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Basics Of Cheat Engine

Hello everyone, I have prepared for you a article on the famous software ‘Cheat Engine’ to allow you to have a little more solid basis with this software. In this article, I will address the basics of Cheat Engine that will allow you to use it for any task not too complex.

We will discuss in the article the different possibilities offered by Cheat Engine, to allow you to face the majority of the scenarios which will arise to you. First, let’s see what Cheat Engine like code vein cheat engine can do and how it can be useful to us.

Cheat Engine is used in most cases to cheat in game by changing numeric values or other issues like how to show ping in fortnite. Like for example hit points or money in play.

But we will see that it is possible to go even further. It is an Open Source software which allows among other things to scan or modify values ​​stored in variables from your computer memory. to be more understandable, a little explanation is necessary. When you use your computer, your computer does the math.

It can do more or less depending on the power of the processor, but for example an ordinary 2GHz processor could go up to 2 billion cycles of calculations per second the calculations in progress are stored in the RAM of your computer. It’s a bit like a work plan.

This is the memory area that is in use. The other area is called storage memory as if you had a warehouse for example. These data are usually stored on your computer’s hard drive.

What interests us here is active memory. for example when you launch a software or a game, the latter will make calculations from values ​​stored in variables.

To give you an idea, a value is the content of a variable, like candy in a bag for example. We will therefore have fun modifying the content of variables with values ​​that suit us.

For example changing the number of candies in a bag or changing the type of candy in the bag. to give you another example, the hit points in a game are usually stored in a variable.

Our goal will therefore be to modify its content with a higher value, for example. Come on! Enough talking, let’s practice. And here we have a more concrete example, we will try to modify the value of hit points, here 92. 1st step – we select the target process.

Here is our game ‘Slay the Spire’. We will therefore select it and open it. We will therefore first try to find this variable where these famous life points are stored. to find this variable, we will check which game variables contain 92. So we have 92.

We can see here 4 bytes, it is the most used type of common value, and ‘Exact Value’ because we have a precise value here. so we will do a first scan which will display all the game values ​​here containing a value of type 4 bytes and which has 92 for content.

So here we see that we have 3269 results, so we will immediately do additional scans to filter all the variables in the table that no longer have the value 92. So here we see that the number of results stagnates so we will try to help a little Cheat Engine by modifying the hit points in play and then do a scan among our results.

So here we are going to lower the hit points, And thanks to that, filter the results much more effectively. So we see that we now have 84 life points so we will change our starting value and do a scan.

We’re lucky here we only have one variable left in the array we will select it then move it on the work plan. Final phase, we can now change the value by right clicking then ‘Change Record’ and then ‘Value’. Or simply by double-clicking in the ‘Value’ column.

Now, let’s modify the value, we will choose ‘1000’ for example. press OK and the results are immediate. So we see that in the software the variable has the value ‘1000’, and in the game too.

Here it is as simple as that, and achievable in the majority of the games. However, there are several important details to add. Here are some other important indications. The previous example is only applicable in solo games or on a server for which you are the host. Because the modified values ​​are always local.

It is possible to block a value of a variable by checking it in ‘active’ mode. At that time, neither it will increase nor it will decrease. It is possible to modify values ​​without knowing the initial value, like a loading bar for example.

We will see that in a next episode. You can also modify the function of a button, for example, to do something other than the default action.

On a final note, when you close Cheat Engine after use you will have to repeat all operations from the beginning each time you open your game. To avoid this, we will learn to find the static addresses of the variables, which will also allow us to create cheat modules.

We saw in this article that Cheat Engine was full of possibilities. In the next episode, we will learn more by doing the Cheat Engine tutorials together step by step to improve your mastery of the software.

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