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A Look At The Everpure H54 Water Filter

A Look At The Everpure H54 Water Filter

Home water filtration is one of the best ways to know that your drinking water is actually going to be safe to drink. The quality of the water that comes out of home faucets is often taken for granted. Homeowners want to believe that their water is safe to consume, so they don’t question anything as long as the taste and appearance of their water seems fine. Plenty of contaminants cannot be detected by our senses, and using a filtration system like the Everpure H54 is a great way to ensure that your water is safe to drink.

Everpure water filtration systems are designed to offer amazing water quality without occupying useful space in your kitchen. Many home water filters, like pitcher and tank based systems, take up valuable space in refrigerators and they require daily maintenance in the form of refilling. Everpure systems are designed to be installed in the cabinet under your kitchen sink, an area that is not commonly utilized in home kitchens.

The H54 system is even more versatile because it is the smallest Everpure filtration system. At only 15”x5”x5”, these filters are 25% smaller than most of the Everpure filters on the market. This makes them the ideal option for smaller kitchens and mobile homes.

For RV campers, these little filters are an amazing way to ensure that you are always drinking clean water, no matter what the quality of your utility hookup might be. In addition to removing contaminants from your water supply, the H54 also helps to prevent scale build up. The scaling that results from using hard water can easily damage RV appliances and make soap less effective. This means that adding one of these filter systems to your RV will provide you with cleaner water while also improving the performance of your appliances.

In addition to being a compact option, the H54 water filter also offers the same incredible water quality as other Everpure systems. The filter cartridges contain Everpure’s proprietary Micro-Pure filter media, a carbon based material that can reduce the levels of waterborne contaminants as small as 0.5 microns in size. To give a concept of scale, that is 100 times smaller than the width of a strand of hair. The media within the cartridge is arranged using a special pleated filter membrane. This ensures that there is adequate water flow through the filter cartridge while also making sure that the surface area of the filter media is optimal.

Once your system is set up, every H54 cartridge can filter 750 gallons of water. For most households, each of these cartridges will last for an entire year. The process of replacing the cartridge takes only a minute or so and is the only maintenance these filters will require in an average year. If you notice that the flow from your filter system decreases prematurely, you can always upgrade your system to use a cartridge with a larger capacity.

No matter what water filtration system you choose, you will love the convenience of having filtered water on tap. If you are looking to add one of these powerful filters to your home or RV, you can find the H54 and other Everpure systems at Their team of filtration experts can help you find the perfect system to meet your needs and offer incredible drinking water quality. Everpure’s residential and commercial grade filters are some of the high quality options available on the market, so you won’t be disappointed when you add one of these systems to your home.

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