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Computers and Technology

All you Need to Know About Reseller Hosting

With a lot of web hosting services and packages available online, it is really tough to choose the type of hosting best for your business requirement. But with the recent addition of reseller hosting, it has become very easy for startups and small businesses to run their own web hosting business with almost no investment and entry barrier. The stress of setting a data centre and putting a lot of money into maintaining it has been completely resolved now. 

In this article we will further discuss, what is reseller hosting, its different forms, a step by step guide to start your own business with a cheap plans and will also recommend the best reseller web hosting provider in 2021 to get started with.

Are you ready to dive into the depth of this article?

Let’s Go! 

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting refers to a type of hosting that allows the clients to start their own hosting business easily. Here clients need not be concerned about networks and hardware as their end customers’ websites are hosted on the parent company’s server. The parent company allocates a set amount of account features such as disc space and bandwidth that resellers can further distribute to their customers as they want. 

Types of Reseller Hosting

After the above important definition, now it’s time to know about different types to get a better understanding of options available to you so that you can make wise choices before starting your own business and serving your customers with their business needs. 

Linux Reseller Hosting

Linux Reseller hosting is also known as open-source web hosting. The operating system used in this is Linux technology that runs on the foundation of your server. Here, the customers who want to start their own Linux hosting business sign a deal with a parent web hosting company to provide them with specific disc space and bandwidth, which they can further re-customize and re-package according to their end customers demand. 

Linux can quickly adapt to any environment; therefore, it always remains in high demand among developers and business owners. Since the Linux operating system doesn’t require any fees, running the Linux Reselling hosting business could be proved budget-friendly for you. 

Linux Reseller Hosting business is the only one that provides the best security to both data and application. If you invest in this business, I assure you that you will serve your web hosting business with the highest security. 

You can buy the Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting plan of Wisesolution at just ₹449/month for Canada location, ₹549/month for India location and ₹449/month for France location.  

Windows Reseller Hosting

In Windows Reseller Hosting services, customers are provided with windows operating system as the base of their hosting server. Windows is best compatible with various Microsoft software and applications. It also provides GUI that makes it easy for non-technicians to access the system. 

Buying Windows Reseller Hosting from wisesolution @ ₹399/month only will provide you with a Plesk control panel with the help of which you can handle all your Reseller hosting services easily. It also offers a free website builder tool to build your website with just drag and drop things. Isn’t that the best thing to do?

Absolutely yes.

If you are not acknowledged with programming and coding, you still have an opportunity to build an efficient site with windows technology. 

Moreover, the Wisesolution offers unlimited POP3 & IMAP support to help to create and manage unlimited windows hosting accounts easily.

WHMCS Reseller Hosting

WHMCS stands for Web Hosting Management Complete Solution. As the name suggests, it offers the complete solution for all types of reseller hosting business. WHMCS is a type of online billing software that every large business web hosting company typically uses to run, manage, and control its web hosting business. Buying WHMCS reseller hosting will ensure complete security with all your monetary transactions and help you secure your data and files. 

The WHMCS plan of Wisesolution offers affordable billing software with all of its Reseller web hosting plans. Moreover, with WHMCS Hosting plans, you can create advanced accounts for your end clients. It is also easy to generate invoices, set up instant provisioning, account suspension and account termination all in one click. 

With Wisesolution’s Whmcs services, you can easily track payment, set up a control panel for multiple language support, all with unlimited resources and a broad range of bandwidth networks. 

You can buy the Basic plan of WHMCS Reseller Hosting at just ₹1550/month via Wisesolution. 


How to Start Reseller Web Hosting Business?

If you are interested in running your own web hosting business, then here I will discuss quick, easy and affordable ways to start your own company to reach your potential customers. 

Have a quick look at the following points that are needed to be considered step by step to make a strong position in the hosting market:

  • Do thorough research on web hosting companies and select the one that provides the best hosting services in the industry. 
  • Have an estimate of the minimum number of customers you can add immediately to your business and determine your Reseller web hosting package accordingly. 
  • Exactly decide what type of packages you will offer to your end customers. 
  • Determine the prices of your packages that you are going to sell to your customers.
  • Now compare the plans of all top industry web hosting providers and see who’s plan fits your pocket and needs. 
  • After selecting the company, sign up for the best reseller package.
  • Now follow the instructions of your parent company and set up all of your packages that you are going to offer your end customers. 
  •  Start marketing for your new web hosting business and begin to sign up for your customers
  • Support your customers with all of their hosting problems and earn good repo and growth of your business.

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The Best Reseller Web Hosting provider in 2021


Wisesolution - The best Reseller hosting provider in 2021


Wisesolution is an industry-renowned reseller web hosting provider in more than 100 countries. Till now, it has served more than 6000 customers worldwide. The company is a trusted platform for domain registration, web hosting, SSLs and much more. With Wisesolution, you can easily install dozens of various website management tools such as Opencart, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, phpBB, etc. The company also offers zero risks, 7 days money-back guarantee, a Free SSL certificate and instant deployment to establish faith in their customers’ eyes. So what are you waiting for? 

Contact Wisesolution at +91-6378789956 for all your problems and solutions at one stop. 


Reseller Hosting is the best solution for all startups as well as small companies who want to sell hosting in their own name. With Cheap plans, you need not invest huge costs in setting up your own data centre, and hence you can fully devote your time to gaining customers for your hosting server. 

With Wisesolution, you can buy cheap Reseller web hosting plans, whether it is for Linux, Windows or WHMCS Reseller Hosting; it is the one-stop solution for all hosting types. The services wisesolution offers, no one offers in the industry and if you don’t believe so, read out its customers reviews or say testimonials on its website as well as other review forums. 

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