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Basement Makeover: 7 Ways to Get Most of Your Renovations

In general, basements often earn a poor reputation. They are usually seen as an underutilized space, that may be a bit humid, dark and dirty. The reason why they are thought to be one of the most essential aspects when it comes to adding value to your home. When they are not renovated, they are known to be chilling and uninviting. They are not the place you would want to spend your day. A badly treated basement can simply send your possible buyers right out the door, rather than gushing to obtain an application and sign the sales paperwork. However, renovating your home is no easy task to accomplish. 

Basements are normally the most unbalanced part of the home because of the possible humidity and moisture and so any work finished on them must be achieved in the highest quality. You need to make sure to give your home a strong foundation, utilizing best quality waterproofing, lighting and flooring to enhance the purpose of your room. With that, here are tips that will help you transform your basement into a cosy place to relax. 

1. Pay Attention to Lighting 

One of the most challenging things you will encounter when it comes to renovating your basement is lighting. This depends on how underground your basement is because you may have no windows at all and even if you do, most likely they will be too little to let much if any natural lights into the room. As an outcome, you need to fit your choice of lighting to the utilization of the specific space. 

Commonly, the top choice is to place lights with a dimmer function, as this will allow you to adjust the atmosphere in the room. If you choose something different you can also install a ceiling with a light, as this will welcome better air circulation within the room which can help prevent a state smelling and feeling the air in deeper basements. After you have picked the overhead lighting within the room, you may consider purchasing and installing lamps. A great way to bring lights into your basement is to install floor lamps which can be ideal for adding that extra warmth that space needs to be as comfortable as possible.  

2. Have a Relaxing Hideout 

One of the most effective ways to have such a cosy basement is by transforming it into a den. Place a homey couch, comfortable armchairs, and a lot of blankets and pillows. But before you choose pillows, armchairs, or blankets, you must make sure first that your basement is completely renovated. You might want to ask help from a trusted home builder to do this.  

Just think of how unrelaxing and uncomfortable it is to sit in a room with exposed concrete and uninsulated walls. So once you are finished renovating and insulating your basement, you may even install a fireplace, where you and your loved ones can all meet around the fire on a cold winter’s night. Meanwhile, if you want a more modern comfort, you can add electronics as well, that way you and your loved ones can enjoy a relaxing time together in the evening and continue watching your favourite shows or movies. 

3. Place a Bar or Kitchenette 

Installing a small kitchen or kitchenette is another great way to enhance your basement living space. The comfort of having a fridge close by and a place to warm your food will urge you to use your basement more frequently. If you are thinking after some time of turning your basement into an in-law suite, then owning this feature will create a world of difference as well. If your basement has a wet bar or kitchenette then you can easily prepare meals in your own space without having to go upstairs.  

4. Waterproof the Walls 

It’s essential not to cut any corners when it’s about waterproofing your basement. Apply the most excellent waterproofing materials and ensure that you fill all pores in the concrete or masonry to avoid any possible water leakage. Make sure that any coatings are applied directly to the wall itself. Be aware that when you’re applying the product, don’t spread it too thin. Rather, make sure that you fill each hole as much as possible to provide your walls with a strong waterproof coat. If you want to achieve the best results, put a second coat once the first has dried. 

Doing this will help you eliminate any moist feeling or odour in the room, making it feel more homey and comfy. However, if you think you have properly waterproofed the basement but still find that space is more humid than you would like it to be, we recommend that you get a dehumidifier to help remedy the problem.  

5. Install Heated Flooring 

We know that almost everyone hates the cold feeling on their feet when walking around the home! Having heated flooring is the ideal way to make your basement feel as welcoming as possible while making sure that it’s a place where you can run away and relax. There are two leading types of heating on this matter, in-floor heating that can at most be installed in basements with uncompleted concrete flooring, and electric radiant heating which is the more relevant option for a basement renovation in a modern or newer home. Either of these two come with a vast range of benefits.

Basically, the first utilize the water in the pipes beneath your floor to create heat while the latter uses electricity. It’s better to consult first to determine which one is best for you as this will actually allow you to get the very most out of your basement. 

6. Build a Hobby Area 

If you love doing a specific hobby, including painting, writing, or any hobby, you may want to consider using your basement renovation to create a space for you to finish your hobby. This would be amazing if you have two or more rooms in your basement, as you can generate a common living area as well as your very own workshop. This will not only increase the significant value of your home, but it can also give you your own workshop for you to work on your hobbies and get away from the world.  

7. Put a Bathroom

Well, if you can place a bathroom in your basement, then why not? It’s a great way to renovate and modernize this part of your home. Your bathroom doesn’t need to be an entire 4 piece bathroom with a tub, shower, sink and toilet either. As an alternative, you may bring a smaller powder room with just a toilet and sink. This is a great idea if you don’t have plans on inviting anyone to live in your space that necessitates the use of the kitchenette and an in-law suite. 

Moreover, if you have plans on creating an in-law suite, then you might like to consider placing an extra 3 piece bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. In this way, your in-laws won’t have to use your bathroom every time they want to take a shower. Doing this just makes everyone’s life a little easier. 

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of Sydney’s well-renowned home builders who offer custom-designed homes that blend elegance, space, and functionality to create a perfect match for families, suburbs, lands, and lifestyles. She is also a content crafter who researches and writes custom content about travel, fashion, finance, business, home improvements, health, and beauty in order to provide helpful information and tips for her readers. Ivandrea graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016. 

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