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Benefits Of Using Hand Sanitizers When Soap And Water Are Not Available

Cleanliness of hands is necessary these days. Washing your hands not only protects you from getting infected but also prevents you to spread germs to people around you. Washing your hands with soap and water decreases the spread of germs but there are situations when water and soap are not available. So, using alcohol-based hand sanitizer in such situations can help you alleviate the germs in your hands. The alcohol present in the hand sanitizer kills the germs as well as other viruses present on the skin. Using a hand sanitizer is a good way to secure yourself if you are pushed into the field as your work is absolutely required. So, here in this post, I am going to share a few benefits of using hand-sanitizers.

  1. Cleanliness: Hand sanitizers are designed to kill germs. They can kill the germs by 99.9% if used properly. Besides this, various studies have shown that people who use hand sanitizers are less likely to get stomach infections and also keeps kids safe, reducing the absences of students in school.
  2. Prevents you from getting infected: It’s easy for germs to spread in congested areas such as school, parks, office, market, etc. and having a sink in these areas is not possible but having a rack of hand sanitizer in these areas can help prevent everyone from being infected. Having access to hand-sanitizer to the entry and exists of these places is easy and affordable. This will let people clean their hands before they move to their work, thus preventing them from spreading the germs within and outside the region.
  3. Convenience: As we all know that water and a sink are not possible to be available everywhere. Using a hand sanitizer is convenient as you can carry them in your pockets, purse, car, etc. Also, it is recommended by CDC to keep your hands clean before and after eating, while preparing food, or when your hands are infected with bodily fluids.

When and how to use Hand sanitizer?

It is crucial to correctly use hand sanitizers to ensure that it does the job that it is supposed to do i.e. kill the germs before they spread.

  • It is recommended not to use hand sanitizers if your hands are greasy or dirty. Hand sanitizers are meant to kill the germs and not to clean the hands. Substances such as oil and soil prevent hand sanitizers from touching your skin.
  • It is important to use the right amount to kill the germs. You must pour enough to cover every part of your hands thoroughly.
  • Rub it until your hands get dry as this ensures that it comes into the touch on all surfaces.

Conclusion: Germs are everywhere and no matter what you do you get exposed to them. So, it is better to stop the germs that can make you sick. Whether it’s from the bathroom, a subway handrail, raw food, your computer keyboard, etc. our hands are a conduit for those germs to travel into our body from a surface. But thanks to the hand sanitizers, they have opened their doors into healthcare environments as they are fast, simple, and efficient when hand washing is not an option at the moment. And they’re great to use on your way out of places where you’d be picking up germs.

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