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Beach Vacation During The COVID – How To Make It Memorable

Covid19 has drastically affected our travelling plans, and for children now, it is getting tough to stay in the house. They are excitedly waiting for the post-quarantine world so they can go out and play with their friends. However, not only children, adults now too are starting to lose their patience and keenly looking forward to the government lifting the lockdown completely. But have you considered those options where you can still go without being or being less exposed to the virus?

Well, to cut a long story short, beaches are one of them. Since you can’t travel because of the high chances of getting infected, you can still choose a countryside beach vacation with no to fewer chances of spreading the corona. But make sure to follow all the preventive measures because you cannot eliminate the risk but reduce the chances.

Make Sure Your Resort Is Properly Sanitized And Away From Public

When you go to the beach, you need a resort, and staying in an unfamiliar hut might increase the chances of catching the disease because you never know who came before you and if they left the place contaminated or clean. Therefore, it’s recommended to book the one you are already known to and if there’s none you know, then go for the Airbnb one.

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Getting a rented beach house that is clean, sanitized, and away from the public reduces the chances of getting infected, and you can enjoy the time without being anxious about the virus. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget it. No! Instead, you can spend a worry-free day and still use the basic precautions such as wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands.

Ways To Make The Trip It Memorable

Going beach this time won’t be as same as it always used to be. It will be a lot special from the pre-Covid times. So make sure to enjoy it the most and make it a memorable one.

These are a few suggestions that can help you make your trip memorable amid the covid pandemic.

1. Go Early And Witness The Sunrise

There’s no time better for the beach vacation than going early in the morning to gaze at the breathtaking sunrise peeking up over the water waves. Nothing beats that sun glancing over the horizon on the sea. It is one of those experiences you won’t ever forget.

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In these tough times, when we are hopeless, waiting for a miracle, this sunrise gives us hope that there is a dawn after every dusk. No matter how dark the tunnel is, you’ll always find a light in the hole.

Watching the sunrise is a powerful therapy in stressful times. It’s like a melody show that Mother Nature is offering you. Still, if you sleep, missing this power show, believe me, you’re missing an opportunity to see how the mother earth starts her day.

2. Carry Your Yoga Mat And Practice Mindful Meditation

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you’ll love practicing mindful yoga at the beach vacation. Notice your breathing patterns and connect to nature. Observe the chirping of the birds, eavesdrop on the water waves, and the peace you’ll get will be matchless.

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When you feel the breeze against your skin, the warmth of the sand under your feet, it works like a serenity pill that DE clutters your mind and helps you get rid of all the traumatic thoughts.

Though the experience will be the same as any typical trip, the sentiments will be different this time. It will be a usual practice, but in very unusual times, therefore, enjoy it the most. It will feel like untying a heavy burden that has been resting for a long.

3. Forget Worries And Live In The Moment

To make your trip worth a while, forget worries and live in the present. Many of us make a mistake to regret on past, worry for the future, and ignore the present in between.

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The best you can do at the beaches, especially in these unusual times, is living in the moment. All you should do is spend quality time with your family, play around the waves, listen to some pop music, and dance like no tomorrow.

Talk to nature, be grateful for whatever you have, and still amidst this pandemic, you are here safe and sound enjoying life, be thankful for that and stop thinking about your next move. Enjoy where you are and put behind the world where you just escaped from.

4. Take A Long Walk Around The Seashore And Play Fun Games

According to academic services UK, beachside walks are one of the best therapies for mental peace. If you and your family love taking a long walk at beaches, go for it! Even if you don’t like it, give it a go, and you’ll love it.

While walking, you can also stop by a less crowded place and play games like Frisbee, volleyball and other kid-friendly fun. If the beach vacation you are going to offers parasailing, go for it. It will turn out to be your most favorite and memorable adventure.

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But whatever you do, don’t forget to take some necessary precautions like take your Frisbee with you, don’t borrow from someone else because these Covid times don’t allow us to, and you should not violate the laws it has brought along.

5. Lunch At An Open-Air Restaurant

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Beaches, seafood, and barbecue, are the finest companions ever. You can take your food with you too but since you’ve come out after almost a year, opt for an open-air dine-in if the nearby restaurants offer. If it doesn’t, then get your favorite food takeaway and eat it outside of your beach resort, sit next to the shoreline, and experience a fine open-air dine-in.

6. Carry Your Favorite Book

If you are an avid reader, I know how you must be looking for different ways to carry your book along, be it public transport, a trip to a chiropractor, etc. When you are going to the beach vacation, taking your book is the best thing you can do for yourself.

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There are many activities you might be not interested in, such as kite flying. At such times rather than getting bored, it’s better to read a book you were planning to read for a long time.

Some fantastic books to read at the beach include,

  1. ‘That Summer’ By Jennifer Weiner
  2. ‘Take A Hint Dani Brown’ By Talia Hibbert
  3. ‘Malibu Rising’ By Taylor Jenkins Reid
  4. ‘The Unhoneymooner’ By Christina Lauren
  5. ‘It Had To Be You’ By Georgia Clark

7. Collect Seashells

Collect shells to make your trip memorable. Picking up the shells itself is a great activity that many people love.

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You can collect seashells and make different things out of them to keep them as a memory in your house. You can also take paints and markers along and create different crafts on them. One of the best ways you can use these shells are by making fridge magnets out of them, keep some for yourself, and distribute others among your friends.

8. Take Stylish Photographs

I don’t recommend using the cellphones on family trips, but you can spare a few minutes to take some stylish photography and save them as memorials of the day.

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Learn some refined angles, use them to take some classy photos, and frame them at your home. You can also get artistic with them and gift them to your friends.

9.                 Go For Jet Skiing

Last but not least, the most fun part of beach vacation trips is jet skiing. If you are a beginner, you might fear at first, but when you have the freedom and machine in your control, it’s the feeling you’ll never forget. Many have water anxieties and are aquaphobic; this is the perfect opportunity to overcome it and conquer their fears.

It is already recommended to visit a beach that is countryside, but still, you are not wholly corona-free, just at a lighter risk. So, don’t take off your masks because you never know where the germ might be resting. Take a break, visit the beach and live through new adventures. Also, don’t ignore sanitizing your hands frequently.

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Amanda Jerelyn is a Blogger at Crowd Writer, the most reliable platform I choose to do my essay. Amanda is a travel freak and is eagerly waiting for the lockdown to lift to continue travelling to her favorite places.

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