A Short Cautionary Tale on the Matter of Men’s Snow Boots in Size 15

A Short Cautionary Tale on the Matter of Men’s Snow Boots in Size 15

Reader, beware, lest you fail to heed the succulent lifesaving advice of this article on the necessity of men’s snow boots in size 15. Though the tales have been distilled and compiled through years, lifetimes, even, of experience, there are those who will not hear the words of wisdom.

Fortunate souls, whose feet among you are not of size 15, turn away and enjoy your fortunes on fairer shores. What remains is to those of you who wear shoes in men’s size 15, for you also will require men’s snow boots in size 15 when the season calls for it.

And the season will call for it, in time. Even the proudest of men will at times find himself upon or about the snow. Whether employed in snow removal or simply perchance traveling through it, all men who live at the apportioned latitudes will, at some point in life, come across snow. And with the chance encounter with this dazzling happenstance of nature comes also the need for boots to keep your feet warm and dry.

Yet there are readers among you who will scoff at the advice to secure for yourselves men’s snow boots in size 15. Boldness, arrogance and self-righteousness are severally your apportioned lots, and whether you provide adequate footwear for yourselves or not remains to be seen.

Even if you do, when you slack to prepare yourself with winter footwear, you allot for yourself coldness and despair. Prepare with sneakers, work boots and more, but slack to prepare with snow boots that fit properly and you will one day rue the oversight.

The shame of it is that it was not simply oversight but wilful ignorance, for the fact that you are now reading an article that is directly admonishing you to buy men’s snow boots in size 15 at XL feet, online at If these shadows remain unaltered by the future, your feet will be cold, and likely also wet.

You see, the simple and unfortunate matter at hand is that it is more likely that you will simply go without snow boots entirely and apparel yourself with other footwear that may or may not be sized adequately. However, those issues are separate tragedies to be addressed in another time or place.

This is the time and place for action, because when you venture forth into the white wasteland of snow that waits silently in the undecorated, unannounced hals of your future, you will do so, however boldly, with footwear that is neither suited to nor suitable for the task. Beware the ill-shod man, for he may be you.

Venture forth into the deep drifts of snow that lie in wait for you and you will sink deep into the frigid abyss. Tennis shoes and work boots alike will yield to the yawning maw of ice that swallows shoe, foot and wearer all, drawing them deep down into the despair of slush.

At the end of it you will recall, perhaps, in some dusty corner of memory, this warning. These events could have been forestalled by proper actions. You need not have suffered the temporary lapse of comforts that await all who refuse to hear the word.

Alternatively, you could simply visit and buy men’s snow boots in size 15 and you’ll never have to experience cold feet or wet shoes because you weren’t ready. They’re headquartered in Minnesota, so they know a thing or two about ice, cold and snow. Save yourself the trouble ahead of time and don’t say we didn’t warn you. Get boots that fit and you’ll never be out in the cold.

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