place candle stands and pants on it. The mirrors brighten up the dark places with their reflection. Also, it makes a small room look more extensive due to reflection. The mirrors look very shiny and add a cheerful tone to your living space.

Curate a mix and Match Gallery Wall

If you can settle for single wall decor, you can mix and match to create a gallery wall. Yes, it looks brilliant and desirable. For example, hang wooden walls, signs, canvas, personal photos, and DIY art with plants. The mix and match look very artistic. However, you must execute it in a balanced and intelligent way to bring the best out of it. It generally looks good on the living room entry or the staircase wall of the living room.

A Custom Personal Wall

Living space must have personal decor, and the photos are best for it. You can photo print the images with childhood memories with friends. Photo of festive meals, travels, and some random shorts, curate personal wall with canvas photo prints or photo hanging. They are a great conversation starter and give an idea of the home. Your living space must-have elements that make them look different than hotel rooms. So, add a spark with this cute gesture in the form of wall decor.

Let’s Wrap it

There are several ways to layer up the living room walls. The choices are so many, and you must add personality with outstanding wall arts. Staring at blank walls is a big no, and it affects your mood. So, spic euo the wall with tapestry, canvas, mirrors or plats to caret a welcoming and inviting look. 

Everyone will be amazed by your efforts, and wall spices turn out to be a great conversation starter. So, stop procrastinating and start with the good work now, see what suits your living room and give a quick revamp to your place.

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