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The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is the most well-known in project management. Predictive, agile, and hybrid working methods are all recognised as being proficient by the PMP course, which validates project leadership experience. It launches the careers of project managers across all industries and helps employers find the expertise they need, to grow their organizations. The PMP training certification is an investment in your professional career.

What is a PMP Course?

The most valuable credential in project management is the PMP certification. You will master challenging project management subjects covered in the new PMP exam (2022) in this course, in a way that gives you confidence in your comprehension of the material. The course provides you with the necessary tools to pass your PMP exams with ease thanks to its PMP simulation examinations and extensive database of more than 2000 PMP practice questions.

No matter the size or complexity of the project, this course will provide you with the abilities to plan, coordinate, carry out, and drive project success in any business. 24 PDUs are guaranteed for you with expert coaching from PMP leaders. The three new areas of People, Process, and Business Environment will be the core emphasis of PMP certification, which will cover the whole defined value spectrum, including predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches.

People: Putting an emphasis on the soft skills required to successfully lead a project team in the modern world’s changing environment.

Process: Improving the technical aspects of good project management.

Business: Stressing the connection between corporate structure and initiatives in the business environment.

Employers like the fact that your PMP certification attests to your project leadership skills. The new PMP course includes three crucial tactics:

Predictive Approach: A technique for managing work that involves creating work plans and managing those plans as a project progresses.

Agile Approach: Agile is an adaptable approach to project management and software development to enable teams to provide value to their clients quicker and with fewer challenges.

Hybrid Approach: Hybrid methods identify elements more accurately than single-method approaches do by combining two or more computational techniques.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification programme is completely in line with the 7th Edition of the PMBOK Guide and the most recent revision of the PMP exam’s objectives.

Steps to apply for PMP Course Certification

With PMI certificates, you may improve your understanding of and use of project management ideas and practices. With the PMP certification, you can prove your skill as a project management professional and benefit from networking possibilities with the finest in the field. Concerned about where to begin with your certification? Simply carry out these easy actions.

  1. Get the PMP Training
  • Before continuing, make sure you are qualified to receive the PMP certification.
  • Create an account on the PMI website or join the organization and your local chapter.
  • To obtain 35 PDUs (the PMI’s education requirement), enroll in this course and complete 35 hours of PMP training from an Authorized Training Partner (ATP).
  1. Apply for PMP exam
  • Look at the PMP classroom training dates & schedules to pick a programme that is appropriate for you.
  • Fill out the PMI application form to register for the PMP Exam, then submit it to PMI for approval.
  • As soon as PMI receives confirmation that your online application is complete, it will email you your eligibility code and payment request.
  • The credential price, which is $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members, must be paid.
  • You may schedule your PMP course exam using the PMI app,; you can either use the online proctored testing option or a Pearson VUE test facility.
  • Create a complete study plan, work diligently, and read the PMBOK Guide several times because it is one of the main resources for the exam.
  • Bring the required documentation, take the test, and strive for a score of at least 80% or better.
  1. Become a certified PMP

This is the last step towards becoming a certified PMP. Your name will be updated in the PMI registry once you pass the test, which usually takes a week or two after you receive a congratulations email from PMI. A project management professional certification has now been earned by you!

Learnings from the PMP course training


1. Forming a team

Establish ground rules for the team, create a shared understanding, motivate and assist virtual teams, and more.

2. Dealing with conflict

Learn how to use PMP approaches to manage grievances and provide project benefits and value.

3. Controlling risks

Study risk analysis and management techniques, scope management, and other topics.

4. Project Management

Discover how to manage project changes, pick the appropriate project practices and methodologies, establish project governance, and more.

5. Making Business Value Available

Learn how to involve stakeholders, manage risks and communications, and complete projects quickly.

6. Improving Process Constantly

Implementing continuous process improvement as well as evaluating and responding to changes in the internal and external business environment.

7. Project Persistence

To ensure project success, manage project obstacles, changes, and knowledge transfer.

8. Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to manage disagreements, work with stakeholders, and apply to keep the team on track.

9. Contract negotiations for projects

By creating project agreements, you may teach team members and stakeholders how to be more powerful.

10. The appropriate project technique

Learn how to manage the project’s scope, budget, and best strategy by planning and managing it.

11. Controlling compliance

Utilize PMP approaches to generate project advantages and value while managing compliances.

12. Business Evaluation

To assist organizations in changing and improving, learn how to evaluate changes in the business and environment.

Cost of PMP Course Exam

The exam price was $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members as of 2022. With a PMI membership, the exam was somewhat less expensive because there was a $10 one-time application charge and a membership cost of $129 per year.

Benefits of PMP Course Certification

Being PMP certified helps you stand out from the competition. Practitioners with the PMP certification oversee projects for several notable businesses worldwide. If you want to obtain your PMP certification, you must work very hard.

People need to be aware of its advantages as well because it takes so much time and effort. Professionals with a PMP certification have a wide range of fantastic employment opportunities. Additionally, it enhances your project management skills and exhibits your ability to lead challenging assignments. The principal advantages of PMP certification are as follows:

  • Makes you a Decision Maker: Having a thorough understanding of a subject enables you to develop effective management tools and strategies. You may use it to become a successful project manager. You become a person who has experience and can carry out ideas as a result.
  • A plus point for your resume: Certifications look well on resumes. It demonstrates your ability for learning and your potential. Your resume will seem better and be more marketable if you have a PMP certification.
  • Creates relationships with other business professionals: If you hold a PMP certification, you may expand your professional network. Engage in conversation with them to advance your professional development.
  • Global Acceptance: If you hold a PMP certification, you will be able to communicate in the common language of project management. You won’t have to worry about learning processes when working in other countries because it is commonly recognised and understood.
  • Paid more than Non-Qualified Project Managers: These days, almost all job vacancies need or favor certified individuals with competence. Your income increases and progresses.

Eligibility & Prerequisites for PMP Certification Course

In all the sectors, senior project management positions demand the PMP certification as a professional prerequisite. Project managers, associate/assistant project managers, team leads/managers, project executives/project engineers, software developers, and any other professional desiring to be a project manager are the suitable candidates for this course.

To begin the PMP training course, you must have a secondary degree (such as a high school diploma, an associate’s degree, or the equivalent in another country), 7,500 hours of project leading and directing experience, and 35 hours of project management instruction.


Before enrolling in this course, you should have completed a four-year degree programme, 4,500 hours of project management training, and 35 hours of project leadership training.

Interact Personally with Professionals During PMP Training

The Project Management Institute (PMI) awards its renowned PMP certification. By demonstrating their aptitude for work, it enables people to finish their assignments effectively. Everyone cannot easily obtain this certification; they must take the test for it. By enrolling in PMP classes, undergoing training, and passing the exam on your first try, you may be successful in yours.

Working professionals find it difficult to properly arrange their study materials and set aside the time required for PMP exam preparation. Step-by-step instructions, practice tasks, mock exams, and access to digital resources from PMI are all organized by the PMP training provider.

For the convenience of the student, classes are held on the weekends rather than during the weekdays. To watch the video modules, they only need to set aside some time throughout the workweek.

Boost your level of competition. Demonstrate your increased workplace efficiency. Create your goals. Enroll in a PMP course to receive your training and certification.

The PMP certification accelerates your professional and personal development. It enables you to showcase your skills and win widespread acclaim for your contributions.

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In order to achieve the project management training - one must go thorough an extensive PMP exam prep. The exam prep is a daunting task - and requires 2-3 months of extensive preparations.

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