Advice on how to pass your PTE Exam

Feeling butterflies in the stomach because the PTE exam date is near? Be cool cause we are going to introduce the crisp tips which are useful to hit great marks in the PTE test exam. PTE is the English language test to evaluate a person’s English speaking, reading, writing, and speaking potential. It is completely taken on the computer system. Even marking the exam is also done by the computer. For such reasons, the result is declared in just 4 to 5 working days. The score of the test decides your eligibility to get a VISA from a foreign country for study or job purposes. Get advice on how to pass your PTE Exam easily through PTE classes in Parramatta.

Whether it is a paper-based test or a computer test, every exam is a nightmare for students but it can be a relaxing and exciting experience if you prepared well. Most of the students prefer to prepare for the PTE exam on their own whereas some enroll for the PTE training. It is entirely up to the candidate but if you want well-founded advice you can link with the Best PTE coaching in Jalandhar

Here we bring the great tips which make you appear for the PTE exam with full confidence and help you to achieve the desired target. 

Top advice on how to pass your PTE Exam

Know the test pattern

Get familiar with the pattern of the PTE test. For that purpose, you can check the official site of the PTE. You must know the time duration of the exam, question types, syllabus, question paper structure, the environment of the room, how the test is going to happen, what facilities or things you have been allotted on the test day, etc. If you are aware of what you will be assigned during the test day it becomes easy at the time of preparation, study and practice. 

Get familiar with the question types

There are several types of questions and different methods of answering those questions. Suppose, multiple questions, fill in the blanks, essay writing, recording, etc. Therefore it is compulsory to have awareness of such question types and the format of the answer to avoid mistakes. 

A candidate could not achieve great in the PTE test because they have half-knowledge of question types so it is advisable to check the question pattern. If you want practice guidance on the PTE test in detail you can also head over to Best PTE coaching in Jalandhar

Practice with online test 

There are free sample papers or practice kits available on the internet. They are full-timed test exams with a complete test format. Solve at least one paper daily and check the mock report. Check out which area or skill you are lacking and bring improvement to it. In the same way, you can bring perfection and get great marks on the test day. 

Work on strength and weakness

PTE tests assess the candidate’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. You might be good at reading and writing but you may have little issues with speaking or listening. Thus, find your weak spots and work on those areas. To overcome such problems, you can take the help of the person whose English is perfect at all these 4 criteria or you can take training from the various centers of the PTE exam. Many coaching institutes are already doing great which gives training to candidates if you want more direction then connect with the Best PTE Institute in Patiala

Take a sound sleep before the exam 

Achieving the determined marks in the PTE exam depends upon your preparation, practice, and knowledge. Study before the night of the exam would not add much so enjoy your dinner and take a sound sleep. Wake up refreshed on the test day and be confident about what you’ve prepared for the PTE exam. 

Don’t talk or listen to anybody at the test venue

Reach 15 minutes or 30 minutes before the exam. Sit relaxed and alone at the center. Meditate on the positive things and keep your mind fresh. Don’t talk to anybody and do not bother about the conversation of the people. Never try to study for last-minute topics. It may make you anxious for the test. Do not think about the part you haven’t prepared but an emphasis on the part you have studied for the PTE exam. 

Check your microphone

First, everything is already set up accurately in the test room but if you have any doubt related to your system or microphone then do not hesitate to ask the invigilator. A microphone is the main equipment and your overall score entirely depends on the answer you are going to record through the mic. Thus, be acquainted with it before starting the test. 

Take care of spellings 

Spellings of the sentences must be correct. You should be aware of what you have written during the writing test. If the answer is correct but the spelling is wrong then your marks will be deducted. Type at a good speed but revise your answer once before submitting the sheet. Avoid using words like ‘wanna’, ‘gonna’, etc. 

Write a good typing speed 

The typing speed of the candidate must be good to finish the test on time. For instance, you will be assigned an essay task in the writing test which you need to submit in 250 to 300 words. To score high in this test, complete it within the given word limit. Some students increase the word limit as they think they will get more marks but it is a myth. If you do so you will waste your time and according to Benjamin Franklin, ‘Lost time is never found again.’ 

Speak clearly

Speak in a clear form and your words should be understandable. For that reason, you have to do the practice. You can use the recorder of your smartphone in which you can record your voice and listen to it. Check whether it is ok? Words are understandable or not? Never make a mistake to record at a fast pace otherwise you will end up with a long pause. Be relaxed and take a short pause after every paragraph or sentence. This is some Advice on how to pass your PTE Exam.

Prepare the difficult sections 

Choose the section which is difficult for you as it helps to reduce your stress from the exam. If you lack in reading, begin it first if you have issues with the writing part then practice for the writing section on a regular basis. There is no shortcut to achieving success and Success comes with strong determination and practice. That’s why Patrick Rothfuss said, ”Practice makes the master.” So, you can get a master’s in PTE if you practice on a regular basis. All this advice on how to pass your PTE Exam will help you to crack PTE Exam.


The biggest secret to achieving a great outcome in the PTE test is to do the practice. Yes, there is no shortcut to achieving success you have to put in your efforts but by following the above smart tips you can hit great on your big day. If you are looking for training for the PTE or want any personal counseling related to the exam, you can take advice from the Best PTE Institute in Patiala.

Do you want to share any best tips to crack the PTE test at one go? Share with us in the comment box!

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