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Benefites of eating Paleo recipes

Eating sustainably and based on natural eating habits works with recipes from the Paleo lifestyle. The basis for your power food is a lot of vegetables, high-quality meat and good fish, some fruit, a little nuts and the desire to cook. Paleo means eating without wheat, without milk and without sugar, but food packed with essential nutrients.

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Eating sustainably and based on natural eating habits works with recipes from the Paleo lifestyle

Paleo recipes show you a natural and efficient way to stay healthy, fit and slim. Paleo does not correspond to any diet concept, rather it is about lifestyle, the conscious handling of oneself and one’s environment. This also includes a close look at the choice of food. In principle, natural and unprocessed foods are used for the variety of the paleo diet. The aim is to buy meat, fruit and vegetables primarily from regional dealers or organic farmers. With animal products in particular, it is important to know that keeping and breeding are subject to the strictest organic standards.
Who are paleo recipes for?
Lose weight with Paleo
The focus is not primarily on losing weight with paleo recipes. However, consciously avoiding gluten, sugar and initially reducing starchy vegetables and fruit saves calories and excludes high carbohydrate consumption. In this way, fat burning is activated permanently and the metabolism is stimulated.

If the principles of the Paleo lifestyle such as adequate sleep, relaxation and rest are adhered to, the risk of stress decreases. This boosts the metabolism, brings the body into balance and supports weight loss.

Paleo for athletes
If you want to supplement your training plan with the right diet, you can expand the diet plan for fat loss with Paleo recipes. Energy intake is based on good fats, high-quality protein and sufficient fiber. In order not to lose performance, athletes can increase the proportion of starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin or plantains.

Paleo means a fundamental change in many eating habits. But renouncing some cherished daily sins is worthwhile – our paleo recipes offer numerous advantages.

3.000+ kostenlose Vegan und Gemüse-Bilder - Pixabay

1. Optimal nutrient supply

Protein, healthy fats and plenty of vegetables form the basis of every Paleo recipe. Proteins are essential for building essential muscle mass, strong bones and a functioning immune system. High quality organic meat and fish provide the body with all the important building blocks for a strong and healthy body. Healthy fats and an optimal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids provide support.

2. Promotes the maintenance of health

Heavily processed foods, sugar and low-quality fats lead to permanently increased insulin levels, calcification of the arteries and food intolerances. This increases the risk of developing diseases of civilization such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and auto-immune reactions. The development of these diseases can be reduced with the paleo diet.

Eating like the Stone Age people does not mean hunting, cooking over an open hearth or consuming the meat raw. The basic principle of Paleo combines the diets of the Stone Age people with today’s know-how of food selection to create creative and modern Paleo recipes. Sounds complicated, but it is not.

Basic principle of the Paleo recipes
Avoid grain products, legumes, and table sugar
Eat natural, pure & unprocessed foods: lots of vegetables, little fruit, good meat, fish & seafood and eggs
Avoid dairy products
Use high-quality vegetable oils and fats such as organic coconut oil, pure olive oil or avocado oil
Include nuts and seeds in your diet
Herbs & spices refine every Paleo recipe

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