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Apparent Time For Hardie Board Suppliers Calgary!

The lifestyle in Calgary is great, but we’re all aware of the radically changing weather in Calgary and the changes that could cause massive problems in the renovation goals we have set for ourselves. There are times when we encounter clients who would like to put off their renovations because of concerns about winter, but they are not justified when the case of Hardie Siding in calgary.

Does James Hardie Calgary weather safe?

The James Hardie Board line of products is created to be exceptional in any weather. They have developed two distinct products that cater to certain temperature regions. The HZ5 is specifically designed for cold winter days, freezing temperatures as well as snow and ice, and also seasonal variations in temperature. This makes it perfect for our mood swings in the weather within Calgary. Hardie’s Hardie range of products is able to be used at any time, and in temperatures well below freezing and up to -30 ° Celsius.

Installing Hardie Siding in Calgary

If installed properly, The product is extremely robust, beautiful, and requires little maintenance. There are some points to keep an eye on while installing the product because Hardie is made of fiber cement. The rate of expansion isn’t as dramatic as metal products or vinyl which means your contractor is not required to leave enough space between the panels to allow the product to expand during the summer months.

Hardie requires a clearance of 6-inches from the ground and a 2-inch clearance when it is placed on roof decks, paths, decks as well as driveways, steps, or any other solid surface regardless of the weather which means flashing will have to be put in place underneath. Flashing can also be used during winter, however, it isn’t always easy. At Tymbridge we create custom-designed flashing for all of our flashing throughout the year so that we can ensure that every time we install it, it is a perfect fit.

Suggestion to apply Hardie siding

Another thing to consider when working with James Hardie products is the proper handling of the material prior to their installation. Hardie Board is incredibly resilient but it should be kept away from the ground. it is recommended to keep it out from moisture and elements prior to installation to avoid any staining or warping. Hardie Siding in Calgary must be laid out on a pallet, over the snow and the ground, and must be protected.

Accidents do happen! There is no way to ensure that your contractor can be perfect and there will be some problems to be solved during the installation. If, for example, the material gets wet, don’t worry! And, the product is laid out to dry on a flat surface, it won’t shrink! If the product gets damaged or scraps from the installation process James Hardie Calgary has an array of color-matched touch-up items that you or your contractor can use to repair any minor imperfections.

What is the safety aspect of James Hardie product installs?

There are some non-negotiable in the case of Hardie Siding in Calgary. Hardie foremost the respect and compliance to OSHA guidelines for work. James Hardie products are Silica made. And, what this means is that whenever it is cut down to size. It releases silica dust that is harmful to the health of the lungs of any person who breathes it. This is an extremely vital aspect to consider, meaning that the product has to be stored in a ventilated environment, and with appropriate safety tools and equipment. At Tymbridge we adhere to all safety rules and go over and beyond to ensure that we are secure.

There are times when our employees may be wearing protective gear, like masks or Google’s, and even complete body protection suits. Don’t be concerned! It is unlikely that you will be harmed by the dust unless you breathe it in continuously as our workers are in danger. It is however recommended to give the team plenty of room and be careful not to disturb them during the cutting of the product.

OSHA rules also call for appropriate and well-maintained equipment to be used, the materials are to be handled by two people based on weight, and your contractor receiving First Aid training and always carrying an active first aid kit available on site. At Tymbridge our employees are equipped with at least one First Aid certified person and an emergency kit.

Guidelines about Hardie Siding in Calgary

As a manufacturer, James Hardie requires their certified installers to follow strict guidelines. These strict guidelines are about how the products are stored, handled, prepared, and installed at home. This is for a reason, including the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements for safety. These requirements make sure that your siding will meet the warranty standards that James Hardie provides on its products. It’s not worth at all that James Hardie siding costs more simply because it outperforms the competition so extraordinarily well. Its 30-year limited transferable warranty will essentially last you forever, through all types of damages you can imagine.

Hardie Board remains the number one siding in Calgary and continues to be the top-notch fiber cement siding. Fiber cement is a composite material of cellulose wood fibers, sand, and water which make it eco-friendly. Hardie Board Suppliers Calgary is very famous now. This Board Calgary is also designed for climate, which makes it versatile fiber cement for any region of the country.

Hardie Plank siding is a unique blend of cellulose fibers and cement-based materials. It comes in long horizontal strips. Hardie Plank, along with other major brands of quality fiber-cement siding, is usually more costly than vinyl siding.

Maintenance of Hardie

One of the most appealing features of Hardie Board is its minimal maintenance requirements. Hardie can be left to its own devices until it’s damaged. But, it is prone to getting dirty just like any siding be, and in this case, it is possible to clean it. Hardie siding can withstand soap, moderate pressure water, and scrubbed. However, the Hardie siding is not made to take high-pressure water or sanding. This can cause damage to the finishing.

Hardie siding may require finishing adjustments or touch-ups down the line. It is possible to paint it, however, it is recommended that you choose James Hardie products to accomplish this. James Hardie provides a variety of colors to modify the appearance of your siding according to your preference.

Hardie products are made to last a lifetime therefore, they do not have to be replaced absent physical damage. They’re rated with a lifespan. A lifespan of up to 60 years while Hardie’s HZ5 line is specially made specifically for Calgary similar weather conditions. Although the product isn’t hail-proof, it will endure the majority of hailstorms and is considered to be hail-resistant.

So…Can I get a winter installation for Hardie Siding in Calgary?

Absolutely! James Hardie siding is able to be used in the winter months, and only a few modifications are required. James Hardie HZ5 is specifically designed to stand up to extreme changes in weather. And, can be used in temperatures up to -30 degrees. If safety precautions are adhered to, and the material is treated in a safe manner. Because both prior to and after installation the product will last for a lifetime. Now what? Click the link & get it now!

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