Ali Meli: The Investment Advice of Private Banks to Their Best Clients

Ali Meli: The first eight months of the year 2021 have been unpredictable in the financial markets. Most of the Stock Exchanges have suffered corrections, the bonds issued by the Governments barely give yields, and more and more analysts warn that the situation could worsen. In this delicate context, what are the recommendations of the private bankers? What advice do advisers give their wealthy clients that small investors can also apply? Ali Meli shares it all.

The best experts in extensive fortune advice explain what keys they are passing on, their prospects for the next few months, and what types of assets they recommend. In general, they continue to believe that the stock market has more significant potential than fixed income. They advise having between 40% and 45% inequities. Suggestions include inflation-linked bonds, conservative absolute return funds, and some believe it may be a good investment idea to buy U.S. Treasury bonds that already offer a 3% return over a term of 10 years. Experts recommend having 10% of the portfolio in illiquid assets for more sophisticated clients, such as unlisted companies or real estate.

Despite certain optimism for the second half of the year, all private bankers warn that we must act with great caution at this time in the stock market cycle.

What’s the catch?

Knowing what an investment is will help you make the best decision to grow your money and put it to work to obtain returns and increase your wealth.

To understand what an investment is, we must know that it implies the certainty of a possibility of obtaining profits after carrying out a specific economic or financial action and guarantee that certainty with money. This is one of the most common ways to put money to work for you.

To ensure that this certainty of obtaining profits is a great possibility, a deep analysis is required before placing money in that certainty. Without research, you do not invest. Instead, you bet, and, as you know, the bets are riskier.

In more specific economic terms, in an investment, a certain amount of money is assigned previously established at the disposal of third parties to obtain monetary returns in the form of profit, previously calculated and confirmed in advance.


What are the types of investments?

Investments are divided into two according to the type of expected results: business and financial. Companies place money in the hands of entrepreneurs for a company to develop and make profits over time. In that case, investors expect a return on investment established from the beginning, according to the projected growth possibilities.

Financial investments are those that acquire securities related to the financial market to obtain profits from the capital placed through the behavior of those assets. These types of investments are the most common, as different options have different rules and specific returns.

It sounds complex, but it’s the investments you hear in business segments on the news. Each security traded is assigned a performance study used by investors to analyze their chances of obtaining profits after placing their money.

Financial investments are divided in different ways:

For the period:

Short-term investments present options for making a quick buck. However, they are also very risky. Long-term investments offer better opportunities to generate more money and provide more security, with the disadvantage of having a lot of flow or liquidity.

By type:

When divided by type, they can be one of the following: money market, bonds, equities, Forex market, stocks, stock indices, metals, commodities.

Now that you know what an investment is, Ali Meli, we recommend seeking specialists who can advise you on this issue.

Top 5 best investment options in 2021

The economic crisis reminded us of the importance of saving and investing in work. We could have promised to generate more money and not be affected by inflation.

Before investing, it is essential to analyze yourself and your options. That is, what type of investor are you? Conservative, moderate, or aggressive, this will depend on the risk you are willing to take. Once you determine this, you can see what the options are for your type of profile and which are the most suitable at this time.

One of the best tips in investing is: diversify. Do not put all your savings in a single tool. Instead, try several models and instruments to understand the subject better and reduce risk if any of the investments you are not doing well.

Next, Ali Meli shares which investment options are worth investing in in 2021.

Investment fund: investment funds will always be an excellent option if you are looking to invest. It is a way to participate in the stock market without being an expert on the subject and generating returns. Moreover, for this type of fund, a large amount of money is not required since the capital of several people is raised to invest jointly.

Crowdlending platforms: it is a collective financing model for specific projects, companies, or people. Investing in this sector does not require a large amount of startup money, which is why the model is increasingly being replicated. This type of investment is a high risk so that it can bring you a higher return. It is not recommended for conservative profiles.

Health: in 2021, it was demonstrated and continues to be shown how important it is to provide care and invest in health issues. That trend will continue to rise.

Biotechnology: related to the health issue,  ​​biotechnology will be a good investment strategy since we are working on the development of technologies that facilitate care processes or dynamics. In addition, it is committed to the development of drugs and vaccines that provide solutions to the many diseases that exist.

Green bonds: Green bonds are an investment that is not so risky and with an objective that seeks to obtain a return by financing innovative projects focused on reducing the climate impact.


Remember that to be an investor. You don’t need to have the millions or be a financial expert. Choose the investments that you think are the most convenient and get to know the movement so that you invest more and more with more instruments and make your money grow.

The owners of businesses can take advantage of having their private banking or wealth management relationship with a similar bank as their business account. These wealth management relationships might help secure commercial loan opportunities or benefits or discounts on the business banking side. Wealth management firms and private banks typically require a specific amount.

For personal banking, this might include just deposits with the bank. It might also have individual retirement arrangements, investments, individual retirement accounts, or other types of investable assets. Financial reserves are those that obtain securities linked with the financial market to secure returns. The capital is placed through the behavior of those assets.

The cons of the business:

As mentioned earlier, every business and every industry has its pros and cons. Some people like Ali Meli flourish in the trade while others lost it completely. But every industry has its fair share of risk and hassles. If you are planning to invest in the banking sector. Make sure to know and research the trade tricks before you look to invest a great deal of your income.

Therefore, if you plan to make your career in the trade. It is important to look for the right trading skills. The risk involved before you plunge yourself into the deep banking industry.

Ali Meli: The Investment Advice of Private Banks to Their Best Clients

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