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Benefits of Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine Birthstone - The Fantastic Facts

Aquamarine Stone for Happiness and Wealth

Soft, sublime, and blue, aquamarines have a distinct look and color that makes them stand apart amongst all other gemstones. The lovely color of this stone reflects clear blue skies and the serene seas. The most admired quality of aquamarines is that they flatter most skin tones and eye color, the main reason behind their popularity with the ladies.

Aquamarines get their name from the Latin words ‘aqua’ meaning sea and ‘mare’ meaning water. These charming stones have forever been associated with water. Greek soldiers in ancient times wore aquamarine amulets to protect themselves from the rage of sea gods. Some legends also say that aquamarines were first discovered in the treasure trunk of mermaids.

The alluring aquamarines possess many qualities. Where on the one hand they cure insomnia, on the other hand, they are considered effective for eye problems mainly short-sightedness. It is said that Germans used aquamarine crystals as eyeglasses to prevent shortsightedness. Aquamarines are positive stones that bring in a feeling of cheerfulness. Besides, the soothing color of aquamarines is believed to bring about feelings of belief, harmony, and camaraderie. Anybody sporting an aquamarine is said to benefit with happiness and wealth.

The most fascinating feature of aquamarine lies in its color. A lovely shade of clear sky blue that the stone reflects is ultimately beautiful. The value and worth of aquamarines are also determined by the color of these stones. The color in an aquamarine range from light blue to sky blue and teal. While a deep shade of blue is preferred and coveted in aquamarines, personal preferences may lead one to bluish-green or greenish-blue varieties of the stone. A wise aquamarine buy would be to go for a stone that has a good cut in a lighter shade that will sparkle like a diamond minus the price tag.

Aquamarines have fewer inclusions as compared to other gemstones. These stones have good clarity with very few inclusions. While buying an aquamarine it is a good idea to opt for a stone with more carat weight which will enhance both the color as well as clarity of the stone. Aquamarines like most other gemstones are heat treated. Heat treatment being permanent in nature preserves the beauty of these stones.

Aquamarines were first discovered in Madagascar. The ‘Santa Maria’ varieties of this stone found mainly in Brazil have created a storm in the jewelry world for their sheer beauty. Other sources of aquamarines are Tanzania, Kenya, and Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Russia.

Whether aquamarine rings, aquamarine earrings, or aquamarine pendants, these stones stand out in every form of jewelry. Teamed with diamonds or alone, aquamarines make a mark due to their innate charm

Aquamarine Birthstone – The Fantastic Facts

Simply beautiful aquamarine gemstone has numerous interesting facts associated with it.

Name: The name itself is an interesting fact about this exotic gemstone. Coining two Latin words, ‘Aqua’ and ‘mare’ the word aquamarine is formed. This phrase in Latin means ‘Water of the sea’. Birthstone aquamarine simply resembles the deep ocean waters in color and transparency. Aquamarine birthstone is crystal clear and breathtakingly beautiful.

Color & Iron in It: The distinctive blue-green color of aquamarine gems are pleasing to the eyes and soothing to the soul. The trace amount of iron present in aquamarine crystalline structure is responsible for its teasing blue shades that range from pale blue of the sky to that of the sea. Aquamarine with a tint of green is not uncommon. In fact, naturally occurring pale yellow aquamarine gems are heat treated artificially to get those darker shades of blue and green.

Size: Aquamarine gemstones are available in a wide range of sizes. Generally, mineral collectors would prefer stones of relatively large size. For jewelry, the designers would prefer small gems that fit into jewels like pendants, rings, bangles, etc. Aquamarine gems come in sizes that are liked by both the collectors and the designers.

Hardness: Hardness is an important parameter of any gemstone. Aquamarine stones have a desirable hardness that ranges from 7 to 8 in the Mohs scale. This is a relatively good value compared to that of other popular gemstones. It means that the durability of aquamarine gems is very good and it can host a variety of cuts favored by modern jewel designers. Hardness of aquamarine, which is relatively fair, makes it suitable for designing ultra-modern jewels that are attractive and distinguishable.

Cousin of Emerald: Aquamarine stones belong to the same beryl family as that of the green emerald. Highly prized aquamarines are equally sparkling and sizzling like its cousin emerald. Aquamarine rough though primarily available in blue shades, sometimes comes as a bi-color stone with a tint of green of emerald.

Source: Aquamarine gemstone mines are the present world over. Popular countries that contain aquamarine mines are Brazil, Nigeria, Namibia, Pakistan, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, etc. The mining of aquamarine is a simple and harmless process that is clearly environmentally friendly.

Cut: Aquamarine stones are naturally available as hexagonally shaped crystals and they are naturally faceted ones. Their surface has flat facets of the crystal that reflect the light interestingly making the gemstones more beautiful. To make, particularly the darker stones, aquamarine gems can be cut into more attractive cabochons.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. It is the lucky gem of Pisceans. It is supposed to bring love, affection, care, friendship, long-lasting relationships, health, wealth, prosperity, positivity, good luck, etc to its wearers. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, honesty, and togetherness.

Brilliancy: One adorable quality of aquamarine birthstone is that it does not loose its brilliancy in artificial lights. Even at nights, aquamarine gems seem to gain brilliancy!

Aquamarine gemstones are truly a precious possession that adds power and prosperity to one`s life. The exotic aquamarine gems are surely an irresistible temptation to those who adore beauty and admire value.

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