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Kids and Teens

Best Baby Walker

The best walkers for your baby and the keys to get it right when buying it It is a device that not all parents incorporate for their children, but that many use for their little ones to take their first

There are many people who consider buying a baby walker and many doubts that arise before doing so. In this article we are going to explain the main advantages and disadvantages of these devices, the different models that exist and the recommended age to get one. There are all kinds of baby walkers, of different materials (wood, fabric) and shapes (car, Minnie): musical walker, with sounds, with different activities, with sets of building blocks, with silicone wheels, rotating , silent, with safety harness or buckle. A multitude of possibilities that we are going to show to help you make this decision.

The best, our choice :

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 and 74% of 5-star ratings, this walker stands out for its games that entertain children. Gala explains that “it is a good product, my girl is very entertaining. She has different sounds”, while Carolina assures that she “perfectly meets expectations. My baby is delighted and plays a lot”.andado

The walker has a tray with games and sounds, adjustable in 3 positions and 8 braking devices that block the movement before a step. The seat upholstery is washable and padded. It weighs 4 kilos and it is recommended that children who use it do not exceed one year of age.

Second option:

Its users, who give it 73% of 5 stars and an average mark of 4.7 out of 5, highlight the safety and comfort for the child. Juan explains that “the part of the seat is very well padded, both the back and the lower part. It has several height positions so it adjusts very well to every need. The materials seem strong. And the brake is fantastic, you can rest easy without the baby running around when I don’t want to. The truth is, I’m very happy. “ José, for his part, emphasizes that “I have been looking for different models and I decided on this one because I saw that the part of the wheels is wider and gives more stability to the baby against tipping over”.andador-para

Its main characteristic is that it has 6 universal wheels that rotate 360º so that the baby can move more flexibly and enjoy walking. The walker is equipped with a brake so that it cannot move if the adult has to be away for a moment. Plus, it contains 5 height adjustments to make you feel comfortable based on your growth. The cushion can be removed for washing and the walker is easy to fold.


This alternative stands out for its easy assembly and folding and for its different heights, as Rebeca explains: “Its quality-price is reasonable. The heights can be changed. It arrived perfect and fast. It folds to be stored and the fabric can be removed to wash “. Or for Tacata, who points out that it is “super comfortable and works very well. I have repeated the purchase for the grandparents’ house. He loves it. It is easy to assemble and folds and does .alternative

69% of users give it 5 stars and it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. This walker has three height settings and also has a robust frame, safety brakes, padded seat and non-slip rubber feet.

How to choose a baby walker and what to consider before buying one?

Several factors must be taken into account when choosing the best walker for our baby.

Security systems : It is important that they have a braking system so that before a step it can be used without any danger. There are also them with an anti-tip base. Others have a wheel lock system so it is used only as a play center.

Positions or heights: You have to see the different positions or heights they have so that they can be adjusted according to the size and needs of the baby.

Wheel :The wheels must be swivel so that the child can move in all directions. There are also non-slip wheels for surfaces that slip too much. With these, possible falls are avoided. The silicone wheels reduce noise and prevent the floor from being damaged.

Brand : The best option is to use well-known brands that guarantee that they comply with specific safety regulations to avoid risks.

Games, trays and different functions : Most bring accessories or play centers, music or shapes that attract the attention of children so that they can have fun and stimulate themselves, while parents can use the time for something else.

Structure and materials :That it is firm and stable and that the lines of the walker are rounded so that the child does not hurt himself if he trips. Also that the textile is padded to prevent blows.

Easy to store and clean : Due to its use, it is likely to get dirty easily. Therefore, it should be noted that it can be cleaned without complications. It is recommended that your seat be removable and washable.

What is a baby walker?

They are rigid circular structures with a seat inside which the baby is introduced and that allow the child who is not yet walking to move with little effort. Its use is recommended between 8 and 15 months and in moderation or sporadically.

How are they used and what is a baby walker for?

Walkers are intended to allow children to move around to speed up the beginning of walking. The child restrained with a harness is in the middle of the rigid structure with his feet on the ground. The wheels allow the child to move easily with little effort and in total freedom, strengthening his muscles to stand up and walk.

What are the best baby walkers on the market?

When it comes to children’s issues in which safety has to be present, it is best to bet on recognized brands in childcare and with guarantees in relation to value for money. Some of the most recommended are Innovations MS (walker basic plus), Chicco (walker first musical steps), Bright Starts (walker and activity center), Fisher Price (talking zebra first steps), Vetch Baby (walker walking 2 in 1) and Fiscal (walker and activity center). With this buying guide to get the best baby walker on the market, you are a little closer to getting the model that best suits your needs and those of your baby.

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