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Beginners Guide to Buying a Women’s Crossfit Weighted Vest

If you are a gym enthusiast and usually prefer to go with intense workouts, then definitely women’s crossfit weighted vest is a must-have for you. Yes, you may call it an accessory that can take your training to another level. The main reason fitness experts and professionals recommend is that they exercise, but they also train themselves for the most hardcore workout regimen. Of course, everyone wants to make the most of their workout. 

Buying your first weighted vest can probably be an overwhelming task. If you are wondering why let us tell you that it is just because of the countless online and local marketplace options. Read on to know more! 

How To Choose A Suitable Women’s Weighted Workout Vest

Not all vests are identical. You’ll be carrying yours for functional workouts, CrossFit sessions, and maybe even running. You require a comfortable weighted vest that remains well and doesn’t rub. For instance, Unbroken Designs’ weighted vests come with a low metal plate on the exterior and rear. Velcro fastenings and padded straps are an added feature, so that vest doesn’t move much. So, you are all set to jump, run, climb, and even perform burpees in their exclusive and rigid vests! 

Features To Look For

  • Soft Padding: Should have shoulder straps for absolute comfort. 
  • Uniform weight distribution: Vest should have rigid flat plates to ensure that weight is distributed across the torso, with no pressure on your chest. 
  • Fasteners: Should have fastenings that hold securely at the exterior and are easy to get off. 
  • Load: The weights embedded in the women’s crossfit weighted vest should be practical and comfortable in nature. 
  • Scalable: Select a vest type that can hold more weight in the long run. 
  • Ease to Wear: Pick a women’s workout weighted vest that is easy to wear so you don’t lose time during a WOD routine. 

Best Exercises to Perform With A Weighted Vest

The bodyweight workouts:  Planks, burpees, press-ups, and inverted rows or ring rows. 

The lower body moves are step-ups, walking lunges, air squats, box jumps, jumping lunges, and squats. 

CrossFit workouts can be performed in a weighted vest for an added challenge. Bodyweight and crossfit routines are always done excellently when done with a crossfit vest. Standard moves like barbell work, pull-ups, and skipping are more challenging to do at times. However, Unbroken designs’ women’s fitness weighted vest lies flat and nimbly allows them to even perform sit ups and burpees in it. 

Here’s How to Put it On Like a Pro

1 Begin with the waist straps and hold the vest with the pocket at the beginning.

2 Set it over your top and settle it snugly on your collars.

3 Raise the frontal flap and carry the sidebands around your waistline. 

4 Secure the edges of the rear straps onto the Velcro stuff beneath the head flap. 

5 Press the flap underneath the side straps and utilize the strips on the flap to lock it.


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