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Best Keys to choose the right car for you

One of the questions that arise when you think about buying your first car or changing vehicles is “what cars do I buy?” .

There are those who doubt about buying a car, a new or second-hand one . Others do not decide on the type of fuel that interests them most.
In this post we are going to give some practical advice to decide which car is the best for you.

According to various studies, the purchase of a car is the second largest expense that a person makes throughout his life , behind the purchase of a house. In case of not buying a house, the car becomes the biggest expense that person would make. It is logical, therefore, that it is easy to choose the car that best suits our needs, even more so when manufacturers know very well how to play with tastes and yes, also with a person’s feelings.

How can they do something like that?

Easier than you might think: with the design, with the colors of the bodywork, with advertising and even with victories in competition. To give us an idea, Mercedes has sold many more cars since winning in Formula 1 with Lewis Hamilton. And it’s not a joke, not at all. There are even studies that claim that 60% or up to 75% of the time, users choose their car for its design . There are also studies that affirm that women are better buyers, as they use a more analytical and less passionate way than men when choosing their vehicle.

What is the best option to buy a car? We are going to give some simple tips, with which we will try to make choosing a car a little easier. We will not be able to avoid that the emotional part and the tastes of each one affect during the selection process, but at least, we will try that the car that you like so much meets the requirements that will make that purchase a success. Well, let’s not forget that a vehicle is not exactly a cheap product.


Don’t know how to choose the best car for you? Here we solve all your doubts.

Definitely buying a new car is one of the things that you cannot take lightly. In order to make the right decision, it is necessary to know what your needs, desires and characteristics are about what the car of your dreams would be like.

1. Do some research

First things first! Before purchasing a car, it is extremely important to carry out preliminary research on the different models, prices and agencies that exist in the market. You can use different channels such as the internet or even visit the dealership virtually or in person.

2. Budget

Who would not like to have a luxury car? We would love to choose the best car: the one that spends little, runs fast and is very safe.

However, when buying a new car it is important to have an approximate budget, as well as a list of prices and forms of payment offered by agencies. Based on your budget you can establish a price range and make a list with the models that suit it. Some of the most common forms of payment in Mexico are: credit, cash, car lease or self-financing.

Choosing the best car depends a lot on this step.

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3. Vehicle type 

Are you going to use your cars simply to be in the city, to go on a trip or to work? Is the Batmobile used to deliver food to homes? Or is a compact car going to serve you for family road trips?

Evaluate your lifestyle and think about which car model best suits your needs.

4. What fuel to use?

Gasoline or diesel? One of the most important expenses when owning a car is the type of fuel and the budget you plan to allocate on a monthly basis. How many kilometers do you run per day? Similarly, if you prefer a “pet friendly” option, you can opt for a hybrid or electric car.

5. New or used car to buy?

In the event that you prefer to acquire a pre-owned car, it is best to go to car agencies that are recognized to avoid fraud or theft. Another aspect to consider if you plan to buy a used car is how old the car is and the mileage to know how much wear and tear it could have.

Similarly, it is essential to review the documentation and the legal status of the car to verify that everything is in order. By the way, if you’re buying or selling your old car, you might want to read this article .

Don’t forget car insurance! 

When you’re already brand new car don’t forget to insure it. In addition to giving you greater security and peace of mind when you suffer a vehicle mishap, with auto insurance you protect your investment and those you love most.

At Guros we help you find the best insurance company with the coverage that best suits your needs. Compare prices in our quote and hire your insurance from the comfort of your laptop or cell phone  !

Choosing  car: decision making according to your needs

Considering the number of options available , it is normal to be afraid of making a bad decision. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is stop and think about what you really need.

The decision of which car to buy goes beyond the taste for a specific brand or model. You have to analyze if the car you think you need is really what you need. If you make a decision without thinking, you may fall short or go too far, and one way or another end up questioning the decision you made.

For example, a car to often travel with the family is not the same as one to go to and from work. Nor is driving on well-paved roads the same as doing it in the countryside.

Factors that should influence the purchase of a car

To get it right when you ask yourself how to choose a car, above all you have to take into account 4 essential factors :

  • The use you will give your new car.
  • What type of fuel is the one that best suits your needs.
  • What is the equipment that you consider essential to choose the car.
  • The budget you have when you go to the dealer.

What use am I going to give it?

If what you need is a car to get to and from work, one that does not have a large trunk will suffice, even a small car with 4 seats because you will not fill it.

On the other hand, if you have a large family and plan to do countless activities with them or plan to go on vacation in the car, it is obvious that you will need something bigger, such as a minivan to fit all the luggage and nobody stays on the ground. .

If you are looking for something for all uses, you will have to look for something in between, depending on the places you are going to occupy. A saloon or a sedan with a medium trunk may be what you need.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy outings in the countryside, what you want is a 4×4 . Or an SUV in case you are looking for similar sensations but do not drive on roads that are too rustic.

Cash For Car: What To Do If You Have a Junk Car

What is the type of fuel that suits my needs?

This is quite a complex issue in deciding which car to buy. And it is for several reasons, not only because there are more and more cars with alternative fuels such as electric or gas . The possible extinction of diesel engines or projects to electrify the mobile fleet in the medium term is also up in the air .
Taking this into account, we can say that:

  • If what you are looking for is power, gasoline is the one that has the best long-distance performance.
  • In case you want a big car, a diesel engine is suitable for now.
  • Hybrid cars are halfway between combustion and electric, so they are becoming an option if you drive both on the road and in the city.
  • To move only through the center or to circulate in short sections, an electric motor is the ecological alternative (and in some cities the only one).

Type of engine and essential equipment

Related to fuel is the type of engine, which depending on the size and weight of the car, where you drive and how loaded you carry it will have to be more or less powerful.

In addition, there are some essential elements depending on the type of driver you are , such as automatic transmission if you drive a lot in the city, parking sensor or connectivity with mobile devices. Not to mention safety systems such as lane change warning or emergency braking , which cannot be missing if you buy a new one,because it is already mandatory that they incorporate it, and which is interesting if you consider another option.

If you want a car that someone else can use when you don’t need it, the more advanced equipment and systems it has, the more time you have to donate or even sell it .

What is my budget?

The pocket is also decisive in the purchase of cars:

  • The second hand is usually the cheapest option . Being a used car and with a few kilometers (or quite a few), the price is reduced considerably.
  • Buying leasing cars is also an affordable option, because after leasing a car, you have the option of acquiring it with greater economic advantages.
  • Something similar are management cars. These are cars that have been used for a while and are offered at very good prices, almost always with low kilometers.
  • Zero kilometer cars are new cars, with less than 100 kilometers of running time. The good thing is that you save the registration tax and the dealers offer them at a very good price.
  • The new models are the most expensive, but you have the advantage that you can choose everything from the equipment to the color.

The perfect insurance choice for every driver

Once you have decided on the car you are going to buy, you have to think about the right insurance to be covered . In Plus Ultra you have all the possible insurance options, from an all-risk with or without excess , recommended if you want to have full coverage or if you have purchased a new , to basic third-party insurance, if the vehicle is already a few years old, for instance.

The option of having insurance tailored to you , with professional advice and a wide network of workshops, as is the case of the Autopresto network of workshops, is a perfect mix to feel well supported in the event of any unforeseen event with your car. Coverage such as assistance travel, legal defense or civil liability are included in our policies, and you can increase both coverage and capital depending on your car and the driving you are going to do.


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