Apply These 9 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Driving Skills in Lahore

Do you drive in Lahore and want to become a better driver? If so, there are nine secret techniques that driving instructors use that you can use as well to be one of the best drivers around. In this article, we will outline what they are and how they can help you improve your driving skills in Lahore. Here’s how to apply them to your daily routine behind the wheel…


1) Try to Avoid Distractions

Driving can be very dangerous; distractions cost thousands of lives each year. There are ways to improve your driving skills, however. An experienced driving instructor like Kris Egozi can help you develop your technique and avoid dangerous situations before they happen. Even if you’ve had a lifetime of practice behind a wheel, drive yourself as though you don’t know how to drive at all when you’re working with an instructor. Try out these tips—especially avoiding distractions while driving—to become an even better driver .

A good driving instructor will not only teach you how to drive but also encourage safe driving habits that will last for years. It’s important to understand that becoming a great driver takes time, effort, and patience. If you find yourself struggling with certain aspects of driving or want to brush up on your general knowledge, consider signing up for lessons from an experienced driving school such as Platinum Driving School . With more than 30 years of experience providing high-quality training in diverse areas such as defensive driving techniques , parking , and passing exams , Platinum Driving School is one of Canada’s premier sources for safe drivers.


2) Practice Good Positioning

In lane driving, it’s always important to keep your car between two other cars. This is called positioning, and it keeps you out of trouble by making sure there’s room for you to swerve if necessary. Avoid excess brake-bumping: You want enough of a gap between you and other vehicles that, if necessary, your vehicle won’t bump up against another car when you apply your brakes. Never use high beams while driving at night: High beams will reflect off oncoming traffic and blind them, meaning they can’t see anything coming—including motorcycles!


3) Consider Weather Conditions

If you’re going to be driving in winter weather, make sure your car has all-season or winter tires. If you’re driving on a wet road, ease up on your speed and reduce your wind resistance with tire pressure changes. Make sure your windshield wipers are working properly and pay attention to roads that flood easily, as you could get stranded. Also, don’t drive too fast; slow down as necessary if it looks like it might rain. The last thing you want is to hydroplane—it’s hard to control a vehicle when it’s water skiing!


4) Understand Road Signs

When you’re on a drive, road signs (or lack thereof) can appear seemingly out of nowhere. Being able to quickly and accurately decipher these signs can help keep your eyes on what’s ahead. The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 require all traffic signs to be rectangular with rounded corners. In addition, no lettering may be less than 10 cm tall or more than 40 cm tall. One way to practice quickly reading road signs is to pull over when it’s safe and familiarize yourself with each road sign within 100 metres of your vehicle—you don’t want a speed limit change coming up while you’re driving at high speeds!


5) Familiarize Yourself with Traffic Laws and Rules

If you’re new to driving in lahore or if you haven’t practiced for a while, take some time to get familiar with traffic laws and local rules of your city. For example, is it legal to use a cell phone while driving? In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is it mandatory for car occupants to wear seatbelts? Does your city require a certain type of vehicle insurance? If you don’t know these things, prepare yourself before taking your car out on public roads. Otherwise, you could face huge fines or other penalties that make following these rules even more inconvenient.


6) Don’t Use Mobile Phones While Driving

There’s no doubt that mobile phones have made our lives easier by making it possible to stay connected at all times, but there is also no question that they can pose a serious threat while you are behind the wheel. If you want to improve your driving skills and help keep yourself, your passengers and other motorists safe on North and West motorways, keep your mobile phone off (or on silent) and out of reach while you’re driving. If an important call or message arrives while you’re driving, pull over to respond so you don’t endanger anyone. Use Maps: One of the easiest ways to improve your ability as a driver is to familiarize yourself with maps of Lahore so that navigation comes easily during rush hour or inclement weather.


7) Keep Calm at All Times

It sounds simple, but it’s something that many drivers forget to do. Whether you’re just starting out or have been behind a wheel for years, try your best to keep calm at all times. The more you stay relaxed, stress-free and collected while driving, the better you’ll react in emergency situations. Keeping calm is also good advice when dealing with other drivers on or off of a racetrack. If someone cuts you off or swerves into your lane, take a deep breath and let them go ahead; if they need to get somewhere faster than you do, then let them. Don’t engage in road rage because it can lead to vehicular homicide—and an insurance hike that would make any driver cringe.


8) Always Obey Road Signs, even if they go against common knowledge

Road signs exist for a reason, and sometimes you might think they make no sense. For example, why is there a stop sign at every corner? Why do we have to stop if there’s no one coming? Don’t you know how to drive?! Well, as it turns out, stopping every once in a while prevents accidents. Letting go of your ego can prevent bad things from happening. Obeying road signs is just one example—but it shows how important it is to try new techniques. In fact, some of those techniques may even be life-saving. Always obey road signs! That’s where I’m going with this…


9) In case of an accident, stay calm until the situation has been resolved

It’s important to take a deep breath and relax when you realize you’ve made a mistake on a road. You don’t want to panic and put yourself or other drivers at risk of an accident. Instead, focus on driving safely. Avoid sudden movements, such as braking harshly or taking sharp turns. Also, pull off to side of road if necessary until you can get your emotions under control and drive safely again.

Start teaching as a part-time job

Most instructors work at accredited institutions, and these usually require instructors to have experience before they allow them to instruct. In order to get into an accredited driving school, you need some kind of experience behind you. Begin by talking with instructors at your local schools and asking them what their requirements are for teaching positions. Most will ask that you have some professional training and perhaps even some practical experience. What’s important is that you get access to professional resources if you want to advance your career. As an instructor and start making money doing what you love. The more qualifications and certifications on your resume, the better off you’ll be when looking for a job.


Become an instructor at an accredited institution

You’ll need an accredited license, an accredited degree and some experience. If you don’t already have those three things. You can either do some research online or stop by your local Department of Motor Vehicles branch and ask what they require. Driving instruction is regulated at a state level, so each one has slightly different requirements. As long as your credentials meet them (or are easily attainable), you should be fine. Many states even offer certification courses that make getting started much easier. For example, California residents who aren’t currently licensed or certified. As driving instructors can complete an eight-hour course that satisfies both their education requirements and allows them to apply for certification later on.


So You Want to Become a Driving Instructor in Lahore?

A lot of people want to be driving instructors, but not everyone is cut out for it. If you’ve ever wondered what being an instructor entails, read on… Driving instructors are required to have their own vehicles. As they will be using their cars and their driving skills as a way to teach new drivers how to drive safely. They must also have clean driving records and have been licensed drivers themselves for at least two years. Being able to be a communicate well with others is essential as well. After all, driving instructors will spend most of their time teaching new drivers how to drive safely and effectively.

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