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A Look Into The History OF Dental Implants

A dental implant is considered the most reliable and effective treatment for the people who have suffered the loss of a tooth. Earlier, partial dentures and bridges were the only solutions for people with a missing tooth. But, the most modern form of treatment is a dental implant. The long-term success rate of a dental implant can go as high as 97%.

Now, through this article, we will go through a brief history of dental implants.

So, way back in primaeval China, 4000 years ago, carved bamboo pegs were used to substitute the missing teeth. About, 3000 years ago, for the first time in the history of dentistry, metal was used as a replacement for the missing teeth.

It is recorded in history that an Egyptian king had a copper peg fixed into the upper jaw bone. Now, maybe that metal was just placed after the king’s death, it remains a mystery.

Recently, in a Celtic grave in France, almost a 2300-year-old artificial tooth made out of iron was found among the real teeth.

According to experts, the artificial tooth was fitted just to enhance the smile after death as it would look very tedious or agonizing to get it hammered into the jaw.

From the research of archaeologists, it was found that many ancient skulls had their teeth replaced with different kinds of materials like seashells.

Most of the major developments in Dental implants came in the 18th century. In 1886, a doctor placed a porcelain crown on a disc made up of platinum, but unfortunately, this technique failed. Osseointegration or the fusion of replacement teeth to the bone is necessary for the dental implant to be successful.

With the use of Titanium in modern times, the success rate of a dental implant increased manifold. It is interesting to note that the special properties of Titanium that made it suitable for a dental implant, was accidentally discovered by an orthopaedic surgeon.

Then, in 1965 the orthopaedic surgeon carried out his first Titanium dental implant on a human volunteer. This event is recorded as a revolutionary and crucial moment for the dental field.

If you are also looking for cheap dental implants, invest enough time in researching a dentist who assures effective treatment at low costs. The dentist should be professionally sound, experienced with a good reputation.

Through dedicated research, the process of dental implants has been improved a lot and has been modernized to a great extent. Today, the screw of high-grade titanium alloy is used in dental implants. This method ensures high long-term success rates and also provides oral hygiene in place.

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