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Baby Diapers price in Pakistan

Baby diapers

In the earlier ages, people could not have thought of the world as it is today. Things and people have evolved over time. 14 billion years ago when the earth is believed to have come into existence. A lot has changed since then. There was a stone age, a Bronze age, a silver age and now it is the digital age. Things have taken a much better shape. Neanderthals became extinct around 40,000 years ago due to natural catastrophes or failure or inability to adapt to climate change.  Neanderthals are our closest ancient human relatives and they were hunter gatherers. Whereas, homo sapiens(humans) spent a settled life, producing food through agriculture and raising cattle. This little peak into the history of the world shows that the existence of evolution of people and things, exceeds our knowledge. Scientific evidence shows that humans evolved over the period of six million years. With the evolution of mankind other things also evolved. The concept of electricity was implemented by Michael Faraday in 1821. The first telephone was invented in the 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. Judging by these facts, one can understand that the digital era has only progressed from the last two centuries.

One can easily track these inventions back in the time because they were documented. But going back hundreds of thousands of years ago one cannot be sure of the evolution time line. The modern age has a lot of ease and we are blessed to have such comfort and ease in our daily chores. Back in the day preparing a simple meal was a tiring task. Women had to go through the forests and bring wood in order to light the fire and men had to hunt all day to gather food to suffice their families. Olden times were very hard as compared to the modern era. Our ancestors had to perform immense labor for the tasks that come so easily to us. The internet or the digital age started from the 1950’s onward. That was when things took a drastic turn and automation was introduced. The era when man was replaced by machines, machines performed far more efficiently than a man could ever perform. A lot of labor was saved and the automation trend progressed. Now in the 2000’s it is the era of artificial intelligence. Seeing these progressions, one does wonder about menial things.

As human beings we adapted according to the changes that took place with time. We changed our clothing, our food, our lifestyles and so have our ways. The quality of being adaptive to the current situation is what makes us the successors in the human evolution tree. We moved from home cooked foods to processed foods and from natural and organic products to packaged goods, we changed our ill fitted clothes to good fitting clothes with appropriate materials for every climate. Due to these significant changes a lot of other things changed. Our ways of infant raising have also progressed. In the earlier times people or mothers used the technique of swaddling. It was unhygienic and often caused diseases which were fatal for the child. Swaddling was a technique that involved wrapping baby’s both limbs in rectangular cloth pieces and then covering them with a plastic covering. When the baby would produce waste, it would remain there for at least three days. Mothers would change their babies after days and let them sit in their own waste. This method was highly unhygienic for the babies and would cause them skin diseases. This method was later replaced by cloth diapers. Cloth diapers were diapers made up of a piece of cloth and changed as often as the baby needed, but these cloth diapers were boiled and washed in home. These cloth diapers were collected in a bin and then washed later which would create unpleasant smell in the house. In the case of cloth diapers, you need to wash the cloth regularly and must do it while the stain is still fresh.

  • It is less absorbent than disposable diaper
  • They are inconvenient while travelling
  • They require lots of washing
  • It is less sanitary when you fail to dispose the baby’s waste properly and fail to wash the cloth

These diapers were also very unhygienic due un proper sanitation and no sterilization of the cloth. These diapers would also often cause rashes and skin diseases. This method was inconvenient and time taking for mothers who used to perform every household chore from their own two hands. Later, came the disposable baby diapers. This was a true invention in terms of ease and comfort. But only the elitist could afford the early design of these diaper since they were expensive and a common man with minimum wage could not afford them. Then the materials were changed so that everyone can benefit from this new invention. The new baby diapers which are even used today are far better in terms of materials and comfort and ease. The modern-day diapers are:

  • Highly absorbent
  • Safe for the baby’s skin
  • Hygienic
  • Soft and clean
  • Dermatologically tested


Hapi napi is a proud manufacturer of baby products which are safe and dermatologically tested for your baby’s well-being. All of these products aid in the physical and personal growth of your baby. Sleep plays a very important role in a baby’s health, when a baby is dry and completes his/her sleep he/she can learn more and be more active during the day.  Hapi napi does not compromise on the quality so it is one the most prestigious brands of baby products in Pakistan. You can easily order and compare these baby diapers price in Pakistan, online from the comfort of your own home. Hapi napi has also introduced the option of wholesale purchasing. You can buy baby diapers in wholesale from our official website or from the local vendors. Keep your baby dry and happy from hapi napi’s vast range of products. Enjoy more absorptions for less price!





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