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Are HR certifications important?

HR certifications important

Certifications can increase earning potential and boost career growth. The same goes for HR certifications. The competition among HR professionals is fierce and employers are increasingly reliant on certifications to assess HR skills before hiring them. It’s not surprising that HR certifications are becoming imperative to excel in an HR career. If you’re eyeing that next hike, certifications will accelerate your pace towards that too. This isn’t just empty talks that often surround certifications. Industry reports vouch for the significance of certifications in the HR industry.

According to PayScale, employees with SPHR earn nearly 93 % more money. Similarly, the likelihood of promotion for certified HR professionals is 15% more than non-certified HR professionals. Not to mention, certification serves us in several other ways.

1. Increase knowledge base
2. Keep job
3. Develop a strong professional relationship

Not to mention, a certification is a validation of employee skills by a recognized organization. Therefore, in a global hiring scenario, certifications are more helpful in increasing job opportunities for yourself. Additionally, HR management training courses have proven equally beneficial.

Prominent HR certifications
Several global certifications are available for HR professionals of all levels. The following are prominent certifications in the industry.

  1. Professional in Human Resources: This certification is offered by the HR Certification Institute. It’s a leading non-profit international body and pioneer in certifications. PHR is meant for HR professionals who aspire to start their HR career or have little experience and are looking to boost their growth in the field of HR. PHR is a validation of your breadth of knowledge in employee and labor relations, total rewards, and business management.
  2. Talent Management Practitioner (TMP): This certification is meant for aspirants who are looking to start their career in talent management, fresh out of college or little experience. Lately, there has been a tremendous demand for talent management practitioners who are well-versed with talent management practices and help organizations achieve their talent-related goals – acquisition, learning & development, and retention. This certification is offered by the Talent Management Institute, a pioneer in talent management certifications.

    For senior-level roles, the institute offers STMP (Senior Talent Management Practitioner) and (Global Talent Management Leader), which are geared toward professionals looking to take leadership roles and global leadership roles, respectively.

  3. Certified Professional (CP) – This certification is offered by the Society for Human Resources Management. A pioneer institution in HR certification and management. Certified Professional is meant for mid-level HR professionals who develop and implement HR policies for their organizations and looking to get an industry validation of their skills and broaden their skillset at the same time.

    The institution also offers Senior Certified Professional (SCP): This certification is meant for HR leaders who want to validate their expertise and skills, and further grow in their career. Taking this certification requires at least 3 years of experience in organizational development, employee performance analysis, and more.

  4. Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) – Learning and development is a part function of the human resources department. It has been a crucial strategic function for organizations to improve workforce productivity and retain employees. This certification is meant for HR professionals working in learning and development programs. The certification equips professionals with devising and delivering L& D programs.
  5. Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) – This certification is offered by World at Wok, a leading certification in areas of compensation and benefits. CCP is meant for HR professionals who are looking to grow in the area of compensation and total rewards. Compensation and benefits managers can derive immense value from this certification.

HR certifications are valuable. They serve as industry validation for proven skills in HR and expertise in specific HR functions.

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