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All You Need To Know About The Differences Between AWD & 4WD

All-Wheel Drives (AWD) and 4-Wheel Drives (4WD) are certain types of vehicles that are designed for driving in harsh conditions. However, both of these terms are thrown around interchangeably, which might cause confusion between some people. 

Therefore, to help you understand the differences between these two vehicle types, we are listing some vital information that you should definitely read.

What Is The Difference Between 4WD Or AWD?

One of the main differences between AWD and 4WD vehicles is the way they distribute power in-between the wheels. It should be realised that a 4WD generally amounts of equal power being provided to all of its wheels, while AWD offers varying power in each of its wheels. 

  • 4-Wheel Drive

A 4WD works by transferring the power from the engine to the transfer case. The power is then transmitted from the transfer case to the rear & front axels, which is then transferred to the wheels of the vehicle. Drivers will have the ability to switch between 4WD and 2WD. On normal road conditions, you can proceed to use 2WD. But, on rugged terrain, it’s suggested to use 4WD. Ensure that if you’re driving on a road with multiple bends, it’s better to use 2WD rather than 4WD because 4WD makes cornering difficult. 

Professional mobile car mechanics suggest that when you proceed to drive on rough terrain or unpaved roads, 4WD will help you gain more traction& torque. It should be perceived that 4WD generally offers better fuel efficiency compared to AWD. Furthermore, they are considered to be one of the best vehicles to perform off-road traveling because the tires that are provided with the car are rugged as well. 

  • All-Wheel Drive

On the other hand, AWD generally deploys a system where the centre, rear and front differential are present and they help in transmitting the power from the transfer case to the wheels that need it the most. You will not be able to control the power delivery as the in-built system will control it. Furthermore, it should be learned that AWDs consume much more fuel than 4WDs. This means that the maintenance schedule will also be expensive.

Compared to a 4WD, an AWD vehicle cannot be used on rugged terrains. AWD vehicles are generally meant to drive on icy or snowy roads because it has increased traction & control than a 4WD. 

Nowadays, all modern AWDs come installed with sensors that monitor any issues with the vehicle. Therefore, if you’re someone who lives in a cold climate area, then AWDs are the best option for your use case scenario. This is because AWDs can respond quickly to road conditions. Otherwise, if you want a vehicle that can be driven on rocky or mountain roads, then 4WDs are the obvious choice. 

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