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About The Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A80

In this smartphone era, we’re divided into two different segments: budget smartphones with flagship-level features and flagship smartphones with state-of-the-art features.

But what if you’re someone within the middle? you would like a smartphone that appears and feels high end, but you are not willing to pay a flagship price for it.

This is where the Samsung Galaxy A80 slots in.

The oldest (and more atas) brother of Samsung’s A series, the A80 has the simplest of both worlds. it’s the features of a flagship phone, but the worth of a midrange device.

We need to keep the A80 for 2 weeks, and after putting it through its paces, we finally came to a conclusion of whether you ought to catch on or ditch it.

So, to form it easier for you to form the choice , we’re getting to split our review into two sections – things we like about the phone, and things we do not like about the phone.
We thought we’ll just start with the USP of the Samsung A80: the cool rotating camera. In fact, it’s hard to to not mention it, because the swiveling camera is simply so cool. The A80 boasts a triple camera at the rear , highlighted by the 48MP with an f/2.0 aperture, a second 8-megapixel camera with an f/2.2 aperture and an 3D Depth Camera.

What about the front selfie camera, you ask? Oh, it doesn’t have one – because the rear cameras also function because the selfie camera. That way, there is no notch or punch holes to distract you from the gorgeous screen (more thereon later).
Here’s how it works: within the camera app, once you select Selfie Mode, the highest half the smartphone’s back slides up, and therefore the rear cameras rotates to the front to face you. the whole motion, powered by a small motor, takes but two seconds, so you do not got to waste time waiting to require a selfie. once you switch it back to normal photo-taking mode, the camera rotates back to the rear and therefore the back section slides backtrack .

To be honest, the entire rotating camera thing is such a lot fun to play with (the whirring sound of the motor plays a neighborhood too), and once we brought the phone back to the office, our colleagues were totally amazed. Our only concern, though, is whether or not the motor could take thousands of slide ups and rotations throughout its lifetime.
#2 The premium build
Holding the Samsung Galaxy A80 in our hands, it doesn’t feel cheap in the least it’s a really well-built and really solid device. It’s made from Gorilla Glass-enforced glass at the rear and therefore the front (which means, hello fingerprints and smudges), enveloped by metal sides. It also features a certain weight thereto which makes it very premium to carry .
Speaking of weight, the A80 weighs 220g; heavier than some newer smartphones out there. By comparison, the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note10 comes in at only 168g. So, if you’re one among those people that judge a phone’s build quality by its weight, you actually won’t feel that the Samsung Galaxy A80 may be a cheap phone.

We personally like how the A80 feels in our hands, but be warned though, it might be kinda slippery thanks to the glass back and metal sides. we propose that you simply wrap one up with a protective case if you opt to urge one.

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