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Axis Cube Vs Ghost Cube ! Which One To Buy

As a cube lover, don’t you feel that the cubes around us keep evolving so rapidly? If you look at it, you have the timeless classic Rubik’s Cube 3×3. Then you have the shape mods, mirror cubes, pyraminx, clock puzzles and the list is endless. The most thrilling part about being an enthusiastic cuber is this ever so dynamic world of cubes. They keep evolving at every step. today , you are using a stickerless cube, maybe the next day you see a very enhanced magnetic cube with exciting lights. Well, one can hope!

Two of these very exciting ranges are the axis cube and the ghost cube 3×3!

Prima facie what they seem to have in common is the curious attribute to their names! Definitely, boht, the axis cube and the ghost cube, are intriguing, in respect of the shape and mechanism. At first look, they seem complex, but over careful study of the cube you will realise they are a resemblance of the classic 3×3 Rubik’s Cube.

Let us explore these cubes and understand the right fit to toggle with.

The ghost cube, in its first look, seems like it’s an ordinary six-sided cube, however, in a few turns and twists, you will realise it has more to it. The nagle and the asymmetrical shape of the pieces intrigue you more. If you know how to solve the 3×3 Rubik’s cube, you will not have difficulty solving this one! Ghost Cubes are, in the most rudimentary manner, puzzle which modifies itself. This is one of the unique cubes which increase the difficulty exponentially. However, the solve is not achieved when the colours match. On the contrary they are achieved when the cube retains its shape as the cube. It is one of the most daunting puzzles out there.

The Axis Cube is a 3×3 mod which has an uncanny resemblance to the ghost cube.This puzzle has a similar mechanism like a Rubik’s 3x3x3 Cube, where looking at each face there are three layers that can turn. 

The moves turn it into an asymmetrical object. The successive turns makes it go absolutely crazy! It totally gets out of hand! The shape is unidentifiable. A combination of three steps, rotate the back layer clockwise, then rotate the frontmost layer clockwise and lastly, rotate the right most layer of the lower level!

The solution is the same as that of a Mastermorphix. Any 3×3 method will work. It seems like a super difficult cube to be solved, but if you know the basics, then you will be alright.

There’s truly no correlation to the solves, they can look similarly, but that really is the only correlation between them, for solving purposes. you have no visual pattern at all for which pieces belong where. In its unscrambled state, you have to place the pieces in such a manner that don’t actually seem solved. The shapes are so confusing, that it is difficult to see here what shaped piece needs to go into a particular position, and trial and error is the only way to figure out – trying every piece in that spot.

The Axis Cube is a twisty riddle in cube shape. Due to its asymmetrical pieces, the mixed axis will not tend to form a cube.If you notice it closely, it will be clear that the axis cube resembles the 3×3 cube to a great extent. Look at the images if you don’t understand.

The axis cube is in different colours and regular shapes. You may move it around the  centre when it is cube shaped. However, on the ghost cube, each and every piece has a different shape and the same colour. 

The ghost cube can only be rotated at one centre when it is a cube. To turn the other sides you have to align it – out of its cube shape.The ghost cube is basically an axis cube with misaligned layers in the solved state, leading to all the unique piece sizes. Also, you can’t just use the beginner method and match the f2l, as the pieces will not align in the solved state.

While looking for which cube to buy, all you have know is what your preference is! The kind of cubes, their working and styles are in front of you. If you are confused, why not give them both a try and find out your choice of go-to cube puzzle!

It is quite tougher to solve than an axis cube but the axis cube is not that big a challenge! So make your choices wisely! 

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